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***(The beautiful model photo in the header is by the wonderfully talented Sean Cox Photography at seancoxphotography.com)


Swimsuits For All: Review On My New Swimming Suit

I love Swimsuits for All. Their Plus Size swimsuits are Quality at Its Best, Great Fashion, and Wonderful Comfort.

This is the Swimsuit I bought from Swimsuits For All and I am in love with it.  It is definitely too small in the bust, however I refuse to send it back. I WILL make this swimsuit work.

The sizing error was my fault and not theirs.

I love the black and white, love the side piping and I WILL LOSE THE WEIGHT TO BE ABLE TO ACTUALLY LOOK GOOD IN IT.

Xtra Life® Lycra® Aquabelle Black Zip Front Plus Size Swimsuit

Here’s the suit on the Swimsuit For All site:

Xtra Life® Lycra® Aquabelle Black Zip Front Plus Size Swimsuit

Xtra Life® Lycra® Aquabelle Black Zip Front Plus Size Swimsuit


Here’s me in one size too small (size 22). I really worried about it being too big, but I HAD TO GET this swimsuit and I was so afraid that they would run out. I actually thought that maybe I should get a size 20, since I usually wear between a 20-22.

(I’m sorry about the lettering; that is not part of the suit; just my site logo,)

Here’s the Description:

Created with Aquabelle’s exclusive Aquatex nylon fabric made with Extra Life® Lycra®.  Aquatex swimsuits last 5-10 times longer in chlorinated environments.  Aquatex retains color and shape, and provides high UV protection. For more description, go HERE.

Since a Size 22W  usually is a little bit big on me,  all I can say is that this suit probably runs a little small, especially in the bust.

I am absolutely NOT sending it back. This is my favorite swimsuit ever!

This sells for $42.00 (down from $56.00.)

Check out their collection! You’re going to love it!

LIMITED TIME ONLY:  25-50% OFF sitewide; Expires 4/22; Exclusions Apply.

**I have received no money nor compensation in any form for this review. This was bought with my own money and reflects only my experience and opinion.



Dog Lovers Will Understand Being Held Hostage By Their Dogs

I haven’t Written in Awhile, as This has Been a Rather Sad Time, So I thought I’d Try to Get Back in the Mood by Talking about My Dog, Lulu!

I have a Shi-tzu named Lulu whom we had gotten when our Lhasa was about 18 years old. His name was Lash and we had to make the horrible decision to say ‘good-bye’ to him. His quality of life had just really gone downhill.


Lash had never been an easy dog. He wanted things when he wanted them and that was what he got.

When we lived in Chicago, a friend came from the East Coast with her dog and we left the 2 dogs together while we went out to eat. When we came back, Lash had not allowed that poor dog to get off the tiles in the kitchen and into the living room with the carpet. If I remember correctly, that dog was also blind in one eye.

We were not going to make the same mistake with Lulu. She would be a good dog; an obedient dog; a dog that possibly did tricks.

Well, Lulu came into our lives so sick with parasites, etc. that we would do anything to get her to eat, Well, it’s been 5 years and she still thinks she deserves to be treated in that same way.

After that, we decided to take her to doggie training. That was an abject failure as she wouldn’t do anything at all. All we got out of that $100.00 was her learning to give us a ‘high five’.

So, she holds us hostage…every day.


1.  Daddy gets up earlier than Mommy so she lets Daddy go about his day until Mommy gets up. Lulu then wants to be  rewarded with a ‘good girl’ simply for making it through the night. (A ‘good girl’ is some kind of treat for her. She loves Pup-peroni, but we try to limit those and go with healthier alternatives.)


2.  She finishes said pup-peroni and she then wants off the bed and fresh water WITH ice cubes. There MUST be ice cubes or she won’t drink it from her stainless steel bowl.

ice water

3.  She then returns to HER bed where there must be fresh chicken cut up into small pieces and placed on her bed (which has an old shirt of Daddy’s on it) for her to nibble on. There is a 50/50 percent chance of whether she touches it or not.

4. Then its time for her to go outside. Our condo is on the 2nd floor and we put up a netting so she couldn’t fall through any of the vats. She weighs about 9 pounds. We installed a doggie door into our patio glass door, thinking that we won’t have to help her out or in anymore. Yet, we’re still  having to hold it open with our foot because her little nose gets sore if she has to push it by herself Also, she holds us hostage for a good girl. She WILL NOT come in until we reassure her that she’ll get a GOOD GIRL.

5.  She can’t stay out long because it’s sooo hot in this climate, but she will wear us down to get a ‘good girl’.

6.  She likes some playtime then. I throw one of her 1,000 toys for her to retrieve, which she does, but never drops so I have to tug on it with her bad teeth.


