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A New Gynecologist and a New Disaster

I had to find a new gynecologist as the last one, thankfully, retired.

I wrote about what an a**hat the original gynecologist had been HERE.

I had been having some weird symptoms and, ever since the bladder cancer scare last year, I was a little bit gun-shy of not going often enough to the gynecologist.

So, off I go to a new guy and he seemed ok…sort of. He was about 70 years old and had one of those really bulbous noses.

Not my gyno; just looks like him.

Moving along, he did the exam (memo to self:  Find out lab results) and then he says, “Get dressed and we’ll talk”. He then closes the door.

So, I get dressed and I’m waiting and waiting and waiting. Do you know how many thoughts go through your mind when it’s been 20 minutes and he still hasn’t come back? Now it was feeling just really ominous to me.

So finally, after about 15 minutes, I opened the door and looked around the corner and there he was at his computer. Was he looking up this rare disease that I had convinced myself that I had? Or was he playing one of those addicting computer games?

Now, I’m just getting angry.

I’m alone in that room wondering what rare illness I have and you’re on your computer? Plus, I really needed a water.

This is where it gets disturbing.

I walked down to the waiting room and told my husband to wait with me. I was not sitting in that room one more minute by myself. He walked in the room like he required a hazmet suit to enter.

hazmat suit

So….husband comes in and what do you know?

The gyno calls us into his room!  The one with the computer that he was probably playing some game on.

It really pissed me off that he ignored me until he saw my husband. I mean, this isn’t the 1800s is it?

Anyway, as usual,he tells me that I have some weird thing going on (of course) and then I’m on my way. I have a feeling that I’m going to be seeing this guy again. And again. And again.

Was he deliberately ignoring me or did he just forget?  Either way, bad business.

Just saying.



What do you think Of when you hear Valentine’s Day Is coming up? Romance, Candy, Flowers and lingerie, of course! Who has some of the Best? Hips and Curves, of course!

We’re going to focus on lingerie today from one of my favorite lingerie sites: Hips and Curves.com.

Shop Hips & Curves And Enjoy Up To 25% Off!

Yes, I’ve ordered from them and Yes, they are wonderful!.

The reason I love hipsandcurves.com so much is that their quality is superb, plus they have sizes that go up to 6X.



For men, here is a great guide for picking out lingerie:http://www.hipsandcurves.com/tips-for-men

Midnight Rendezvous Babydoll

handc1PRODUCT: Midnight is now even sexier. Our sensual babydoll is designed in an oh-so soft, slightly sheer fabric and features a feminine ruffle trim at the hem and neckline. Ties at the shoulder straps are adjustable for an ideal fit.

This sells for $44.95 and comes in sizes L – 6X.

Venise Lace Trim Long Gown


Product: Make an elegant entrance. Our Venise Lace Trim Long Gown has a soft drape to flatter every curve. Delicate venise lace trim adorns the neckline, underbust and adjustable straps. This plus size gown is perfect for any special occasion or for an evening in with that special someone.

This comes in the colors Dark Purple and White and sells on sale for $42.95.

Rhumba Panty with Garters


Product: Inspired by the sensual rhythms of the Rumba, these flirty panties have super-stretchy rows of ruffles and our extra special Hips and Curves touch – detachable garters! Wear these super stretchy panties out dancing under a short skirt or with one of our sexy school girl costumes. The detachable garters are optional and can be changed depending on your mood or costume. One size/plus best fits sizes 1x – 3x.

This is on sale for $19.95.

Chloe Soft Lace Cup Bra

handc4PRODUCT: Who said basics must be simple?

This wardrobe essential is a foundation to be recognized, with gorgeous lace trim and just the right cut to frame your delicious curves. Un-padded underwire cups and a soft fabric lining provide ideal comfort, while the elegant lace overlay is feminine and sexy.

This comes in 4 colors and an unbelievable assortment of sizes.

This has a special 2 for $42.00.


Chloe Soft Microfiber and Lace Panty

Product:  Sexy yet sophisticated. The Chloe Soft Microfiber and Lace Panty is the ideal blend of comfort and luxury. This soft, smooth microfiber and lace panty and just the right amount of coverage.

