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***(The beautiful model photo in the header is by the wonderfully talented Sean Cox Photography at seancoxphotography.com)


Day 5 of Modified Juice Fast and Still Struggling

Day 5 of Modified Juice Fast and Still Struggling

I had no juice today because I didn’t plan ahead and so had to eat what was in the house:

Breakfast: cereal and milk

Lunch:  greek orzo (I don’t know what orzo is, but it looked healthy)

Dinner: Small amount of pasta with tomato sauce

I made my way to the store and purchased another $1,000.00 of produce. I had seen this recipe and it really sounded good: Cranberry Apple Ginger Juice.


Cranberry Apple Ginger Juice

I found it on the Rebootwithjoe website.


  • 2 cups (240 g) fresh cranberries
  • 2 apples (green or red)
  • 2 in (5 cm) piece of ginger
  • 2 kale leaves (Tuscan cabbage)


  1. Wash all produce well.
  2. Core apples.
  3. Juice all ingredients and enjoy.
  • Nutrition per serving:

Yields and nutrutional information are estimated and will vary depending on product size and juicer used.

As I was making it, tripling the ingredients so I could get three mason jars full, I tasted it and it was AWFUL! It tasted so acidic. Maybe it just needs to be ice cold?  I don’t know. All I know is that I am never making it again.


The kale and cramberry combination was really rugged.  I ended up using about 8 apples and that still barely made it edible.

Still looking for going full juice and salads on Monday.
UPDATE:  It actually did not taste bad when it was ice-cold and I also put a little bit of ice cubes in there. This would be really good in the summer, I think.

So, that’s where I’m at here and I was really happy with the 2 pounds lost and will weigh myself again tomorrow.

Additional Resources:

Williams-Sonoma – Juice Revolution

The Traveling Yogi – Juicing 101

REMEMBER: Don’t forget to get your Dr.’s permission before beginning a Juice Diet and this is not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women.

Juice On!


Dedicated to Al who’s really trying to help me which isn’t easy.



Day 4 of My Modified Juicing Fast is Going Well With 2 Pounds Gone!

I’m on Day 4 of My Modified Juicing Fast and it’s going well.  I have Lost 2 pounds.

So, I’m doing a modified juicing fast (modified because I have health issues) and, so far, I’m pretty happy.

Yesterday I had only 1 juice left so I drank that and I’ll go tomorrow to the store for my huge order of veggies.

My first day shopping for Juicing Diet

My first day shopping for Juicing Diet

So, I’ve been supplementing the juices with healthy alternatives like peanut butter and popcorn. I’m sure that to you purists, that is pretty awful. However, for me, a person with no qualms about eating half a pie, this is really good.

I’m very happy with the 2 pound loss.


What can I say?  For some reason, those juices taste better to me now than a year ago.

Of course that juicer is such a pain in the ass. It just takes forever to get it set up, juice and cleaned and put away.

I’m definitely NOT yet drinking enough water and no exercise.

REMEMBER: Don’t forget to get your Dr.’s permission before beginning a Juice Diet and this is not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women.

Juice on!


Additional Resources:



foodbabe.com-Are You Making these Common Juicing Mistakes?


Day 2 of My Modified Juicing Diet Went Better Today

Day 2 of my Modified Juicing Diet went Better than Yesterday

I woke up and was pretty disgusted with myself after not drinking even one of those juices that I made for yesterday.

Today I woke up to my coffee (which I don’t intend to ever give up) and an English Muffin.


When I got hungry about 11:00 a.m., I had one of my 3 juices already made up and I’ve got to tell you, it tasted pretty good, I’m trying to think of why.

This is what I’m thinking happened:  I drank it when it was really, really cold. Also the pears I put in made a total difference. Also, no Kale. I just can’t abide that stuff.

For dinner tonite, I had some fish and I’m going to drink another juice.

The evening is the hardest time for me so we’ll see how it goes,

I’m looking for some great juice sites that I can promote in order to get us the best ideas out there.

I know that on my last juicing endeavor, I had alot of help from other juicers and I hope the same will hold true his time.

Well, I’m very happy with the way things have gone today.




1st Juicing Day Did Not Go as Planned and it Wasn’t My Fault!

I was to start my 1st Day of Juicing and, so far, it is not going as Planned.

I woke up knowing I would have coffee without sugar and that I would have Kashi Go Lean cereal and milk for breakfast… then juice the rest of the day.


I  juiced last night and it came to almost 3 full mason jars.

My juice of kale, carrots, pears and apple.

My juice of kale, carrots, pears and apple.


After breakfast, my husband remembered that we didn’t get to celebrate our anniversary because we were both sick. He thought it would be a good idea to go out for lunch today to a nice place and I readily agreed.  I mean, I was concerned because once you have a lunch with all your favorite foods, how do you drink what tastes like dirt? I said I would start the fast later today or tomorrow.

We were  planning out our day and we needed to get to True Value and get a garbage pail (???) can (????)  I’m not sure what they’re called when you get one for in the home. You don’t get a garbage pail, do you?

