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Introduction to My New Trainer, Al

I Have Decided to Work Out With a Wonderful New Trainer, Al

Google Image(google image)

I am obviously not making any strides in my weight, my health, or my eating, so I am bringing a pro into this.

Al is, quite possibly, the most in-shape person I’ve ever met. He runs miles every day and lives the most healthy lifestyle of anyone I’ve ever met.

He isn’t the normal trainer for someone like me; he gets people who are already in shape and gets them in better shape to run in national marathons.

I want him to start with us on Day One, as if none of us have basically gotten into any form of exercise before.

I hope we can use his tips to springboard us into action.

Al does not yet have his trainer’s license and I do not know any of your health situations, so I must make the standard disclaimer:

Disclaimer:  Prior to starting a new exercise program or diet, it is recommended that you see a doctor especially if you have any medical conditions or past injuries that could potentially be made worse by exercise. Any actions that you take as a result of reading the information on Haute Curvy Woman,you do so at your own risk.

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WELCOME TO Haute Curvy Woman For Plus Sized Women and Teens

Welcome to Haute Curvy Woman.com for Plus Sized Women and Teens

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to my blog –  Haute Curvy Woman.com – a great resource for Plus Sized Women and Teens!


So…pull up a chair, get some coffee and browse through our blog, beauty reviews, and much more.

We welcome all opinions and would love to hear about your favorites, your questions and your reviews.

Thank you so much to all who have been following me and Haute Curvy Woman since October, 2011 and to all my new followers.




***(The beautiful model photo in the header is by the wonderfully talented Sean Cox Photography at seancoxphotography.com)


I Found the Perfect Sunglasses for My Round Face

I Found, Finally, the Perfect sunglasses for My Round Face

I finally decided that, after 10 years of wearing the sunglasses that I bought at Seeeyecare.com in Chicago, that it was time to buy a new pair. These had too may scratches and it was really hard to see through them.

I believe that, with the prescription, they  were about $300.00.


As an aside, why do I not appear t have a neck?

Anyway, as I went to go to find some new sunglasses, my husband said that he’d always hated these big black glasses on me.. WTH?  Surely there was at least one moment in the last 10 years where you could have let me know you hated them.

Anyhoo….Finally time to buy  my new sunglasses and all I wanted was Wayfarers. I wanted those sunglasses so badly. I said that I was just going to order them on the web so I’d get them sooner and my husband said to wait because I had no idea how they would look on me.

What’s to try on? Wayfarers are square and my face is round.

Aren’t you supposed to do that? Go the opposite of your face, shape? i.e. – Square for a Round face?



Anyway, the first day we could, we went out to an eyeglass store (I can’t remember the name).

The sales assistant was making me crazy pointing me to all the designer eyewear and, just in general, bugging me.

I found my beloved Wayfarers and, oh, my gosh,…you can’t even begin to believe how bad they looked on me!

They  took up almost  half my face. My husband and I were rolling in the aisles at how ridiculous I looked. These sunglasses I’ve been waiting years to buy  were horrific on me.

Moving along, I knew I had about 10 more minutes before my husband was going to begin getting impatient and, lo and behold, I found them.

My new love. The pair that I fell in love with right away,SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

These are BOLLE  (there is an accent mark on the ‘e’, but I can’t figure out how to do that on here)  and I believe I paid about $120.00 and probably another $100 for the prescription.

So, I love them, although I am so sad that my beloved Wayfarers made me look like a reptile.

NOTE TO MY HUSBAND:  Do ya think you could tell me when I’m wearing something that makes me look like an idiot?

Thank you ever so much.


Additional Resources:

Womens Health Mag.com – Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Fetchy eye care.com - Find Your Fit

Me and My OCD – What Would You Have Done?

Me and My OCD came into Effect at a Hospital Waiting Room – What would you Have Done?

My husband was having hip surgery and, for the first time (he’s had a number of operations Iin the past three years), his surgery time was in the afternoon.

There were a few women in the waiting room. They looked to be in their 60’s and I sat down next to them because they seemed interesting and I didn’t have a book with me.


The woman next to me had a huge cross around her neck and she just seemed so positive about everything. I mean, she saw the plus side of EVERYTHING!

We were all talking and showing pictures of our doggies. Their husbands were also going in for some kind of joint surgery.  We were all together while the doctors came in and told us how our husbands were doing.

We all did lots of hugging and, even people who weren’t in our little group, were hugging and wishing us the best. It was truly exhausting but I had been too long with them to go sit somewhere else.

They thought it would be a good idea to do a prayer circle.