Available in red, black or white.

These cost $12.95 and  come in 4 colors.
ACCESSORIES1ProductA voyage of a thousand years could not keep her from his arms. Whether you’re traveling through the woods or through your imagination, prepare for your journey with this Stretch Velvet Long Cape.
Cape is made of soft stretch velvet with a wide ribbon tie closure.
This comes in one size (plus) and comes in black or red and costs $59.95.

There’s more than just lingerie at Hips and curves.com.

Though this has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, here is a soft shirt that I must get:

Supersize Soft Oversize Wide Neck Tee


Product:  A wardrobe essential. Our super soft tee is oversize for a comfy, relaxed fit and features a wide neckline to show off your neck and shoulders. It makes a great sleep shirt or pairs perfectly with jeans or leggings.

This comes in sizes 1X – 3X and costs $24.95.

Well, this is just a small sampling of Hips and Curves and there is so much to check out, including their large sale section.

So…happy shopping! I know you’ll find something that speaks to you!





PlusSizeFix.com Has the Best, Most Affordable Plus Sized Clothing

Have you heard about PlusSizeFix.com? If you haven’t, you’re going to love what they’re all about. Check out the great fashion from them below:


You can see that PlusSizeFix.com has its pulse on the latest trends and classics that you will carry you through the upcoming social events.

Happy Shopping!


I have an affiliation with plussizefix.com whereby I get a small commission for each item sold.

My Very Own Eyebrow-Gate

My very own eyebrow-gate has come from an aesthetician I didn’t know well and just…..oh my gosh!

I usually do my own eyebrows. This picture is from a review I did on Blinc eyebrow mousse.

afterblinc_EditedYou can see that they’re pretty thick.

However, since I’ve gone blonde, I’ve wanted my eyebrows not to be so thick and I told this woman at the spa to make them thinner.

Wow! She just went above and beyond.

First, let me say that I was really ‘off my game’ because that place smelled sooo good. I asked her what smelled so good and I could tell that she didn’t want to tell me. I mean, really? Did she think that I would open up a spa next door to her and use her absolutely signature scent? I really wanted to know so I bugged her until she finally said lavendar and chammomile.

Anyway, I get on the little white lounge and I am really enjoying that smell and she starts with the wax. (I never let anyone use tweezers on me. Me and my OCD.)

eyebrow tweezing


When she was done and she showed me the mirror afterward, I didn’t really catch how bad they were. I was still really into that great lavendar smell.

So, I look and I’m thinking…are these as bad as I think they are? I’m sure its just the position I’m in looking up into a mirror.

When I got home, I freaked.


Yes, I’m photoshopped here, however, the eyebrows are real…a real mess. One is thicker and up higher than the other. I mean, a blind guy could see that.

Lady, what the he**? Did you get not enough sleep? Did you have a hangover? Did I piss you off on my insistence on finding out your scent?  Because quite frankly these eyebrows are majorly screwed up.

This was $25.00 in the small town I live in now.

Did she even have an aesthetician license?

At this point, there’s nothing more I can do but wait and wait and pray that this isn’t permanent.

Yes, I know this doesn’t even rate, considering all that’s going on with the world today, yet, sometimes you need to just focus on something silly.

Have you had anything like this happen to you?


Julep Has An Offer You Will Not Want To Miss!

Julep is well known for it’s remarkable nail polishes, however, did you know that they  have their own cosmetic and skin care line also? Well, they have an offer you will not want to miss!

We’re all a little bit broke from the holidays and we are not wanting to spend a lot of money now. Especially on ourselves.

Well, now you can have a wonderful gift to yourself that is  worth $120.00+ and sells for only $24.99.

Julep has released two bright and colorful, brand-new polishes plus a choose-your-own tote. With January’s Tote-ally Awesome Mystery Box, you can snag $120+ worth of tote-ally awesome products for just $24.99! All Mystery Boxes include the 2 new polishes, a canvas tote, plus five additional ‘mystery’ beauty and skin care products.

