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The Day Started So Well and Deteriorated So Quickly.  I don’t Really Know where it all Went wrong, Oh Yeah! My Minor Car Accident with Beaver Cleaver’s Parents Went Awry

As some of you know,  I may not be the best driver, but I’ve only had my license a few years. I’ve always lived in cities with subways, taxis and buses.

I think that I’m a very careful driver, especially in parking lots,  because I’m so worried about hitting someone.

woman parking

I do most of my grocery shopping at the nearest Safeway to our home.  Nothing exciting, but you get the basic foodstuffs there even  though they have a horrible deli section

Yesterday was Grand Opening of Fry’s Grocery and I wanted to be there.We needed something with great food in this area for a long time.

No….. I don’t have a life. ;(

So, I’m minding my own business and going around the parking lot 3 times (the place was packed)  before I found a spot when someone was backing out.

So I’m waiting and waiting and he finally gets into his big hummer ( or whatever those big ass cars are called)  and gets out of the parking space.


When I go to pull into my spot, this man and woman come at me like I was a wanted fugitive.

“YOU HIT OUR CAR!!!!YOU HIT OUR CAR!!!!  The woman told her husband “Be sure to get pictures, Ed”, ( or whatever his name was.)

He had one of those white shirts on with the nameplate. It kind of looked like he worked in a bank or in a different supermarket.


The woman wore a nice outfit with capris.  They looked to be in their sixties.

I said “Oh my gosh, NOOOOOO’ because I didn’t feel like I had run into anything. I didn’t even have the radio on because I really wanted to use all my concentration on finding a space in this hugely crowded Fry’s store.

They showed me their car and the line that they said I caused was literally this big _________________.You would have to really look to find it.

So, Mr. Man is taking pictures and I’m telling them, in 104 degree heat, that there is no way that I made that scrape. It didn’t even have any red in it and my car is red.  The woman is in the background yelling to the husband, “do this, do that”  I guess she was the brains of the organization.

He acted like he does this all the time; before I could get out of my car, he was taking pictures and getting my license number.

They asked for my insurance and I gave them something that I thought looked like insurance and that other thing that they always check on the show, “COPS’.

The man said that this is  out of date. The lady says that I needed to look in my glove case because both of these things are, probably, in the glove compartment. So I go to look and it was locked!!!  Who the frick locks a glove compartment.

So, now, the weather is really getting hot and I was ready to just get out of there. Plus, I couldn’t get my phone camera to work and I couldn’t see it anyway so none of my pics came out.  Do all of you have the same problem?  Seriously, can you not see the screen in the sunlight?



As I was sweating and getting out of the car once again, I fell against their car with my key slipping onto their car. I was just flat on the ground. I immediately looked to see if I made a bigger mess with my key, but I didn’t see anything.


I thought they were asking if the car was ok, but they actually were asking if I was ok, which I thought was really nice.

Then, he asked me for my insurance, etc. again.

When I went to write down my info, it was clear I would never come up with a pen, let alone a pen and paper so he just wrote everything out himself and gave it to me.

So, we started exchanging our info and I tried to get back out of the store before they came out and I would get another chance at getting that picture.

They were long gone. I’m wondering if they are doing some kind of scam? I mean, is it possible?

So, it just ruined my day and I couldn’t wait to get home where I promptly dumped my Diet Dr. Pepper off my table and got everything wet.

Ate a great spicy california roll and went to bed.

As of this writing, I still have not heard from them. Who knows?  Maybe they realized I was just too demented  to deal with?  Maybe they just took too much pity on me?

So…is this a scam? Wouldn’t my red paint make a red scrape? Are there people who go around and claim people hit them in a parking lot?

Well, I knew I had to sit down and in this sparkling new store was a Starbucks and I sat down with my  giant Chai Latte and called my husband to tell him about it and my brother who always knows what to do in this situation.



So, how’d your day go?

Depressed and mystified,


5 Months Since My Husband and I Have Quit Smoking After His Stroke

So, it’s been 5 months since My Husband and I have quit smoking and here are my stats from quitnet (A great resource for quitting smoking and keeps a calendar of how much we have saved and what our bodies have gained each day by not smoking):


  • Quit Date:  3/20/14
  • Time Smoke Free:  157 days
  • Cigarettes Not Smoked: 4717
  • Lifetime saved:  1 month, 6 days
  • Money saved:  $1,573.75

May I just say that I honestly do not know how I have gone this long without a cigarette.

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Ponderings I’ve Had Lately

As I’m recuperating from my hospital visit and getting back into my blog again, I find myself pondering the big questions of the universe. Have you also found yourself wondering about these issues?

