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***(The beautiful model photo in the header is by the wonderfully talented Sean Cox Photography at seancoxphotography.com)


Caitlyn Jenner Fashion: My Take on It!

I Hope you Will Allow Me to Give My Impression On Caitlyn Jenner’s Fashion Choices.

Caitlyn Jenner is so brave and handling this new fame so beautifully out in the public, that I really hate to just kind of bring things down a bit.

Note to Caitlyn:  I know I’m just a simple blogger, and no stylist myself, however, something about your fashion just isn’t working. Seriously.

It started with the Vanity Fair cover photo.

Oh my gosh…what in the world are you wearing? Who recommended this and who allowed you to be photographed in this, let alone on a cover?

caitlynvanityfairThis is just plain awful. You kind of look like you’re wearing part of a straight jacket and your arms end just right below the elbows.

Also, someone went crazy with the luminizer.

I understand your handlers are probably going for the big breast/tiny waist thing, but I think you can be even more gorgeous in different clothing.

Here are a few more images of clothing I’ve hated to see you wearing:

caitlyn2caitlyngoldcaitlyninblackSo, I’ve watched your fashion choices over the past few months and I couldn’t figure out why it just wasn’t working.

Other than the fact that I have no life, I believe that I can now wrap all this up for you.

It isn’t that the fashions aren’t pretty because they are. The problem comes in that you are a 65 year old trying to look 25.  It’s not a good look for anyone over a certain age.

When I see you in pictures such as this, you look gorgeous!

caitlyn prepcaitlynsweaterI’m not saying that you need to dress like a soccer mom, I’m just saying that nobody is telling you the truth. That’s where I come in,

I hate to say it because I’m jealous of anyone with hair, but the long hair has to go.

I’m thinking something along these lines:

caitlynanncurryAnn Curry looks amazing in this pic.

Here is Judi Dench:

Judi DenchI think either one of these hairdos would look great on you.

Does anyone else agree with me on this? Some older women can carry the long hair off, however, most can’t.

sooooo, should you decide to take my advice, I ask for nothing but your acknowledgement to my fierce fashion advice and/or $50.00, which I have just now decided is my hourly rate.

So, there you have it folks!

What do you think?



Target Introduces 2015 Plaid and the Adam Lippes Collection

The Adam Lippes Collection at Target.com debuts today!

Launching today is the buzz-worthy Adam Lippes Collection, a limited-time line of more than 50 items emblazoned with the designer’s interpretation of Buffalo plaid. The collection includes women’s and men’s apparel, shoes, accessories and home décor items.

Adam Lippes: He  fuses American sportswear with a cool refined edge. Precision tailoring and easy-to-wear silhouettes make the New York label a sophisticated choice for every occasion. (As per Net-A-Porter)

CHECK out the great plaid below:

Women’s Plus Size Knit Wrap Dress – Ava & Viv

target knitwrap


This comes in sizes X-4X and costs $27.99.

Description:  Show off your figure in this flattering Ava & Viv Women’s Plus Size Knit Wrap Dress. In a lightweight knit, this dress wraps around your body and ties and the waist, giving you a highlighted middle before smoothly flowing over your hips…

Women’s Plus Size Button Down Top – Ava & Viv



You have a choice of 5 different plaid combinations.


The sizes are X-4X and costs $24.99.

Also in the plaid collection are some home decor accents, such as:

Threshold™ Decorative Plaid Basket – Seagrass

Description….The Plaid Basket from Threshold brings an updated look to a classic household essential. The unique woven basket has a plaid pattern on it that gives character to any room it’s in…..

This basket sells for $24.99.

homethreads™ Harrison Plaid Quilt Set




  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Includes: Quilt
  • Care and Cleaning: Machine wash, cold; Do not bleach; Tumble dry, gentle; Do not iron; Do not dry clean

This costs between $93.75 and $99.00.

Shoppers will need to act fast to get their hands on Adam Lippes must-haves:

  • Apparel: Grid & wear it like never before! We have something for the entire family – Kids (Boys & Girls), Women and Men will all be able to rock chic plaid-adorned outfits this fall.
  • Home Décor: Let plaid take over your home this fall with the Adam Lippes Home Décor collection – Stag Heads, Throw Towels, Pillows, Rugs and Lamps will be sure to delight as you crisscross the house with tons of modern yet unique pieces draped in plaid.
  • The Unexpected: From paper towels to Coke bottles and a Fitbit, we will have something that will surprise your readers in a way that only Target can.