Details: Offer expires on 1/18/16 at 11:59 PM PT, or while supplies last. Every Tote-ally Amazing Mystery Box will include Posey (Classic with a Twist), Andie (It Girl), and the Brave Pretty Tote of your choice. Other products vary. Purchase of multiple Tote-ally Amazing Mystery Boxes may result in polish or product overlap. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional offer or discount (e.g Maven 20% discount). No exchanges or returns are possible on Mystery Box or individual items. Estimated full retail value is at least $120. Taxes vary by location.

Even if you don’t go for the Mystery Box, you’ve got to check out some of these great cosmetics on their own:

Konjac Cleansing Sponge

http://i2.wp.com/www.hautecurvywoman.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/konja.jpg?resize=180%2C180What it is This super gentle all-natural exfoliator is enriched with skin-clarifying charcoal to cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify your skin.  Use in the morning to show off smoother, softer skin and in the evening to prep your skin for moisturizers.

This sells for $12.00.

Glow Highlighting Powder

www.hautecurvywoman.comWhat it is:

A multitasking marvel designed to play up light and play down wrinkles, discoloration, and pores. Check out what Glow Highlighting Powder can do on their blog!
This sells for $28.00

Bring more accuracy, control, and fun to every manicure—especially when polishing with your non-dominant hand.

Kit includes: Plié Wand, Plié overcap, Precision brush, Striping brush, Dotting tool

What it is:An ergonomic nail polishing tool designed to solve common polishing pain points and give you better results. Imagine if you’d spent your whole life writing with a pen cap and then someone finally handed you a full-size pen. That’s what it feels like to polish with the Plié Wand.

What it does:

  • Long, balanced design improves leverage, comfort, and control
  • Flexible handle twists and bends so you can get a better grip
  • Plié overcap fits on any Julep nail polish and attaches to Plié Wand
  • Precision brush lets you polish closer to your nail

Cost: $35.00

So.. what a great opportunity from a wonderful brand, since we’re all watching our money now. We can always use an inexpensive gift to ourselves or someone we love.

Check out the Julep site and you will be  guaranteed to find something you love.

Be sure you order quickly, for once they’re gone, they’re gone!



**Julep is an affiliate of mine and I receive a small compensation for every unit bought.


Are you aware of all the great deals at target right now? This is the time to stock up! These are deals that can’t be passed up. fifty


These are some of my favorite skin care items:

Buy one, get one 50% off La Roche- Posay and Vichy premium Skin care


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The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.


Etiquette Faux Pas or Was I Within My Rights?

I’m curious if something I did was an Etiquette Faux Pas. Would you have done the same thing?


My sister has this antique table that has that French country look to it and ever since I saw it, I’ve wanted that table. I mean for years.

My husband and I were celebrating our 15th anniversary and he said something I’d never I’d hear from him:  “Let’s Go Shopping!”

He hates shopping more than anything.The very act of shopping, well, let’s just say it doesn’t happen.

We went into Scottsdale and I knew exactly what I was looking for:  My sister’s table.

Finally, I found it in the 3rd or 4th antique store. Not the large one,  but perfect for where I wanted to put in.

Here It is:


I made the mistake early in our marriage to use an interior decorator. My place never felt right to me after that. I wish I had just taken the time to build up slowly with pieces I really loved.

(Robin, you’ve always kept me on my moral compass. What do you think about this? Was I rude?)

This table was my one piece of furniture I loved. (check out the coasters).

So…..a relative came over (she’s always been so sweet)  and I know I’d told her about this table when I first got it. Even so, I did have coasters next to  the chair.

After I offered her a drink, she put her sweating glass right on my perfect table!!!

I thought that I couldn’t just say, ‘get a coaster’. I’ve never embarrassed someone like that.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I said “I’m sorry, but, you have to use a coaster; I really care about this table.”

Was I wrong for doing this?

My husband said, ‘Wow, Tovah, I’ve never, in all these years, heard you tell someone to use a coaster.

So….did I screw up? Should I just have left it left it alone?

Not that I’m a stickler for etiquette, but that little table meant so much to me.

What would you have done?

Was I just a rude Hostess?