1.  Where is Oprah on Pinterest? I mean, I know she is on Pinterest,  (Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that people use to ‘pin’ their dreams, products and ideas. etc.) What I don’t understand is why she barely shows up on other’s Pinterest boards. I mean, there is plenty to choose from, including her ‘Great Quotes’ or ‘Great Humanitarians’ or how she became a gazillionare all on her own.

Oprah Winfrey Quotes

Oprah Winfrey Quotes

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Great Sales on Plus Size Fashion for Women and Teens Now!

This is a great time to get great sales on plus sized women and teen Fashions!


Strappy Platform Wedge Sandals (Wide Width)

platform wedge in wide widthThese cute shoes are on sale for $31.15 (down from $44.50) and are wide width in sizes 8-12.

Mesh Inset Body Con

torridbodyconThis dress comes in sizes 12-26 and costs $43.98 (down from $58.50).

This great dress is on sale for $53.99 (down from $179.99.)
This comes in sizes 20, 22, 24.
This is another sale item that had originally sold for $74.99 and is now on sale for $22.99.
This sizes are a bit limited, but for the right figure, this would be so cute!
Sizes are XS, L, 3X-4X.
**I am an affiliate of Modcloth and as such, receive a commission on all purchases from this
This midi dress is on sale for $20.00 (down from $46.00) and comes in sizes 1X, 2X, 3X.


This great sport bra is on sale for $29.95 and comes in sizes XL-6X.



Criss Cross Super Jersey 3/4 Sleeve Tunic
This colorful top is comes in black and Maya Blue and sells for $34.95.

**I am an affiliate with Juno and receive a small compensation when shoppers choose an item from this site.

FOOTNOTE:  I tried to point out the fashion where there is more than one size available.

You know how it goes, however; Plus Size Clothing goes quickly so get on the sites soon.

One more thing..many of these items have additional promos to them, so just be sure to check them out.







My Alopecia  (Hair Loss) Update Is, Again, Not Good After I Was Finally Feeling Some Progress

I haven’t been writing lately as my husband and I have been really dealing with a lot of medical issues.

1) My husband had a knee replacement surgery and, after a couple of weeks during rehab, he  needed his gallbladder removed. Thus, we got started late on his physical Therapy. He was in so much pain, needed to be on very strong antibiotics and, so far, he’s been making good headway and is getting around fairly well, albeit slowly.

About my Alopecia:

Here’s a picture of my hair about 5 months ago, when the alopecia had been at its worst:

My alopecia on March 20, 2014

My alopecia on March 20, 2014

I really felt like it was coming around.  This was my hair about a month ago:

Tovah's hair with substantial regrowth

Tovah’s hair with substantial regrowth

This is my hair after getting sick and ending up in the hospital, I took this picture last night:

Hairloss getting worse again

Hairloss getting worse again


2) I got quite ill  in the last couple of months and I went to the ER twice,  I had the usual (for me now)  jumbled words and difficulty walking.  The last time they put me in the hospital for 3 days. My husband and I were, for a few days talking to each other by those big phones while he was in rehab and I was in the hospital.

Most importantly, my blood sugar was extremely elevated (I have graduated from pre-diabetic to full Type 2 diabetes) and I had very high blood pressure

In the hospital I woke up the 3rd day to find a fairly large amount of strands of hair on my pillow and I knew what that meant. It was just getting started.

I have had a great amount of stress lately, so I don’t know if that’s what happened or because I was getting sick from my hair ‘cocktail’.  I have since given up all hair loss products and am slowly incorporating them back into my hair and trying to find out what caused so many problems.

My husband, in the meantime, signed me up for Keranique, which was such a nice gesture, although I’m not sure I want to try another product.  All I know is that at least 1 of the products has propylene glycol in it and I am extremely allergic to that.  Then, yesterday, I came home to find another box of this stuff. I asked my husband why another box came and he said that I get a box a month. Crap. If I washed my hair 3 times a day, I would still never use this stuff up in a month. Now I’ve gotta find their number and try to stop this which you know takes forever for them to stop. (I saw a number of reviews stating how difficult it is to get these products stopped.)  I will say, however, the shampoo was really nice and my hair looked fairly decent…for me…which isn’t saying much.

I had used the Viviscal  for six months and had no real results from that. It’s pretty expensive and I just don’t feel that it did much for me.

So, at this point, I’ve got my extensions, wigs and hats to choose from before I go out of the house.

I really am so close to just shaving it all off and saving myself from the next disappointment.



Hips & Curves Has Possibly the Sexiest Shirt for Plus Sized Women

Hips & Curves has the Sexiest Shirt for Plus Sized Women.

I’ve been going back & forth on buying this shirt, mostly because most things I’ve bought lately from other sites haven’t fit quite right.

