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***(The beautiful model photo in the header is by the wonderfully talented Sean Cox Photography at seancoxphotography.com)


Hips & Curves Has Possibly the Sexiest Shirt for Plus Sized Women

Hips & Curves has the Sexiest Shirt for Plus Sized Women.

I’ve been going back & forth on buying this shirt, mostly because most things I’ve bought lately from other sites haven’t fit quite right.

So…I took the leap and just went and bought it,

Here’s what it looks like on the Hips and Curves Site:


Cotton Sleepshirt

Cotton Sleepshirt

So, I bought it and within a few days received it. It looks exactly like the picture. You know how much I love great customer service and they were truly wonderful.

As soon as I tried it on, I knew that it was just what I wanted.  This is sooo sexy. This is a great sleepshirt, but I intend to wear it with my regular clothes (just make sure you have something underneath it as it’s slightly sheer.)

DESCRIPTION Sensuality meets simplicity.There is nothing more alluring and effortlessly sexy than a curvaceous woman in a men’s white shirt. Now you can seduce him in simple style without stealing his.

Tailored Men’s Wear Look Sleepshirt. Button down front and cuffs.

This comes in sizes 1X-4X.

It is definitely roomy; I got this in my regular size 2X and it definitely had a lot of extra material to it, which I love.

Tovah wearing hipsandcurves.com

Tovah wearing hipsandcurves.com

This is the way I like to wear it because I’m short and the shirt goes almost to my knees:

hips&curves Cotton Sleepshirt

hips&curves Cotton Sleepshirt


This sells for $54.95 and feels so good on your skin. Nothing beats 100% cotton.

I am so happy with this purchase and here’s where I intend to wear it:  At the pool as a cover-up; With a pencil skirt and high heels; doing errands, and last but not least, in the bedroom.

This shirt costs $54.00 and comes in sizes 1X-4X.

Check it out!


**I have purchased this shirt for myself. While hips & Curves is an affiliation, I receive a small commision for this product when people have landed on the page.


My Top 5 Fashion Looks : Designer vs. Frugal

 1.  Valentino Studded Headband


Description:  Signature metal studs lend chic edge to this leather hair accessory.

Ok, Valentino:  Who doesn’t love a studded headband?  I mean I see that studded headband  constantly.

The problem I have is its ludicrous price of $245.00.

I’m sorry, but there is no headband worth $245.00. Although, I admit to owning a Chanel headband which probably cost me about that much. But it’s a classic and I think at that time, I deserved it. How long is a studded headband in style? A week? Plus it looks dangerous if anyone were to tap you on the head.

I’m not trying to belabor the point, however, at ETSY, I was able to find this very similar studded headband.


This sells for $12.00 by Lonely Hearts Boutique.

2.  Proenza Schouler Pocket Tee


Description:  The classic tee, finished with a sporty breast pocket and rendered in soft cotton jersey.

What really gets me other than the fact that it sells for $525.00 is that it also needs to be dry-cleaned. Really?

I found this Tee at Amazon.com:

Derek Heart Juniors Plus-Size One-Pocket V-Neck T-Shirt


This T-shirt goes for a whopping $19.00.


  • 53% Cotton/47% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Slub-cotton tee with single chest pocket and turn-back cuffs
  • Banded V-neckline

It also comes in about 7 different colors.

3.  Mind Cutout Cork-Wedge Bootie

nmwedgeThese gorgeous wedge shoes  look like they’re meant for the AARP crowd. Also, if you have unnaturally wide calves, these just might do it for you. Anyway for all of you on Medicare, these might actually be considered as orthopedic. Ask your podiatrist for a prescription.  Just kidding….

They sell for $395.00.


  • Matte leather.
  • Open toe.
  • Side peekaboo cutouts.
  • Asymmetric grip-hook ankle band.
  • 2 1/2″ cork wedge heel.
  • 1 3/4″ platform; 3/4″ equiv.
  • Leather lining and padded insole.
  • Textured rubber sole.
  • “Mind” is made in Spain.