Free Shipping on all orders of $25.00.

In the meantime, get free shipping on all orders of $25.00 or more. Shop apparel.

Happy Shopping!




The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

Mystical Moon Designs on Etsy.com is Perfection!

I went to Etsy.com , and instantly fell in love with the jewelry made by Barbara Aygun from Mystical Moon Designs.

If you haven’t checked out Etsy.com yet, check it out. It’s like a giant art festival with wonderful artists, vintage items, handmade crafts, and much more.

Here is the artist, Barbara Aygun from Mystical Moon Designs:

barbara mystical moon designsAccording to Barbara on her website:

I take pride in my designs and workmanship, always using the finest quality sterling silver, Argentium silver, fine silver, 14 KT Gold fill and 14 KT Gold.

Mystical Moon Designs is

Nature Inspired Artisan Jewelry, Cabochons & Sea Glass

So….I have this pair of green amethyst earrings, which I love because they’re in my favorite color, light green.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I’ve been looking and looking for a necklace to match for the last couple of months.

Finally (and I don’t know why I don’t ever remember), I went to Etsy.com. filled out the search box for amethyst necklaces and then...Bam!!! There is my necklace!

I was crushed when I realized that there was only one left and it was an 18″ chain. However, Barbara said that she would ship me an extension with the necklace (So nice).

She answered every question I had and, in just a few days, I received my lovely necklace.

It came wrapped in this box.


and this lovely packaging with a nice note from Barbara:





Also, in the package were black tabs for anti-tarnish storage.

It was actually a generous 18″ so it would have fit; however, just in case, I said that the extension would be great.

Here it is on me with the extender:


Why I love this necklace:

  • It has a substantial silver chain
  • Alternating green and white beads that really sets off the amethyst.
  • The amethyst is wire wrapped
  • Great materials
  • Beautiful art

This is how it looks as a choker. I don’t think I can quite say that it works well for me this way. So, if you know me, then you know my views on customer service: It doesn’t matter how great the product is, if there isn’t good customer service, forget it.

I look for the trifecta of ordering:

  • Great Product
  • Good Customer Service
  • Good Shipping

When that happens with me, I’m pretty much in love with the site.

Barbara was in touch with me by e-mail initially, during, and after the process of purchasing.

Average Item Review 5/5 reviews on 191 Reviews.

The picture above didn’t really catch how gorgeous this necklace is, given my horrid ability to photograph myself.

The total with shipping was about $40.00. Well worth it!

Anyway, if you get a chance, check out her website and her etsy.com store. There really is something for everyone. Also, these make great gifts!

Here are the stats:


www.etsy.com/shop/mystical moon designs




****I bought this with my own money and my review is, as usual, my honest opinion.

My Review of Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

As a Woman with alopecia, I feel I’m quite qualified to review the ‘Irresistible Me’ hair extensions. I can’t even count how many wigs, hairpieces, and extensions I’ve had in my life.

Irresistible Me Extensions

May I just begin this review by saying: ‘Oh my gosh!  Best extensions ever!!’

While I know women with healthy hair would love these extensions, I wanted to write this review on behalf of women such as myself;  those with  Alopecia.

I was given these extensions in exchange for my honest review. No  stipulations were given.


I have had alopecia since my teens.

There are different types of alopecia. I have Alopecia Areata, which is  a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles , which is where hair growth begins.  (IWebMD). In my case, it mainly manifests itself as just a diffuse thinning of my hair.

Alopecia Universalis means a medical condition involving rapid loss of all hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes.

Then there is alopecia that comes in between these two extremes.

Everyone’s alopecia is different. For instance, in my case, it’s the seasonal kind. The summer is great and that’s when I have the most hair. Winter comes  and I can expect the hair to start falling out again and having to use liquid plumber to clear the shower from all my hair going down the drain.

Although my hair is so thin that you can see through to my scalp, I am just not yet ready to wear a wig. I live where the summers are over 100 degrees. So for me, they’re really hot and uncomfortable. The extensions are just so much lighter.