So…I took the leap and just went and bought it,

Here’s what it looks like on the Hips and Curves Site:


Cotton Sleepshirt

Cotton Sleepshirt

So, I bought it and within a few days received it. It looks exactly like the picture. You know how much I love great customer service and they were truly wonderful.

As soon as I tried it on, I knew that it was just what I wanted.  This is sooo sexy. This is a great sleepshirt, but I intend to wear it with my regular clothes (just make sure you have something underneath it as it’s slightly sheer.)

DESCRIPTION Sensuality meets simplicity.There is nothing more alluring and effortlessly sexy than a curvaceous woman in a men’s white shirt. Now you can seduce him in simple style without stealing his.

Tailored Men’s Wear Look Sleepshirt. Button down front and cuffs.

This comes in sizes 1X-4X.

It is definitely roomy; I got this in my regular size 2X and it definitely had a lot of extra material to it, which I love.

Tovah wearing hipsandcurves.com

Tovah wearing hipsandcurves.com

This is the way I like to wear it because I’m short and the shirt goes almost to my knees:

hips&curves Cotton Sleepshirt

hips&curves Cotton Sleepshirt


This sells for $54.95 and feels so good on your skin. Nothing beats 100% cotton.

I am so happy with this purchase and here’s where I intend to wear it:  At the pool as a cover-up; With a pencil skirt and high heels; doing errands, and last but not least, in the bedroom.

This shirt costs $54.00 and comes in sizes 1X-4X.

Check it out!


**I have purchased this shirt for myself. While hips & Curves is an affiliation, I receive a small commision for this product when people have landed on the page.


My Top 5 Fashion Looks : Designer vs. Frugal

 1.  Valentino Studded Headband


Description:  Signature metal studs lend chic edge to this leather hair accessory.

Ok, Valentino:  Who doesn’t love a studded headband?  I mean I see that studded headband  constantly.

The problem I have is its ludicrous price of $245.00.

I’m sorry, but there is no headband worth $245.00. Although, I admit to owning a Chanel headband which probably cost me about that much. But it’s a classic and I think at that time, I deserved it. How long is a studded headband in style? A week? Plus it looks dangerous if anyone were to tap you on the head.

I’m not trying to belabor the point, however, at ETSY, I was able to find this very similar studded headband.


This sells for $12.00 by Lonely Hearts Boutique.

2.  Proenza Schouler Pocket Tee


Description:  The classic tee, finished with a sporty breast pocket and rendered in soft cotton jersey.

What really gets me other than the fact that it sells for $525.00 is that it also needs to be dry-cleaned. Really?

I found this Tee at Amazon.com:

Derek Heart Juniors Plus-Size One-Pocket V-Neck T-Shirt


This T-shirt goes for a whopping $19.00.


  • 53% Cotton/47% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Slub-cotton tee with single chest pocket and turn-back cuffs
  • Banded V-neckline

It also comes in about 7 different colors.

3.  Mind Cutout Cork-Wedge Bootie

nmwedgeThese gorgeous wedge shoes  look like they’re meant for the AARP crowd. Also, if you have unnaturally wide calves, these just might do it for you. Anyway for all of you on Medicare, these might actually be considered as orthopedic. Ask your podiatrist for a prescription.  Just kidding….

They sell for $395.00.


  • Matte leather.
  • Open toe.
  • Side peekaboo cutouts.
  • Asymmetric grip-hook ankle band.
  • 2 1/2″ cork wedge heel.
  • 1 3/4″ platform; 3/4″ equiv.
  • Leather lining and padded insole.
  • Textured rubber sole.
  • “Mind” is made in Spain.

On the other hand, here are a pair of  similar wedges:

Cole Haan Arden High Wedge


These will set you back $99.99 and are so cute! They are from 6pm.com.

4.  Dolce and Gabbana Floral-Print Jacquard Strapless Dress

D&G floral

Description:  Dolce & Gabbana white and multicolor floral-print cotton-silk blend jacquard strapless dress.
I’m not even going to pretend that I know what ‘jacquard’ means, but maybe that’s why this dress is almost $3000.00?
Lovely little dress to wear and only costs $2,445.00.
This little floral dress comes from Amazon.com
 and costs $20.99.


Has Drawstring or Adjustable Strap For Perfect Fitting it Can Be Tucked In | Soft fabric

  • Bust Size Fits Up To 38 Inches | Durable Elastic in Bust Portion for Comfortable Fit | Length (without straps) : 28 Inches from tube to bottom.
  • Latest Fashion prints & colors for you | Feminine Cut gives you curvy look
  • Wear At Home to relax | In The Sun, on weekends.
  • Accessories, buckle, etc not part of the product.