On the other hand, here are a pair of  similar wedges:

Cole Haan Arden High Wedge


These will set you back $99.99 and are so cute! They are from 6pm.com.

4.  Dolce and Gabbana Floral-Print Jacquard Strapless Dress

D&G floral

Description:  Dolce & Gabbana white and multicolor floral-print cotton-silk blend jacquard strapless dress.
I’m not even going to pretend that I know what ‘jacquard’ means, but maybe that’s why this dress is almost $3000.00?
Lovely little dress to wear and only costs $2,445.00.
This little floral dress comes from Amazon.com
 and costs $20.99.


Has Drawstring or Adjustable Strap For Perfect Fitting it Can Be Tucked In | Soft fabric

  • Bust Size Fits Up To 38 Inches | Durable Elastic in Bust Portion for Comfortable Fit | Length (without straps) : 28 Inches from tube to bottom.
  • Latest Fashion prints & colors for you | Feminine Cut gives you curvy look
  • Wear At Home to relax | In The Sun, on weekends.
  • Accessories, buckle, etc not part of the product.

This sweet dress can be yours for $20.99 on Amazon.com

5.  Tory Burch – Beach Zip Canvas Tote

I know that Tory Burch is THE DESIGNER now, however. when I go to the beach, I don’t want to  need security watching it while I’m out swimming since it costs $195.00.


Totally Ludicrous is this statement on the site about this tote:


That cracks me up. Really? I can only order 3 of this bag? Color me disappointed.

Description:   Durable canvas tote featuring a contrasting Tory Burch logo design.

Here’s a tote from Sears.com:

East Coast Co. White Beach Vacation Tote Bag with Small Zipper Pouch


This tote is perfectly suited for the beach

It sells for $8.00 and there is no restriction on how many of these you can buy at a time.


Nylon beach bag has zipper closure / Large outside zipper pocket / Bag measures 20″ wide by 13″ high (not including handles) / Removable zipper pouch is 9″ wide by 7″ high / By: East Coast Co.
So, that’s it for now.
I know that a lot of people feel that everything they have must have that designer logo, which I have never understood.
What do you think of the comparisons?
I really think that the ‘cheaper’ items looked a lot better.




Smoking and Eating Myself Into an Early Grave

I Apologize for Not Writing Lately; My Bad Health Habits have Finally Caught Up with Me and Between Getting My Husband Ready for a Full Knee Replacement and My Horrible Diet and Smoking, I was in no mood to write.


I wasn’t Surprised in the Least that My Bad Health Habits Have Finally Caught Up with Me.

About a  month ago, I got out of the bed in the morning at home and found I couldn’t put pressure on my feet. They just felt numb.  I also had a huge headache that went around the back of my head, which I’d never had before. My words were slurred.  I immediately thought ‘Stroke’ .  My husband took me to the hospital  and they did some tests and admitted me into the hospital. After a day in the hospital, nothing major turned up on their CT scan and MRI.

Since  they couldn’t quite figure out anything they ended up with the diagnosis: ‘migraine’ ,and that was the end of that until about 3 weeks later when I had the bad headache and this time it wrapped around my neck.  My words were slurred even more and I couldn’t walk again.

I went back to the ER with even more dangerous levels of sugar and blood pressure.

They did the blood sugar test and it was dangerously high in the 300 range and my Blood Pressure was really high. A perfect storm for a stroke.

They admitted me into the hospital again and tried to find out what was going on. Because my speech was slurred, they, once again, jumped to the conclusion that I had a stroke.

I had, by this time, quit smoking.

There were a lot of doctors coming in, but they all kep coming up with ‘stroke’ again, even though nothing showed up on the MRIs.

The symptoms were really similar to a stroke.