Then, the woman with the biggest Cross asked me if I liked her earrings which she had made herself and I said they were pretty.  So she took them off and put them in my hand! “Here!” she said ” you can have these'”.  I said ‘No; absolutely not! They’re too pretty to give away.  Actually, they were really pretty with a blue stone and wire wrapped around  it to look like an angel.

I think she expected me to take out my earrings right there and put hers in right away. But I couldn’t!! I have germ OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and I NEVER try opened cosmetics on my face nor do I try on on earrings at department stores.  At home I sanitize everything.  Anyway, the angel earrings went right into my purse.

My germ phobia extends to bathrooms when I go shopping. I try to plan everything in order to not have to use a public bathroom.

This does not happen to me with family and friends’ places.

I have been this way pretty much since college.

As an aside: A friend tried out eyeliner at a department store that a saleslady said was brand new and she ended up with the worst eye infection that took forever to clear up.

So, I thought that I should sanitize them and wear them the next day. But, again, I just couldn’t. I knew that I was really upsetting her.

sanitizing earrings

After we had all heard that our husbands were ok and in the recovery Room, we each went our own way. Only to find out all the husbands were on the” Joint” Floor and, not only would I run into them in the hall, but also in Physical Therapy 2X a day.

On the second day, she saw that I still hadn’t put on the earrings and, was it my imagination or did she seem kinda angry at me?

Anyhoo… by the third day, she didn’t even react and barely talked to me.  I know I should have at least acknowledged them, but I was so worried about my husband that I just wasn’t thinking that I should at least have given her a card.

I really can understand her feelings. I’ve also given people gifts and I never get acknowledged for them and never see it on the person. But, come on…..this operation was so stressful and I wasn’t thinking clearly.

Also, I am allergic to nickel and I couldn’t take a chance on her earrings. So there!

Anyway, the hugs stopped.  The upbeat patter was no more.

She left with just a wave.

angrywomanI feel really bad about it.

I know it’s my OCD and it makes me angry, but I am unable to do anything about it.

I should really have gotten a card since I was in that gift shop about 3 hours.

Anyhoo……..Would you have gone ahead and put the earrings on?

Am I just being Crazy with my OCD?

Seriously, what would you have done?




RuPaul’s Drag Race and Why I Love It!

Why I Love RuPaul and his Drag Race:



For those of you living under a rock and do not know who RuPaul is, or what his show, RuPaul’s Drag Race is about, here is a brief description:

Offering a new twist on reality programming, Drag Race provides a platform for America’s finest drag queens both new and established, to show off their talent to the world and find America’s next top Drag Queen! Hosted by RuPaul, the drag queen contestants compete in weekly challenges such as photo shoots, comedy performances and stomping the runway in the hopes of avoiding the bottom two; where they will have to Lip-sync. For. Their. LIFE (VIA http://www.tv.com/shows/rupauls-drag-race/)

The idea is that, through tests and trials and eliminations, one is chosen to be America’s Next Top Drag Queen and win $100,000.00.

I believe that I’ve watched it every season but the 1st and that was just because I didn’t know it was on.

Anyway, it’s more than a reality show; more than men looking like women; more than a collection of performers.

First is RuPaul, the original supermodel drag queen. If you get a chance, check out his background. It’s amazing.

His co-host  is Michelle Visage, who is so drop-dead gorgeous and  funny when she talks to the contestants on what went well and what didn’t and where they can improve.


Michelle Visage

Michelle Visage

You first get the impression that she is tough as nails. However, I’ve seen her in inerviews and she is just such a gentle soul. I don’t remember this exactly, however, she was interviewing People on the Red Carpet and spoke with that teacher on Dance Moms and Michelle said that she could never be as harsh on “her girls” as the teacher is on her Dance girls. She asked Michelle “why?” and Michelle said something to her like, “they (Michelle’s girls) need more nurturing.”

That, in a nutshell, is what makes RPDR the show it is. Underneath all the clothing, make-up and comedy are a group of people trying to learn and advance in their career and in life.

The race itself is freaking unbelievable. How the contestants make these outfits is nothing less than genius, good or bad.

These people are really amazing and you begin to feel like you know each of them so well. They’re so brave and vulnerable. There’s just nothing like it on tv. You’re cheering each one of them on because you just want everyone to win.

One of the contestants, Pearl

One of the contestants, Pearl

They get into their tiffs, inevitably make up and you’re just so relieved. You just want to hug each contestant as the season goes on and you learn more and more of their story.

I have never heard anyone that has been eliminated say anything but that it was a great experience.

The contests can get quite intense, however, there is never a cruelty element  to it and that is what makes up this show so unique. These people (RuPaul and Michelle Visage and their guest judges) know how to get the most out of the contestants without having to hit their sore spots or belittle them. By the way,  If you’re sensitive to hearing sexual innuendos, you may want to stay away,

Yesterday, on Twitter, I saw someone write:  “How have I never before heard of RuPaul’s Drag Race?” I answered it was my favorite show and this morning, my mailbox was filled up with people retweeting me and faving and replying to me.