Additional Resources:

Forbes –  27 Etiquette Rules for Our Time

Etiquette Scholar – Etiquette Encyclopedia

JunoActive For Your High Quality Plussized and Extended Sized Active Wear

Well, here we are with all our New Year’s Resolutions to get in more exercise, and I want to Show You some of  the Great Plussize and Extended Sized Active Wear to Be Found at JunoActive!


Just as an aside, I have ordered from JunoActive for several years. They have never let me down; the clothing lasts forever, and is of the best quality.

Stretch Naturals Long Support Tank

 http://www.junonia.com/?utm_source=affiliates&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_term=A104Description: High-Tech Fabric
Cotton and Lycra blend adds support
Soft, 92% cotton washes well and comes in many beautiful hues
8% Spandex moves with you as you stretch

Performance Tailoring
Two layers of fabric in front with inner shelf bra for support and coverage
Athletic fit to ensure tank stays put while active
Chafe-free inner shelf bra adds an extra layer of support

Unique silhouette with a v-neck front and modified racerback
Allows freedom of movement without compromising coverage
Length allows tank to be worn tucked in or out, alone or as a layer

These come in several different colors and, depending on color, some of the sizes have been scooped up. Otherwise, these come in 1X-6X and cost $42.95.


Quik Wik Soft Control Bra Top

Description:  High-Tech Fabric
Moisture wicking fabric moves sweat away from skin for faster evaporation
Reduces moisture on skin, aiding in temperature regulation during cold months
Does not wrinkle, machine or hand wash and within hours will be clean and dry

Performance Tailoring
Provides four way stretch that moves easily with you during any activity
Barely there feeling makes this a favorite for everyday wear or to keep cool while sleeping

Style On The Move
Moisture wicking bra top keeps you cool and dry at your base layer, what could be more stylish?

This comes in 5 different colors and is 1X – 6X. Cost:  $44.95.

Womens Plus Size Mock Neck 1/2 Zip Jacket in Perfect Sport Fleece

http://www.junonia.com/?utm_source=affiliates&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_term=A104 Description:  Keep your phone or mp3 player in the front zip pocket of this lightweight PerfectSport fleece jacket. Wear as a light fleece jacket or use as a thermal layer under a heavy plus size coat. The softest most luxurious plus size fleece jacket with a mock collar and side panels that are lined with breathable SoftWik fabric to ensure no over-heating. Constructed with no chafe, flatlock stitching and thumbholes. This quick-dry top makes a great gift! Made in the USA.

This comes in sizes 2X – 6X, has different colors  and costs $71.93.

QuikWik Long Capris with Colorblock


Performance Tailoring

  • Colorblock with flatlock stitching for comfort
  • Waistband is elastic and covered with Quikwik fabric

High-Tech Fabric

  • Top quality wicking power of QuikWik fabric pushes moisture away from skin
  • Support from fabric keeps appearance smooth and flattering
  • Compresses for improved circulation

Style On The Move

  • Easily pairs with any QuikWik Active Tops
  • Add a pop of color to your workout to stay motivated

There are a few different color combinations and come in sizes 1X – 5X and costs  $67.93.

Don’t forget to check the sales also!

So….this is just a small sampling that JunoActive has for you to exercise and swim in comfort. I think you will really love this clothing!




I have an affiliation with JunoActive, however, I have been buying from them for many years and my opinions are honest.


Thank You, G, S&S for My Wonderful Goodie Basket!

This is the time when you relish what kind friends you have. G has Taken the Time to Make These and Send them to me when she has so much going on right now!

Here’s a pic of what she sent:

giftboxThe blue and yellow packages are my favorite Sugar Free Halvah.

Here is what she made in the individual containers:

Almond Flour Black and White Cookies;

2 Frosted Pecan  Shortbread;

Peanut Butter and Jelly cookies;

I can’t wait to try all the homemade desserts. I suppose I’ll share. Maybe.

G’s very health – conscious so I’m sure that all the ingredients are top notch.

I really don’t know how to thank you, G.

Wishing you everything good and the best of health in 2016!

My thoughts are with you and your family right now.