Here are closeups of my scalp and a picture of my alopecia hair:


my alopecia

hautecurvywoman alopecia

I have had wigs that cost over $1,000.00 and hair pieces for $29.00 and have found that the bigger the price doesn’t necessarily mean the better the product.


Silky Touch is our best-selling line. These 100% Remy human hair extensions are fantastic quality for a friendly price and can be very easily washed, heat styled, cut and colored to blend in your hair perfectly.

The thickness of the hair decreases slightly towards the ends just like normal hair does which will provide a completely natural look while wearing them.


I have, little by little, been going more of a blonde shade away from my dark brunette. I thought it would show less of my scalp.

First, picking out the color:  I decided to go with a lighter color as I thought the darker just wasn’t quite right. My choice was Silky Golden Blonde, 14 inches and 100 grams.

Here is the box they came in. You can see the red background of the trial wefts.

hair extensions

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

The package came to me in perfect shape from China and in just a few days after  I ordered them. There are 2 pouches. One is larger because it contains all the extensions. The other is a smaller pouch whereby you can see an example of the color and texture before opening the larger package containing all the extensions that you can exchange.

I find that pretty genius, as nobody really wants extensions that had been on somebody else’s head.

This particular set is composed of 7  wefts of different sizes and thickness. The clips are very well sewn in.

irrestibleme extensions

When I opened the packet and realized that the color was a tiny bit lighter in color than my hair, I was a little worried. However they fit in really well.

Irresistible Me Extensions

I tend to wear extensions only when I go shopping or just running around. I do not wear them around the house.

My husband, whom I’ve told many times not to give me false praise, told me he loved it, He loved the color and everything (although he felt that my bangs had to be lighter, which would definitely be in the blonde category.)


So……I took out the extensions and they are just sooo silky. I couldn’t stop touching them.

I took this picture showing just one weft (the largest one), which I LOVE. I can go out with just the largest weft:

Irresistibleme extensions

Irresistibleme extensions

This picture was taken with  all my wefts in and I must say that I still like just wearing the one weft. I went out this morning with this and I got complimented by the cashier.

Silky Golden Blonde in 14 inches,

Silky Golden Blonde in 14 inches,

I took my pictures with hair I picked up out of the box with no styling or trimming.  Now I’m looking forward to really work with this great hair. I wanted you to see that you don’t need to use ALL the wefts. Or you can volumize with all the wefts.

Once I put them in, I fell in love with this gorgeous, perfect hair. This even rivals my former favorite extensions which cost $300.00.

This is 100% Human Remy hair, which is the finest hair you can buy,


The price cannot be matched.  My extensions right now go for $59.00, down from $79.00.

What I love the most is that you can pick out the thickness you want. I don’t like thick extensions. They’re too heavy on my head.

Go on the irresistibleme.com  for their blog, which you will love; Check our their hair accessories, hair tools, full lace wigs and more.  Check out the sales.

Go onto http://www.irresistibleme.com/customer-reviews to see various tutorial videos on the best way to clip in and style the extensions.

I do think that, if you have alopecia with some hair, you will love these extensions. I would definitely  recommend these for teen girls also.

If you don’t have alopecia, you will also love these.

Here are the stats:


youtube channel

Facebook Irresistible Me



Irresistible Me Pinterest


Thank you so much to Irresistible Me for introducing me to these wonderful extensions!


Nineteen Thirteen Has Quite Possibly the Best Rendition of ‘Summertime’ Ever!

I have been waiting so Long for Nineteen Thirteen to put this George Gershwin Song out and it Has Been Well Worth the Wait.


I just heard it on Soundcloud.com. today.

(If you’re on a mobile, it may take about a minute to upload.)


Here’s the stats:

Nineteen Thirteen (feat: Monia, Rob Wasserman, Marguerite Schiff)Vocal: Monia, Cello: Janet Schiff, Organ: Marguerite Schiff, Bass: Rob Wasserman, Drum Set: Victor DeLorenzo (formerly the drummer for the Violent Femmes) Percussion: Nez
Cover Art: Janet Schiff
Produced by Victor DeLorenzo


Here’s a pic of Monia, the vocalist:


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Hamilton at Makin’ Sausage Music, WI.

Additional Resources: Victor Delorenzo with nine-teen thirteen

You can Get to Itunes and purchase .