1.  This is actually the best time. She usually sits outside gazing on ‘her’ property.  It’s a golf course, so whenever anyone screws up and gets too close to the house, she barks, which I’m sure they appreciate very much.

2.  She likes an afternoon massage. She will very listlessly raise a paw-paw and I know she’s ready. I will rub her shoulders, her paw-paws and her back. Then she turns over so that I have complete access to her tummy,

3.  I usually like to work on the computer in the afternoon and she ‘torments’ me by constantly sitting, looking up at me and barking until she gets some attention.  We have a thing that buys us a little extra time by threatening her with “the bathroom’. So..it’s like, ‘Do you want to go to the bathroom? Do you WANT to go to the bathroom? She then runs under the couch to a place we can’t get to her. So the whole thing is an exercise in futility.


This is the easiest time. My husband and I eat about 5:30 and Lulu is being pretty good. She doesn’t really beg for food or even ask for it. She doesn’t like beef and she only likes a little bit of bread with some gravy on it.

7:00 p.m. – She goes on the bed where my husband now massages her into a state of oblivion. She is ready now for her dinner, which must be on the bed. I fix her good quality kibble and drizzle water over it to get it soft. (She just had oral surgery and is missing a few teeth now). and put in on a little plate on her orange towel. I then spread it out so that she can easily get to it, what with her bad teeth and all.  Some times I try to hand-feed her to get her interested, though that rarely works.

She then tries to cover it up with the towel so that we can’t see that she didn’t touch it.

Once we fall asleep, somehow she goes back to the food and eats it.

I have never in my life seen a dog so ambivalent about food, Yet, she eats those treats like it’s her crack cocaine

Then….we start all over again.

The one thing I know is that dog lovers understand this perfectly

. Non-dog lovers just think we’re crazy.





Day 10 of Not Smoking After My Husband’s Stroke and the Going Ain’t Easy!


I was not planning on writing everyday about me and my husband’s efforts of quitting smoking.

However, I have a reader we’ll call ‘Al’ who seems to be particularly interested in my progress.

So, Al, this is for you.

Almost 3 days ago, I stopped the Nicorette gum as I realized that I only traded one form of nicotine with another. Plus, I ran into this woman at Walgreens that quit smoking but now, 10 years later, she’s really addicted to the gum. That gum ain’t cheap. Let me tell you. Also, I read that it’s pretty tough on your teeth and my teeth  are one of the things I have going for me.


I am having a lot of trouble finding a way to relax. I know…take some deep long breaths. It’s not the same. Trust me. Do yoga….Yeah…right.  Drink water….ok, now what?


I know that things will get better, but for now, it’s still one day, one hour, at a time.

The amount of money that we are saving, between the two of us, is staggering. Yet, even that isn’t much of an incentive. I always used the excuse:  “IT’S MY ONLY VICE”!

Basically, it’s been three days that I’ve truly been nicotine free and I’m pretty crazed now.

Yet, I KNOW that this has to work. Not just for my husband’s sake, but for mine. I know my lungs are probably black and my voice is really crackly, but I had a doctor’s appointment today and for once I didn’t smell like a big cigarette.  When I had to see a doctor before, I’d shower, wash my hair, not smoke until after the appointment and they could still tell that I was a smoker.

So, by tomorrow, all the nicotine should be washed out of my system and I’m just down to the ‘using a cigarette as a crutch’ routine.

My husband just seems to be fine. He’s given away all his cigars and lighters.

I asked him to show me how to relax so he said, “sit in the chair and put your feet up”. So I did that, waiting for the inspiration to come from this wise leader. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting and finally I said…wth dude? That’s all you’ve got? He said ” yeah,,,sit on the chair and put your feet up”. Thanks a lot,  I could have gotten that info from watching a Lazy Boy commercial.


So…that’s about it, Al.  Not in a great mood, but still trying!




I Cannot Believe that My Husband and I Have Quit Smoking For 1 Week Since His Stroke!


It has by no means been easy, however, my husband and I are really trying not to irritate each other. We both need this to work.

We did a grocery shopping together today and we’re trying to veer more toward healthy choices since we’ve not been eating all that well. Too many carbs and sweets.

We’ve also been eating much more fast food than we’ve ever eaten before. I really haven’t felt much like cooking lately.


So, during this week I can say that other than feeling more calm, I am not feeling any of the great benefits yet,

We are definitely not in the best mood and we’ve been sleeping alot.

We’ll try to do some swimming tomorrow since we’ve both got arthritis issues and this will be a great starting point.  UPDATE:  No Swimming.

I looked in my husband’s closet and couldn’t find his swimming suit, so we’ll probably have to buy one in the morning, not find one he likes and say ‘screw it’ about the swim.