I was in the hospital for 3 days. They had a neurologist check me out and he was truly cruel. What is the problem of neurologists? They’re all mean. He didn’t know what to do anymore so he gave me some back painkillers and sent me on my way. Supposedly I have spinal stenosis however, I think someone just put that on my chart erroneously and it’s become part of the PERMANENT RECORD.

By the third day it was clear ONLY to the people in my family that this was a diabetic issue.  They were giving me insulin in the hospital and I got my blood into the 200 range.

As an aside:  When I was visiting my husband in the hospital, , I had this enormous feeling of being so tired. I just laid down and when I got up, I saw my husband hovering over me.  He said that they (he and the nurse) had been trying to wake me up and I was unresponsive. That lasted less than 5 minutes.

Before you get down on me, I knew that my eating and smoking were dangerous. I can’t explain why I smoked that much or why I ate so much.  Honestly, I don’t know.

For years, doctors have been warning me about my blood pressure, cholesterol and not getting any exercise.

I don’t know when I stopped caring anymore.

When I got out of the hospital, my husband and I have decided to try to eat a  ‘clean’ diet:  No sugar (or very little), more veggies. We’ve been doing that for about a week.  Sugar is the enemy (I believe) and I previously ate like every day was my birthday. I must say, I really miss it in my morning coffee.

My awful diet and years of smoking have done quite a bit of damage to my body.

I know that there are healthy fat people.  Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.

So…that is where I’ve been for the last month.

Before you get down on me, I know that I deserved all those health complications and I have no valid excuse.

I am really trying to get rid of myh horrible habits and, for an addictive personality that I am, it’s not been easy.

I know how incredibly lucky I’ve been. I’ve had almost no sugar for less than a week now and I’m going on 4 months without a cigarette.

Any advice is welcome!


Additional Resources:

8 Foods to Help Lower Blood Pressure by Joy Bauer.com

11 Tips to Cut Your Cholesterol Fast by WebMD.com

Causes of a Stroke by Mayoclinic.org





Just a short note to thank my family and friends for all the support they’ve given me during the past few days while I was in the hospital.


I was in the hospital for what was thought to be a  stroke (which I will talk about more later) and,  within hours, everyone in my family and friends had called and offered to come help.

This is not a small journey as my siblings,  parents and friends live all over the country and they were willing to come visit me in this sauna where I live. The temperature this week has  gone up to 112 degrees.

So, to my family  and friends, you will never know how much that meant to me.

Thank you so much.

Some things really can’t be bought!



This is My Open Letter to In-Patient Rehabilitation Homes and it’s Employees for Taking In my Husband and Then Ignoring him for 5 Days!

This picture resembles the decor of the nursing home.

This picture resembles the decor of the nursing home.


I haven’t written on my blog for awhile.  As some of you know, in the last few months, my husband has suffered a stroke and a couple of weeks ago, he had a total knee replacement.

As he had some setbacks with his knee operation, he was falling behind on the rehabilitation that was needed and the staff told me to visit Nursing Homes/In-Patient facilities and check out which one I was interested in order for him to get more physical training and to work more on his knee.  I was given 24 hours to find which one I wanted him to go to.  They gave me a list of places near our home.

It was over 100 degrees that day when I went to check out the first Nursing Home.  After giving them an hour’s notice that I would be there, I got there in about 20 minutes. The first building I went to had a woman at a desk on the phone in a locked  office.  I couldn’t get in the housing part because that door also was locked. The woman looked at me and continued a conversation on her phone. She definitely saw me. It then took me 15 minutes walking around in the heat only  to find out that was the right place.


I finally went back to her and she said innocently “ Oh are you the one who called? Let me show you around.” Knowing I would never put my husband in the hands of such a jerk, I thought to myself…take the tour..maybe it’s really good.  It wasn’t in any way!

The patients were in a circle listening to someone playing an accordion. It was like ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. My husband would never go in there.  It was so depressing that I didn’t want to see the rest of the place.