Dillard’s PlusSize Jean Capris Review

Here’s My Review on Dillard’s PlusSize Jean Capris ‘Westbound Plus the PARK AVE fit Capri Denim Pull-On Pants’

Here’s the pic on the Dillard’s Site:




Here’s the description of these great plussize capris:

From Westbound Plus:

  • built-in mesh tummy control front panel slims and smooths tummy area to help make you look one size smaller
  • back yoke
  • wide contour comfort waistband provides ultimate comfort and smooths over natural curves
  • front faux pockets
  • functioning back pockets with rivet details on pockets
  • leg opening hits mid-calf
  • side vents on leg openings
  • pull-on construction that eliminates the unnecessary bulk of buttons and zippers; faux front fly
  • approx. 21″ inseam
  • cotton/polyester/spandex
  • machine wash
  • imported


  • These are the first jeans that I feel comfortable wearing my shirt inside the pants.
  • There is just such a great slimming effect of the waist. I also love that there is some spandex in it for more of a streamlined effect.
  • These appear to have been made with very good materials.
  • The colors available are:  Medium Indigo and Stone Wash Indigo (I ordered the Medium Indigo and they have a very rich dark blue color)


  • Mine did not fit like in the picture.
  • The pant legs were so large and wide. I’m going to try to see if I can shrink them in the dryer.
  • These tend to run large. I ordered a size less than my normal size and it fit perfectly.
  • The material is really heavy so I wouldn’t recommend them for summer.

These capris are permanently reduced from $38.00 to $22.80.

If you are smaller in stature, check out the Westbound Woman in PlusSize Petite. They go up to a size 16P.

I don’t know why I don’t buy from Dillard’s more often. It’s really a good store and I usually find something that I like either in the store on online.

Happy Shopping!





My Review of Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish

Laura Mercier’s Flawless Skin is Another Product That Lives Up to the Hype

I bought this product after using a rather large sample. I definitely need to stop using those samples. This is getting ridiculously expensive!


The cleanser has just the tiniest fragments to exfoliate your skin.

My skin feels really clean and smooth and I don’t even want to put anything else on my skin afterwards.

Description at Sephora:  What it is:
A creamy cleansing face scrub.

What it does:
This effective scrub cleanses and exfoliates, removing dead skin cells to leave skin smooth and even-toned. Suitable for all skin types, Face Polish helps remove dead skin cells with purifying microbeads, while emollients soften the skin.

What else you need to know:
This product is dermatologist tested.

I was using it every night (stupid me) and I did start breaking out a little, so now I’m limiting myself to 2X a week even though I’m not certain it was due to the scrub. I was definitely being over-zealous however. Also. I’m sure it wasn’t good for my super-sensitive skin to use it every day.

My skin literally glows after using it.

I hate fragrance and the smell of the scrub is subtly fragrant; however I’m ok to put up with it for the results.

I love the tiny exfoliating beads and you really need very little to cover your whole face.

The price for 3.4 ozs is $32.00 at Sephora.com.

I occasionally use my Clarisonic with it, however, again, it seems to be too abrasive.

I think, at least for me, there was a bit of a learning curve as to how many times a week I can use it (2X) and to be gentle with it because of my sensitive skin.

Would I buy it again? I definitely would!

On the makeupalley.com website, it gets a strong 4.4 rating out of 5 from 103 reviews.

Well, I do think you’ll be happy with this even if you have sensitive skin.

Happy Shopping!


Laura Mercier Face Polish




Check out CURVY by Capriosca Swimwear for the Most Beautiful Swimsuits up to Size 24

You’ve got to check out CURVY by Capriosca Swimwear for the most Beautiful Swimsuits of the year and they go up to a Size 24.


What can I say? These swimsuits are like art come to life. As soon as I saw them, I fell in love!

Designed in Australia, the color palette this year  is from the 2015 Pantone colors:  corals, peaches, pinks and golden tones.  In other words…something beautiful for everyone.

Great luxury is all I can think of to describe these swimsuits.

Here are a couple of examples:

Butterfly Flouncy Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit

curvyss1Description:   Made with soft Italian Lycra© with the amazing digital Butterfly wing print by Curvy Swimwear.