Some of the acne is going away, but I gotta admit: I never thought I would get acne by quitting smoking.

I have to remember that it’s going to be quite awhile before I start really feeling good.

Which is why I believe that people go back to smoking. I don’t believe that, all of a sudden, you just feel great.

Sitting here chewing maniacally on gum will probably cost me a fortune in dentist bills.


THE GOOD  It’s so nice not worrying about being down to my last pack of cigarettes; the house smells better; I’m sleeping better; Realized that out of 20 cigarettes I probably really missed smoking only about 5 times a day.  I’ve only gained 1 pound.

THE BAD:  I really miss that first cigarette in the morning with coffee; after meals and while on the computer and reading. Wow! That’s alot, now that I think about it.

THE UGLY:  No great changes yet in my prison pallor ; Eating more sweets at night; Nicorette is really expensive. So it’s kind of a wash at this point with the Nicorette and cigarettes.

So….that’s the first week and we’re still hanging in there!

Everyone has THAT TIME when it’s perfect to quit smoking and I hope this is OUR TIME!


i’m getting canker sores again (much like the last time I tried to quit smoking). I’m not sure if it’s due to the Nicorette or just not smoking. Last time, it was so bad that I ended up smoking and the sores went away.  I’m really not looking for a way to start smoking but I was particularly interested in this site:  http://www.mouthulcers.org/messages.php?thread=249.  So about 2:00 p.m., I stopped taking Nicorette and started washing my mouth out with salt water and taking B12. (Just a couple of ideas I’ve gotten from the above site.)

It’s obviously a big problem for smokers.  I am still very much in in favor of quitting and I possibly may just have to see how it goes.

Have any of you previous smokers had anything like this? What worked?






Day 6 of Quitting Smoking and Went Out to Eat to Celebrate!


So….after a day of doing nothing, we made plans to go out to P.F. Chang’s, which is one of the only good restaurants in this town.

We actually got up, showered, put on some clean clothes and went out.

At P.F. Chang’s, we shared the lettuce wraps, which I know EVERYBODY in the world eats except for the really cool people who order some esoteric food.

We moved on to my husband ordering some sweet and sour thing and me ordering a meat dish that I couldn’t read the description because I’m too vain to wear glasses. I just hoped it didn’t have cilantro because that stuff really makes me sick.

Anyhoo, we started with the lettuce wraps and my husband used the lettuce like a little bowl. I tried doing it THE RIGHT WAY but then just gave up. Same thing with the chopsticks.

pfchangs Lettuce Wraps

Then we asked the waitress how hard her job is because I was fired from a waitress job the first day. Actually, it was like the first 3 hours. So, she agreed that it was a tough job and we really liked her.

Our entrees came and I was eating in a way that, I believe, my husband found repulsive.  I gave up on the chopsticks and just ate and ate and ate. When I caught his eye, he seemed fairly disgusted because he left food on his plate. After I’d gotten my fill, I made them box my leftovers up to eat while watching Survivor tonight.  For some reason, watching that show while eating is just so much fun.

Anyway, my husband (very wisely) did not talk about the massive  amount of food I ate.


Your taste buds really do taste things differently after you quit smoking and so that is definitely a check in the PRO Section ot Not Smoking,

Once we got home, I realized that I was running out of Nicorette. Do I run to Walgreens at night or try to make my 3 pieces last? It reminded me of when I’d run out of cigarettes.

I didn’t want to go back out, so I was very careful with the 3 pieces of gum I had and the 3 pieces I found in the cabinet.  DANGER AVERTED.

So, what can I say?  Not much more has happened. However, after tomorrow, my weeklong anniversary, I will start doing some mild exercise. Perhaps walking Lulu.

In the meantime, I continue to sleep a lot and drink lots of water.




10 Overlooked Reasons to Quit Smoking by WebMD.


Modcloth for the Perfect Easter/Passover Outfit

Easter and Passover are Coming Up and I’d Like to Introduce you to Modcloth for Plus Sizes BUT hurry up as there is a Great Sale going on Right now!


1.  See You Real Saloon Skirt


Description: A back-zipped skirt that’s striped with heart-touched borders and patterned with dapper belongings, this pleated bottom is as eye-catching as it is edgy.

This great skirt has the following sizes available:  XS, S, M, 1X, 2X, 3X.

This is on sale for $47.99.

2.  Sock Hops and Dreams Top in Black


I am so going to buy this top.

Description:   …tie the open back of this retro top under your ponytail. The white piping along this black tee’s rounded collar coordinates with your poodle skirt and the middle sections of your saddle shoes, while its puffed short sleeves are cute and cool to swing in…

This top comes in sizes XS, 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X and sells for $37.99.