There is a very loyal following.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is on Logo TV, and I just wish there were more seasons. So, if you get a chance, check the show out on Monday at 9/8C on Logo.


**This is my unsolicited review and I have not been paid nor received anything for this review.

My Dog, Lulu, had a Pretty Tough Day

Lulu, My Dog, had a pretty tough day Yesterday.

About a week ago, I noticed a tiny dot of blood on her little potty pad and, of course, my mind goes right to cancer. A couple of days ago, I noticed another drop of blood.


I was considering canceling her day at the groomer’s, but I decided to go ahead with that and try to get in with the veterinarian.

I told the groomer to be extra careful with Lulu as I had just seen a drop of blood that morning and I had seen one a week ago.

When I went to pick up Lulu, the groomer said that she saw a small sore on Lulu’s little back paw which I had not noticed.

I took her to the vet immediately afterward and they said that the sore on her paw  could be infected and that I needed to start antibiotics and 2 ear medications that were necessary for an allergy or yeast infection in her ears.

Here’s the thing:

At the vet’s office,  there was a mom and her 2 children and those kids would not let Lulu alone.

I warned them and the mother that Lulu was not used to being around children so they needed to be careful.  The mother didn’t seem concerned at all. So, I tried to put my hand over Lulu’s mouth so she couldn’t bite and she was good as gold.

The little boy kept saying ‘I want a little dog”, ‘I want a little dog’. Mind you, their huge dog was right there.

The little girl was trying to be really good and not sneak up on Lulu.

I was so happy to be finally called in to the room to see the vet.

When I took Lulu away, the little boy started screaming. Not crying, I mean possibly the loudest scream I’ve ever heard.

I would still warn any other children or mothers that Lulu does not have much experience with children.

I do feel that the mother should have been more concerned and possibly, explain to her child that it wasn’t a good idea for him to try to pet Lulu while trying to be sneaky around her.

What do you think? Was I too strict? I mean, Lulu probably was not feeling good because of the infection.

Oh well. I’ve come upon dogs while walking that just jump all over me and the family seems to really find it cute.


I Am Computer Illiterate and Need Help

 I Am Computer Illiterate and Obviously Need Help and Understanding!


I was given a lot of help when I switched from weebly to wordpress by the wonderful people at wpblogexperts  (who are, and have been, just so wonderful and patient with me.)

However, it appears that I don’t know enough to just go about my blogging business.

For instance, I was going through some of my e-mails and realized there were 87 comments waiting moderating. WTH?  87? Seriously?  How have I not seen those?

I will go through each message and get an answer to whatever you asked. All I can do is to apologize. I mean, I didn’t know how much I would need to know about computers just for my little blog.

In my defense, there have been some medical issues, but still, 87 comments?

So….I am getting on to those comments and, if you have written and I don’t get back to you in the next couple of days, just send me an e-mail to remind me. Horrible business tactics I know.

I am so sorry for those who have asked to be added to my Plus Size Directory and I will make that right also.

I’m feeling very overwhelmed now and I feel awful about this.

All my apologies,


The Woman that Turned Every Guy On!

 The woman that turned every guy on is an enigma to Me

Did you ever come upon a woman who was so “out of fashion” that you believe she must have been in a sanitarium or jungle for at least 20 years?

Well, I came upon said women at Target, We were waiting for a cart to come in from outside and we saw this woman going through the fruit near the entrance of the store.

She was wearing a teeny-tiny skirt with black hosiery and wedge shoes that were really high.


The front of the outfit, I am sorry to say,  just really all fell apart.

Disclaimer:  I believe all women have the right to wear whatever they choose no matter which decade. I just particularly dislike the fashion of the 80’s.

She had bleached blonde hair with the black roots showing (and not in the ombre fashion of today.)

She looked at least 50 years old. She was really wrinkled like she spent too much time at the pool or maybe she was just old.

The issue came in when every guy and I mean every guy looked at her admiringly. My husband said that she had the best looking legs he’d seen in a long time.  I just looked at him as if to say “who are you”?

Look, I don’t find myself winning any fashion awards for my clothing, however, while this woman just astounded me,  it was the men that completely flumoxxed me

If they didn’t find the outfit appropriate, surely the fact that a 50 year old woman wearing such clothing was a turn-off. Right?  Wrong. Surely the black stockings seemed out of place? Nope.

So maybe she was on the right track. Men can be obviously, easily fooled into falling for any fashion trend as long as there are short skirts and wedge heels to be worn,

What do you think?