.One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest

The next nursing home was better and I loved the person in charge. However, they didn’t have any single rooms and I knew my husband would go crazy with a roommate. (Or make them crazy.)

The third place (which had been mentioned to me as the best) looked like a spa.  You walk in and you feel like you’ve walked into the Plaza. Gorgeous! Concierge style with a bistro and a gorgeous dining room. There was a nursing station for each section which looked like about 15 rooms.  No nurse looked over 25 years old.

Each room had a nice bed, a place where I could sleep at night, I could bring our dog to visit.  The problem was that we had tried this place 2 years ago when it first opened and my husband needed nursing care.

Back then,  in the first hour after he was checked in,  I went to retrieve my car from the hospital and come back to this gorgeous place, only to find him laying on the floor.  They had him on a single bed that did not have the brake on and with no bars on the bed. Also, in all that time, nobody had checked in on him to know that he was on the floor. I was really screaming at them. With great hope that in 2 years, they’d ironed out the wrinkles and praying that it was now a better place, I took a leap of faith.

Once again, I fell  for the  glitz.

I was there every day with my husband for 5 days and I noticed a pattern. The more you yelled and screamed, the more attention they would give my husband. I am not being hyperbolic:  I wouldn’t let my dog stay in a place like this!

My husband needed a lot of care. He could not even take one step on his own when he went there this time. They tell you to call them with this little button when you need to get to the bathroom or need medication, etc. Sure they answered. About 20 minutes too late.

He was given 1 shower in 5 days. I would have given it to him, but there was no way I could do it safely and forget about shaving at all.

He was given 1 PT session in 5 days.

When he needed a pain pill – he would be lucky to be seen within an hour,

The doctor saw him in passing one day and never came back  to see him.

This was so horrifying that I knew that he would be in trouble.

The 5th day, his knee was 3 times larger along with his leg being extremely swollen. I was really worried about infection or gangrene as it looked really infected. Itwas leaking pus.  My husband’s daughter , Kay, also saw this and agreed that we didn’t have a lot of time to fool around with this.

We  went to the nursing station at about 4:00 pm and asked what was going on. They really had nothing to say except that the doctor would be in after 6:00 p.m. and they would take more tests the next morning. We’d been down that route before.

This image is a great look at what my husband’s arm looked like after they tried to take care of an IV wound he got in the first hospital.



Kay came at the nurses like a trial attorney:  Why hasn’t anyone been in to see her dad? Why was the care so loosey goosey? How long before he was to take these tests?  Every answer was ‘tomorrow.’ We could not wait another 24 hours for the tests to come back and the stupid doctor to make his appearance, if ever.

Meanwhile, these ‘nurses’ were socializing and hanging out at the nurses’ station.

The one thing I knew about this knee surgery was to NOT GET AN INFECTION!

We then proceeded to call an ambulance and get him back to the hospital ER.

By the way, nobody from that ‘home’ ever called to ask why we had suddenly left their place in an ambulance.

The ER doctor  said that my husband did have a minor infection and after being discharged, we proceeded to get him taken back to our home with antibiotics.  I figured that he, at least, had someone that knew what to look for and we would have more PT, someone to give him a shower, and, most of all, he would be in his own home.

Every person in a nursing home needs an advocate,” says Maryglenn Boals, a former nursing home administrator in Arizona. “When you are serving that many people, there are going to be mistakes. There is always going to be little things that happen. So every resident needs his own ‘squeaky wheel

So, what happens to people who have no advocate? I wouldn’t even want to know,

I’m not suggesting for every person to drag their loved one out of a nursing home.  I knew, however, that my husband’s circumstances would do better at home.

So, it’s been about a week since we brought him home.

I turned our place into basically a Hospital Room. We have a place for all his pills, all his wound dressing is laid out on our dining room table.

He is steadily getting better with the help of a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist and a man to help him get in and out of the shower.