3. Extraordinary Executive Dress



Description:  this navy dress by Myrtlewood! This savvy sheath – a ModCloth exclusive – showcases the best practices in professional fashion with its midi hem, flexible fabric, and white, bow-topped collar…

This stunning dress comes in sizes XS-4X.

It sells for $109.99.

4.  Medium Format Memory Tunic in Monochrome Zigzag


Description:  zoom in on this black-and-white tunic in that group shot, and admire yourself in its sensational zigzag print. The coordinating belt and generous short sleeves of this semi-sheer top pair perfectly with slim jeans, ankle boots, and a pendant necklace for a picturesque look.

This tunic comes in sizes S, M, 3X, 4X and costs $39.99.

5.  Country Music Ed Cardigan


Description:  This ModCloth-exclusive, soft-red cardigan by Bea & Dot is a wonderful accompaniment to your ensemble. This button-up sweater, with its embroidered peonies, harmonizes perfectly with your worn-in cowboy boots and denim skirt – a look that’s cute and country-chic.

This comes in sizes XS-4X and costs $69.99.

Shop ModCloth’s fave spring styles & get 20% off! Hurry, ends soon.




**I do have an affiliation with Modcloth whereby I make a small commission on the items sold.  All recommendations and opinions are, as usual, my own.


Day 5 of Not Smoking and This is the Worst Day of All!


It is now 5:00 p.m.  I haven’t showered, brushed my teeth or washed my face.

I woke up, had my coffee and my nicorettes and, outside of cooking dinner (A really strange tortilla dish that I found online and will never make again), I have done nothing.

Well…not quite nothing as I started reading a new book which is really pretty good.

My husband thought we should test out our new taste buds at a great restaurant, but the thought of getting washed up and getting dressed seemed like it  would just take too much energy.

I’m not having that ‘getting well’ feeling yet, nor is my skin suddenly flawless (Come to think of it, my skin actually looks worse) and my non-existent hair shiny.

I hope that tomorrow I’ll feel more like moving, but I don’t know.  The last couple of days I’ve just been getting up, having some coffee and going back to the bedroom to read.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.


Additional Resources:





Day 4 of My Quitting Smoking After My Husband Had a Stroke

Day 4 of My Quitting Smoking is Like Being on Tightrope


I feel on a tightrope because at this point it would take very little for me to get that pack of cigarettes.

I know that to rid yourself of bad vices, you’re supposed to follow the HALT rule:  Never let yourself get HUNGRY, ANGRY, LONELY, or TIRED.

HUNGRY: I’m really not any more hungry than when I smoked. However,  happily I really am getting a lot less hypoglycemia by not smoking, whereas, before, the hypoglycemia would come on so quickly that I’d have to get some sugar into myself right away.

ANGRY:  My anger level is definitely down. I think I’m just too tired to fight, actually.


TIRED:  I am very, very tired. I inevitably have to take a nap in the afternoon. I’m just not getting that jolt that I used to get from a cigarette (though it was short-lived like eating a candy bar.)

I am so associated with my cigarettes and found so many ways of sneaking in cigarettes during the day that I seem no better than the addict (fill in your own drug addiction) always on the hunt for the drug.

I do realize that this is just so important. My husband gave away all his cigars and special lighters that lit even in a blizzard,.

All I DO know at this point is that I will not be the one to break down.

I can’t say that I’m being the giving one, because the fact is:  I have high blood pressure, I have high cholesterol, I’m very overweight.

I don’t know how I will face the inevitable health crisis, but maybe I’ll get some of these problems under control.




Barry M. Nailpolish is a Great Dupe for My Favorite Chanel Nailpolish

If you know me, you know that I love my Chanel Nailpolish while having a guilty conscience about spending $27.00 for a bottle of nailpolish.

I have never come upon a drugstore or any other store brand that goes on so well and looks so beautiful….until now! Barry M. Nailpolish is amazing!


The Barry M. polish in Pink Flamingo sells for: 2.99 pounds , which I believe is somewhere between $6.00-$7.00 (from their British collection. I did not see this color available at Asos.com, who also sell Barry M. Products.)

Here’s my favorite Chanel nailpolish in Orange Fizz.


Both polishes go on really smoothly and are just really shiny and beautiful.

The Chanel Nailpolish is:  27.00.

Both Chanel and Barry M. have a thick coat that doesn’t drip all over the place.

They are both opaque and both last a long time, though I would definitely put a top coat on both of them, just for added protection and even more shine,

While I love Barry M. nailpolish, I believe that I made a mistake in ordering from the United Kingdom, as it took forever to get it sent to me.  However, once it came, it was well worth it. There are other places in the U.S. where you can get Barry M Cosmetics.

Have you tried anything from Barry M.?

Send me a note on what products you love from BarryM.