The Continuing saga of Losing My Hair – Alopecia

The Continuing Saga of Losing My Hair due to Alopecia

I shampooed today only to face this sight again.


Lots of hair on the sink and in my comb, which means that I’m losing it again very quickly.

As my alopecia  (hair loss due to an autoimmune condition)  continues, the bald patches are worse and, while I love my wig from Voguewigs.com, I brought out a wig I’ve had for a couple of years that I bought at a kiosk.

I have been quite ill and maybe this is the result of some very heavy antibiotics. Or maybe stress or ……

I decided to lighten my own hair (no hairdresser would do it given the state of my hair) and bought a box of COLOR OOPS, which is meant to take care of problems encountered with newly dyed hair.

coloroopsI believe I paid about $10.00.

Outside of the smell, it wasn’t that bad although my hair turned a sort of blondish and orangish shade which  I’m going to eventually have to get fixed. It’s very brassy looking. However, it looks fairly decent with an old 3/4 wig I bought a long time ago.

Just as I suspected, the bald spots aren’t quite as bad with lighter hair. It’s so hard when you see yourself one way and then try and take on a different look.

So, here’s that wig that I can still wear.  It’s just basically my bangs and the sides left out.  I thinned the wig out quite a bit as it was too  thick and I was just too uncomfortable with it.


It’s not really that bad; it’s just that I’m pretty sure that in a short time I will need a full wig.

I haven’t kept up with my vitamin cocktails, except for biotin, as given by my neurologist and dermatologist, so maybe I should have stuck with it. However, both my husband and I have been battling health issues and the hair issue has been pretty much on a back burner.

If anyone has any advice on what has worked for them, I’d love to hear it.


Additional Resources:




My Top 5 Drugstore Beauty Products I Buy Over and Over

Here are My Top 5 Drugstore Beauty Products I Buy Over and Over:

1.  Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash 


This is “Soap” I bought on vacation when I left my very expensive soap at home. I bought it at Walgreens just so I could have soap to carry my through. I have never gone back to the expensive soap. I love this wash. It’s strong enough to get rid of dirt yet mild enough not to break out my sensitive skin.

Description:  Dermatologist recommended for effective yet gentle cleansing. Cleanses without drying or irritating. This foaming cleanser is 100% soap-free, so it removes dirt, oil and makeup without stripping or drying like soap can. It won’t sting your eyes, so it’s ideal for removing eye makeup. Unlike some cleansers, it’s 100% oil-free and non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores or leave residue. Even those with sensitive skin can use it twice a day for a healthy looking, healthy feeling complexion.

This sells for less than $10.00, depending on which store you go to.

2,  ELF Essential All Over Cover Stick- I use this as a concealer. Forget the top pricey concealers.  This one is so good and really stays on. I paid $1.00 for it from another site.

elf concealerDescriptionAchieve smooth and flawless skin easily! The All Over Cover Stick is infused with active natural ingredients to soothe and protect the skin to camouflage those problematic facial areas. Great for using on under eye circles, blemishes, and as a primer. Getting a clear fresh face has never been so easy!

There are many kinds of concealers by elf, so you have many choices of your favorite texture.

I chose the color Apricot Beige and it is just a little bit lighter than my natural skin color.

3. Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes

Descripiton:  Two-sided design gently exfoliates and cleanses skin

Wipes are free of dyes, artificial perfumes, and harsh chemicals that can upset skin.

This is truly wonderful. I use it when I don’t have the time to use my clarisonic.

  • Skin-loving ingredients vitamin B5, vitamin E, and aloe
  • Alcohol-free and oil-free formula is hypoallergenic
  • Can be used safely by contact lens wearers

These sell for $5.99 at Walgreens.

4.  Kleenex Hand Towels

kleenex hand towels

These sell at Walmart for $2.97.

I love these because I feel like I’m not just going back and forth on the same handtowel with my husband over and over in a day.

I also use these on my face after I wash my face. They are really nice just to pat your face dry and not feel like you’ve just rubbed your face raw.

Description:  A clean, fresh towel every time

  • 1-ply white
  • Absorbent fibers
  • Kleenex paper towels are free of inks, dyes and fragrances

5.  Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti-Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer SPF 20


This moisturizer is so wonderful. The consistency is a little bit heavy, however, you will like the perfect blend of clean smelling and smoothability.

  • Uncovers vibrant, healthier skin
  • Hydrates, replenishes & rejuvenates skin
  • With retinol SA and hyaluroni
  • Keep out of reach of children

I keep coming back to this moisturizer. It’s creamy but doesn’t hurt my skin like most do.

It sells at Walgreens for $21.49.

So, those are my 5 faves.

Do you have products that you always end up buying over and over again?

Happy Shopping!