So.., glitzy Nursing Home, I entrusted you with my husband and you didn’t care. You didn’t care if he was clean; you didn’t care if he had help when he needed it, you didn’t care about anything except having a Nursing Home look like a spa retreat.  All glamour and nothing of any substance.

You failed. I am giving you a negative rating on Yelp and I hope to save someone else who thinks their loved one will be in good hands.

Shame on you! I hope someone in your family that you love doesn’t ever need to go to your  nursing home!


Additional Resources:

CANHR – California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform; Nursing Home  Care Standards

Choosing the Right Nursing Home by AARP.org




12 Weeks of Quitting Smoking after My Husband’s Stroke and Taking it One Day at a Time

I’m on Week 12 of Quitting Smoking after My Husband Had His Stroke and it’s still Day by Day!

smoking2So, you’re probably wondering how it is to be a non-smoker for 3 months.

I would say that, at this point, I’m only thinking about cigarettes about 3-4 times a day which is amazing considering I was smoking well over a pack a day. OK; maybe 2 packs.

When my husband said he was quitting smoking forever when he got out of the hospital, I saw how awful it would be for him if I continued to smoke:

  1.  Trying not to smell like smoke around him;
  2.  Always looking for a place to smoke;
  3.  Running out of a restaurant to smoke;
  4.  My smoking would probably make it more difficult for him to quit;
  5.  Feeling guilty every time I lit up around him.


Believe it or not, people who have accomplished so much in their life find themselves unable to quit smoking. Cigarettes have the feeling of a “reward” when we feel happy; a  “peace’ when we’ve screwed up. It’s a ‘friend’ who is always there for us. All for the price of about $8.00 a pack.

I believe there is always that ‘Perfect’ time to quit smoking; maybe after being ill when you couldn’t smoke (although ‘hard core’ smokers like me would smoke right through it). Hopefully you’d quit when you are pregnant. Perhaps when you can’t smoke anywhere near your office anymore and you’re forced to go out to the alley.

The Right time for me was driving my husband home from the hospital after his stroke.  We decided right then that we would never smoke again.

I was the most  hardcore smoker of any of my friends.  I would light up a cigarette only to find I had one burning in the ashtray already.

The benefits of quitting smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking


The best advice I can give you right now:

1.  Read Allen Carr’s Book on How to Quit Smoking. When you actually are thinking of quitting, there is no other book that spells out how and why we continue to smoke. (I have absolutely NO affiliate with Allen Carr or his book. It is just simply a wonderful book and I got it at the library and I owe a lot of my success thus far to him.) I see that he now has a book for women also.

I NEVER read those ‘feel good’ books and this one spoke to me and to at least 535 people who have read his book and given an almost straight 5.0 stars on more than 500 reviews.

2.  Join Quitnet. This is a helpful community with a great  forum whereby people can really see their progress:

Here are my stats from quitnet:

  • Time Smoke-Free:  91 days
  • Cigarettes not smoked:  2,290
  • Lifetime Saved:  20 days, 24 hours
  • Money Saved:  $887.25

Everyday, it is still a bit of a fight within myself not to have that cigarette.


We went out with friends yesterday and they smoke and I begged them to light up afterwards outside just so I could smell the smoke and I’ve gotta tell you, it still smells good to me. Although I have to say that the smell of old cigarettes on a person smells really bad.

So, here’s the big question:  Have I gained weight? I would say maybe 1 or 2 pounds. Probably because I’ve always eaten a lot. (update: I’ve now gained about 7 pounds.

I am shopping a bit more on the internet as an incentive to ‘stay quit’ although it comes to much less than what I would have spent in smoking and it’s really a lot of fun at night when I’m up and really wanting that cigarette.

I believe that all these advantages with smoking do not occur within the 3 days that the ‘pros’ say that it takes the nicotine comes out of your body. I think it takes longer psychologically to get used to life without smoking.

In all honesty, at this point, I can’t say I see or feel any different from when I smoked.

I thought my skin would just suddenly clear up. It hasn’t yet.