This sweet dress can be yours for $20.99 on Amazon.com

5.  Tory Burch – Beach Zip Canvas Tote

I know that Tory Burch is THE DESIGNER now, however. when I go to the beach, I don’t want to  need security watching it while I’m out swimming since it costs $195.00.


Totally Ludicrous is this statement on the site about this tote:


That cracks me up. Really? I can only order 3 of this bag? Color me disappointed.

Description:   Durable canvas tote featuring a contrasting Tory Burch logo design.

Here’s a tote from Sears.com:

East Coast Co. White Beach Vacation Tote Bag with Small Zipper Pouch


This tote is perfectly suited for the beach

It sells for $8.00 and there is no restriction on how many of these you can buy at a time.


Nylon beach bag has zipper closure / Large outside zipper pocket / Bag measures 20″ wide by 13″ high (not including handles) / Removable zipper pouch is 9″ wide by 7″ high / By: East Coast Co.
So, that’s it for now.
I know that a lot of people feel that everything they have must have that designer logo, which I have never understood.
What do you think of the comparisons?
I really think that the ‘cheaper’ items looked a lot better.




Smoking and Eating Myself Into an Early Grave

I Apologize for Not Writing Lately; My Bad Health Habits have Finally Caught Up with Me and Between Getting My Husband Ready for a Full Knee Replacement and My Horrible Diet and Smoking, I was in no mood to write.


I wasn’t Surprised in the Least that My Bad Health Habits Have Finally Caught Up with Me.

About a  month ago, I got out of the bed in the morning at home and found I couldn’t put pressure on my feet. They just felt numb.  I also had a huge headache that went around the back of my head, which I’d never had before. My words were slurred.  I immediately thought ‘Stroke’ .  My husband took me to the hospital  and they did some tests and admitted me into the hospital. After a day in the hospital, nothing major turned up on their CT scan and MRI.

Since  they couldn’t quite figure out anything they ended up with the diagnosis: ‘migraine’ ,and that was the end of that until about 3 weeks later when I had the bad headache and this time it wrapped around my neck.  My words were slurred even more and I couldn’t walk again.

I went back to the ER with even more dangerous levels of sugar and blood pressure.

They did the blood sugar test and it was dangerously high in the 300 range and my Blood Pressure was really high. A perfect storm for a stroke.

They admitted me into the hospital again and tried to find out what was going on. Because my speech was slurred, they, once again, jumped to the conclusion that I had a stroke.

I had, by this time, quit smoking.

There were a lot of doctors coming in, but they all kep coming up with ‘stroke’ again, even though nothing showed up on the MRIs.

The symptoms were really similar to a stroke.

I was in the hospital for 3 days. They had a neurologist check me out and he was truly cruel. What is the problem of neurologists? They’re all mean. He didn’t know what to do anymore so he gave me some back painkillers and sent me on my way. Supposedly I have spinal stenosis however, I think someone just put that on my chart erroneously and it’s become part of the PERMANENT RECORD.

By the third day it was clear ONLY to the people in my family that this was a diabetic issue.  They were giving me insulin in the hospital and I got my blood into the 200 range.

As an aside:  When I was visiting my husband in the hospital, , I had this enormous feeling of being so tired. I just laid down and when I got up, I saw my husband hovering over me.  He said that they (he and the nurse) had been trying to wake me up and I was unresponsive. That lasted less than 5 minutes.

Before you get down on me, I knew that my eating and smoking were dangerous. I can’t explain why I smoked that much or why I ate so much.  Honestly, I don’t know.

For years, doctors have been warning me about my blood pressure, cholesterol and not getting any exercise.

I don’t know when I stopped caring anymore.

When I got out of the hospital, my husband and I have decided to try to eat a  ‘clean’ diet:  No sugar (or very little), more veggies. We’ve been doing that for about a week.  Sugar is the enemy (I believe) and I previously ate like every day was my birthday. I must say, I really miss it in my morning coffee.

My awful diet and years of smoking have done quite a bit of damage to my body.

I know that there are healthy fat people.  Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.

So…that is where I’ve been for the last month.

Before you get down on me, I know that I deserved all those health complications and I have no valid excuse.

I am really trying to get rid of myh horrible habits and, for an addictive personality that I am, it’s not been easy.

I know how incredibly lucky I’ve been. I’ve had almost no sugar for less than a week now and I’m going on 4 months without a cigarette.

Any advice is welcome!


Additional Resources:

8 Foods to Help Lower Blood Pressure by Joy Bauer.com

11 Tips to Cut Your Cholesterol Fast by WebMD.com

Causes of a Stroke by Mayoclinic.org