  • The Flouncy style is loose fitting which is great to hide the stomach area and has a hidden shelf bra for extra support.
  • Straps are adjustable and removable and is versatile enough to wear it from the beach all the way into the evening by matching it with a black maxi skirt or black pants. Gold and black earrings and bracelets look great with this piece.
  • When choosing your size, it is best to choose your pant size as the top is very forgiving.
  • Made with Italian Lycra© and featuring digital prints.
  • Watch our video about this swimsuit

At the time of this writing, the sizes available are 10-22.

This swimsuit sells for $189.00.

Coral Metallic Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit – Plus Size Swimwear

curvyss2Description:  Made with soft Italian Lycra© our Coral Metallic Bandeau Swimwear is vibrant in colour and style.

  • The crossover front and moulded cups offer extra support.
  • Straps are adjustable and removable and can be worn three different ways, crossed at the back, as a halter neck or over the shoulder.
  • Ruching at the front allows you to be comfortable with extra styling.
  • Made with Italian Lycra© and featuring a metallic shimmer that sparkles in the sun.

This swimsuit also goes from sizes 10 to 22 and sells for $189.00.

You can also buy these great retro-looking swimcaps and visors.

Don’t forget:  As with all the plus size fashion sites, the plus sizes go quickly so if you’re interested, I wouldn’t wait too long.

‘Curvy’ ships worldwide and is planning on extending their fashion line.

Happy Shopping!


Website:  http://www.curvyswimwear.com.au/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/@curvyswimwear

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/curvyswimwear

Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/curvyswimwear/


**I have received no compensation in any form for my review.

The Blogger I’d Most Want to Be a Friend of Mine

I have spent so much time for the last 2 days reading the site, I WILL NOT WRAP MYSELF IN SMOCKS AND APOLOGIES by daisysays.co.uk.

On Daisy’s About Me page on her blog, she says that she loves music and books and she’s passionate about body confidence and size acceptance.  She’s referred to herself as ‘Nerdy, dirty, inked and curvy.’ I love that!

daisy blog

There are so many categories for you to browse through, such as: Lifestyle and Body Positivity. Family and much more.

This site really has so many great posts that you’ll get caught up in it like I did.

I love to read blogs with good writing and this is one of those.

Also, Daisy seems like she would be just a great friend.

I have not been asked to do this review. I just wanted to pass this little jewel on to all of you.

So…check it out!




You Will Love the Scala Collezione LC484 SunHat!!

The Must-Have SunHat for the summer:  The Scala Collezione LC484.

Right from the start, I have to tell you, I’ve fallen in love with this hat! I can’t wait to wear it with my swimsuit or or a casual night out.

I wanted a hat in my favorite color, Coral, and I was lucky enough to get it.  This color is soooo gorgeous!

Scala Collezione LC484

Scala Collezione LC484

It’s really chic, yet extremely comfortable!  The  drawstring allows for a perfect fit, and is easy to pack for your vacation. It can fold up to an unbelievably small size, yet it can be worn with nary a wrinkle when you take it out of your suitcase.

Scala Collezione LC484

Scala Collezione LC484

We all know how important it is to protect ourselves from the damages of the sun. This hat has a UPF 50+ rating. The brim size is 2 1/2 inches, allowing for quite a few different looks, along with safety from the sun.

As being a woman with alopecia (an auto-immune condition which causes hair loss), I find this hat so comfortable and secure. I just use the drawstring and it fits my head perfectly.

There are 25 gorgeous colors so affordable you’ll want to buy 2 or 3. They also make great gifts!

scala collezione LC484

I love the brim, which you can pretty much wear it however you like.

Scala Collezione LC484

Scala Collezione LC484


Scala Collezione LC484

Scala Collezione LC484

This is what makes these hats so special:

  • UPF 50+ rating
  • Inner Drawstring
  • Easy to pack a few different colors on your next vacation
  • Great quality
  • Chic, yet comfortable
  • 100% Cotton

The price for this hat is under $35.00.

Some of the great colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Natural
  • Taupe
  • Olive
  • Periwinkle
  • rose
  • coral
  • lime
  • aqua
  • banana

Free Shipping for my followers!

Just go to http://www,hartfordyork.com/product/7524/womens-hats-ss and place your order.

Happy Hat Shopping!


**I was sent a hat for review purposes. No conditions were placed on my review and my opinions are my own.