I thought my teeth would really look great. Actually they still look the same.


Like I said, ‘I’m taking one Day at a Time”.

Hopefully, all those benefits will kick in one of these days.

Hoping you’re all doing well with your quitting if you are doing so.

This is for you, Al.

All my best,





MY REVIEW: ‘Pack A Hat’ From Cappelli Straworld Is going to be THE Staple of Spring/Summer Accessories!!


The Pack a Hat is so genius that it makes me sad I didn’t think of it myself.

Can I tell you just how cute, affordable, and efficient the Pack A Hat is?

I was lucky enough to be sent this Pack a Hat for a review. As usual, no conditions were placed  on my honest review!

I received my Pack a Hat in the color ‘Toast’ and I just love it. Not only for Resort or Beach wear, but for everyday when I’m out in the hot sun here in the Southwest.

The matching color wristlet can also carry all the small items you would normally place inside a purse, such as  your lip balm, keys, sunblock.

Hat from Pack A Hat

Hat from Pack A Hat


The wristlet is made to look very luxe with the wood insignia ‘Straworld’ etched into the wooden logo. Looks very chic and is  even more lovely  in person than you see on the site.

These soft hats are sooo comfy, you’re going to love them. I also like that the size of the brim is not overly large. I think this hat would be  universally  flatterring on any sized woman.

With great versatility, It’s easy to change this hat into several different looks just by adjusting the brim.

There are  7 colors to choose from, so you may want to buy more than one set.

The color TOAST matches my swimming suit perfectly.

Pack A Hat in Toast

Pack A Hat in Toast


If that isn’t enough, the packable sunhat, with a 4 1/2 inch brim, also has a UPF 50 plus.

Here’s the link to purchase the Pack a Hat:  http://www.hartfordyork.com/product/7341

You can pretty much style it anyway you want. It reverts to its original size without wrinkling. .

As a plus-size woman, I think that this hat just really adds the finishing touch for either casual or semi-formal affairs, such as picnics and shopping. If you’re planning a vacation, these hats are perfect for hitting the shops before or after sunbathing.

These hats are very  ‘Audrey Hepburn-esque” and are made to last due to the superb craftmanship and use of  only the best materials that has defined the wonderful Cappelli Straworld for more than 70 years!

This would also make a wonderful hostess gift.

At $25.00 you’re going to want to buy 1 or 2  fun Hats in a Bag.

Please check out Cappelli Straworld for more information and styles. I know you’ll fall in love with this great wristlet and matching hat as I have.

Cappelli Straworld

Cappelli Straworld

***At this time, Cappelli Straworld has Free Shipping For My Followers


Disclaimer: As always, my reviews are my own, honest opinions. I am grateful to Cappelli Straworld for providing me with the Pack A Hat and allowing me to review this product.

Beautiful Spring/Summer Clothing and Accessories for the Plus Size Teen

Here are Some Beautiful Spring/Summer Clothing and Accessories For the Plus Size Teen



1.  Torrid White Label Cropped Boyfriend Jean – Medium Wash


These jeans are one of Torrid’s top sellers!

Description:  Our new White Label denim is casual American style – designed and fit just for you. It’s authentic, lived-in fashion that’s fun and sexy. Wear what you love.

These great jeans come in sizes 14-24 and cost $48.50

2.  Pleated Chiffon Tank Top

coral pleated top in Plus Sizes

Description:  With beautiful drape and fit, this pleated top – in color jolt of the season, electric orange – is a wardrobe hero. It’s made from a non-sheer chiffon so you can give your cami a day off.

This comes in sizes 0-5 and costs $34.50.

3.  Studded Ankle Strap Heels (Wide Width) Torrid wide width red shoes

DescriptionSilver tone pyramid studs bring out the attitude of these red hot, oh-so-cool, tough girl heels. We love the trend-right balance of sexy and edgy.

These great shoes are on clearance and come in sizes 7-13 and cost $34.98.

Be careful on your sizing because these shoes are FINAL SALE. NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES




4.  Set Out for the Sights Dress


Description:  The car is packed for your long weekend and you’re ready to head out in this printed dress! Classic road-trip images – flag-printed cars, road signs, and aviators – pattern the fabric of this sleeveless frock, whose notched neckline and pockets are perfect for the open road.

This dress comes in sizes 0-4X and sells for &74.99.

5.  It’s Bow or Never Blouse

Mod Cloth Bow Top

I want this blouse so badly.

Description:  For someone as clever and organized as you, this smart, navy-blue blouse by Myrtlewood makes the grade. The statement bow collar of this short-sleeved, ModCloth-exclusive top gives way to your fun-loving professional side. Darting along the chest and a back zipper closure pulls together your look and inspires confidence for your Monday morning meeting.

This blouse comes in XS -4X and costs $44.99.

6.  Sashay to the Sea One-Piece Swimsuit in Plus Size


Description: …one piece swimsuit by Esther Williams! Created by the famed Olympic swimmer, actress, and businesswoman, Esther Williams‘ namesake line features flattering, retro silhouettes and beautifully bold designs. This colorblocked swimwear features a tacked sash that wraps from the white fabric on its right side to the black fabric on its left….

This swimsuit comes in sizes 14-26 and costs $62.99 on sale (30% off).

**Modcloth.com is an affiliate of mine where I receive a small commission for all items sold.

7.  Cupcake Contest Shoulder Bag


DescriptionBright and bold, each entry has been decorated in spring and summer hues, and funnily enough, there’s one in particular that looks just like your lively, flap-front bag!

This bag sells for $44.99.

8.  Natural Necessity Sandal in Black



Description:  Zip on these black crocheted sandals from Circus by Sam Edelman before you set out for a lakeside festival, or a live performance in the park. Flaunting cognac-hued counters and a strappy braided front, this vegan faux-leather flat overflows with wardrobe-essential boho chicness.

These come in sizes 6-9 (except size 7) and sell for $49.99.


9.  Coral Maine Maxi Dress

plus size alight maxi

This great maxi dress comes in sizes 1X-3X and costs $42.00.

10. Black Bike Short

alightbikershortsDescription: Super comfy pull on bike short has a simple waist and hem. Great for working out.
Material: 92% nylon, 8% spandex.

These great shorts come in sizes 1X/2X and 3X/4X.

 Additional Resources:

Hautecurvywoman.com - 10 Tips to Being a Gorgeous Plus Size Teen

Voices.yahoo.com – 5 Slimming Fashion Secrets for Plus Size Teens

Remember: While I try not to add anything that is short on sizes, these items go fast. Also, don’t forget sales going on and items in Clearance.




Here Are My Top 10 Fashion Dont’s That Men Should Never Wear. Strangely Enough, They Also Apply to Women.

So, you’re probably thinking what could I possibly know about men’s fashion? Not a lot! However, if I ran into any of these fashion atrocities, it would be ‘game over’. So, while I don’t have a lot of knowledge on men’s fashion, I do happen to have gone on more dates than I care to admit with men that I would never date a 2nd time due to their wearing any of the below items.

So, before the trolls get on, I’ll just get it over with:

Yes; I know I’m fat so I have no right to comment on anyone in any forum.

I know….who am I to go out on several dates while I’m really so repulsive myself.

Yes; I’m being very shallow and should talk about what I’m doing to lose weight before I criticize anyone else.

With that being said:

Here are my top 10 Men’s Fashion Atrocities:

1.  The sandal and sock look


This always comes in at #1 on any list.

Come on guys….your feet can’t look that bad. Or can they???? Now that I think about it, I’ve seen some pretty gnarly feet in my life. Wasn’t the whole idea of sandals that you didn’t need socks? I guess you could be nursing an ingrown toenail or fungal infection…but still, DO NOT USE!

Also, just as an aside, NO CROCS!

2.  Too much Self-Tanner


Seriously, this is NOT a good look. Take it down a notch or 3 because you are looking FREAKY! Also, stop trying to do it yourself. If you must have a tan, go to a professional Spray Tanner.

3.  Too much jewelry


I think that the most you should have is a religious symbol under your shirt, or a cool leather bracelet from a charity you support. NO GOLD BRACELETS OR NECKLACES!

4.  Tank Tops


I really hate these things.  I hate seeing a man’s pits, especially at a restaurant and it makes me picture all this old hair falling off into the soup.

5.  Visors


Just Yuck! They NEVER look good; even on the golf course. They are so stupid looking and if you’re wearing these in a place where it’s so sunny to require a visor, aren’t  you exposing your scalp to sunburn, which equals skin cancer? Maybe it isn’t a concern of yours so….just don’t wear something this stupid.

6.  Jeggings

jeggingsThe jeans combined with the leggings just shouts:  I am not meant to live in normal society. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, should ever wear these.

7.  Fur


OK, you know that I hate fur in any form. It really makes me sick to see anyone in a fur coat. How can anyone wear fur after you’ve seen the horrors that these animals go through just so you can have a fur coat.

On top of that, it just looks bad and dumb.

8.  Pinky Rings

pinkyringI’m sort of on the fence with this one. My Father In Law did have a great pinky signet ring. However, for most men, I hate it in the way they hold their hand in that dorky way when they have one on. Like the gold is just so heavy, I can barely hold my hand up.

Worst Look : Pinky Ring and bracelet. Also known as “You don’t stand a chance”.

9.  Sweater tied in the front over a shirt


Just don’t even go there. It’s hideous and scares women off. Even if you’re rich.

10.  The Fanny Pack

fanny pack

I don’t think I have to explain this at all. Let’s just say that this says, ” I Just Don’t Feel Comfortable with just a basic wallet and my pockets. So, unless you’re walking around with an epi-pen or diabetic strips and medication, forget it.

The only thing worse is:  Dad Jeans


According to GQ, this is what dad jeans are:

So what are dad jeans, precisely? They’re higher than the highest high rise you’ve encountered. You buy them at places like Costco. They’re essentially sweatpants in denim form. And more importantly, you shouldn’t wear them. Ever. The jeans that the Times are pointing out are trending? They’re light washed jeans with slim cuts that skim your leg, as opposed to the skin hugging, dark, rough raw denim stuff that this new wave of jeans is a reaction to. They’re more comfortable, yes. But unlike dad jeans, you won’t feel like you’re wearing Hammer pants.

Well, that’s my Top 10.

What are yours? What did I miss?

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A Sad Day for Lulu at the Groomer’s and We Don’t Understand What Went Wrong

Lulu Seemed Extremely Distressed When We Went to Pick Her up at the Groomer’s!

Lulu April Grooming_Edited

We took Lulu to be groomed last week.

When we picked her up, she was extremely angry at us and wouldn’t look us in the eye.

Usually, she’s just fine, however, something obviously bothered her. She’s seen this particular groomer for the last 2 years. I don’t know; maybe the groomer got busy and handed her off to another groomer.

There are certain things you must follow in caring for Lulu:

You cannot yell at Lulu;

You must tell her she’s ‘a good girl’

You need to treat her with kid gloves or she’ll shut you out.

She’s very proud and we know that something happened because she gets this very distant look, like she had been betrayed.

Even her “special’ treat – Pup-Peroni  didn’t liven her up.

She also started to tremble when we went to go out without her later in the week. We had to quiet her down and hold her until she stopped trembling.

So, what to do?  She’s better now, but it took days for her to trust us.

She also ate very little during this time.

When we put her on the bed, she faced away from us.

So…what happened? I don’t know. However, now I’m afraid for her to go to the  groomer.

Have any of you seen this with your dogs?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.