Anyhoo….we did that and we’re driving and my husband drops me off to get the pail and then we drove to the restaurant, Yes, that was certainly romantic. I don’t think either one of us was thrilled with the meal but it was nice getting out of the house finally. So we sit in a booth and when it came time to get out of said booth, my husband, who has lost a lot of weight  just jumps out and I literally could not get out of that dumb ass booth and had to do one of those sideway jobs.


We then went to the car and I literally fell INTO the car.  I tripped over the little thingy that is between the seat and outside. I broke 2 nails and was really pissed.

Anyway, I’m trying to decide whether to drink any juice at all today. I’m thinking I should just  start so I could say I started on Monday, December 15.

I weighed in today at 188.5 pounds so in 1 night, I gained 1/2 of a pound.

Sucks to be me.


Remember that you need to get your Doctor’s OK before beginning a juice fast/diet and this is not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women.


Back to a Juicing Fast and Hoping the Magic Returns and I regain my Health

A Year of Several Illnesses has Sent Me Back To Juicing and I’m Hoping the Magic Returns.


So, I’m going back to Rebootwithjoe.com. In case you didn’t know, Joe Cross and his documentary ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ has started a revolution in extolling the benefits of doing a juicing fast or a Juicing Reboot.

You can watch the documentaryt on Hulu for free HERE

i had previously done a 30-day Modified Juice Fast and HERE ARE THE RESULTS.

There are so many things that have happened since the last time I juiced that I am embarrassed to say that, except for quitting smoking,  i have not done myself well at all.

I’m not eating well and I fell into my bad habits and my health has deteriorated. I don’t exercise, I eat a bad diet and am just doing basically whatever I want,

I’m going to do it right this time by easing into the diet and staying away from the sugary fruit smoothies.

My weight has, amazingly, stayed the same,  basically at 189.5 pounds.


I’ve remembered pretty much about how good I felt on the diet; albeit I was always hungry which indicates to me that I didn’t do it right.

I have to do the moderate diet because I have way too many health problems now to live on just juice.

Most of my health problems came about through smoking and eating too much. All of this could have been avoided probably, however I chose to live a very hedonistic lifestyle and now I’m getting paid back. I have no one to blame but myself.

I went today and bought some of my staples:  Kale, cucumbers, carrots, cantaloupe, nuts.  I probably spent about $30.00. It was cheaper than usual because I had been eating fresh salads. I bought this great salad spinner from Bed Bath and Beyond  ( have no affiliation with them) and if I could just tell you….it’s awesome. This salad comes out so crisp and fresh tasting.

I bought the OXO Steel Large Salad Spinner and really love it.

salad spinner

This sells for $49.99 and is worth every cent.

So…today I will do the juicing for tomorrow and ease into it.

I brought out the old Breville, cleaned it off and started juicing for tomorrow.


First juice:

Large bunch of spring greens

3 pears

1 honeycrisp apple

1 pkg of carrots

I hope you’ll follow in my journey and give me tips and suggestions and maybe we can exchange recipes.

Happy Juicing!



Remember that you need to get your Doctor’s OK before beginning a juice fast/diet and this is not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women.


You’re lucky when you can claim one truly good friend in your life and GAMK is that one for me.


We met each other the 1st day of Freshman year of college and have been friends ever since.

Dear G:

When I opened up the holiday gift that you sent me and my husband, I was taken aback.  Yes, the gifts were wonderful and sorely needed, but it was the packaging that got me. I loved how you tailored certain things for my husband and certain things for me. It was so much fun opening these up,

You had carefully packed each item so it would be sure to come in one piece;  you sent your yearly note and your pics., I love your new kitty, Best thing that ever happened to that cat.

The sheer amount of energy that went into that box just brought me to tears. Like me, you have had more than your share of health issues and that’s what made this just so much more valuable.

So….will give you a call tonite and hope that I have cried myself out by then.

With much love,



Are you Familiar With the Beauty of Kwanzaa?


Here are 10 Facts about Kwanzaa you may not  know:

1.  Around 18 million African-Americans  celebrate Kwanzaa (Quansa).  Kwanzaa is not a substitute for Christmas.  This is a celebration of the African  American people, their  culture, and their history.

2.  It was started in 1966 by Doctor Maulana Karenga, Professor at the California State University, Long  Beach, California.

3.  It takes place December 26th – January 1st.

4.  The colors of Kwanzaa are black, red and green. These colors predominate  in the decorating of homes, along with baskets, cloths and harvest symbols.

5.  There are 7 principles of Kwanzaa:  Unity, Self-Determination, Collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith. Each day of Kwanzaa is represented by a different principle.

6.  A candle is lit on each day of the holiday and placed on the kinara. The
first candle is black, symbolizing the African American people.  The next three  are red, representing the struggles of the black  people.  Next are three green candles, which symbolize hope for  the future.  The candles are lit from left to right.


7.  The high point of the holiday is on the last day where a feast is made.
This feast is called, karamu.

8. The name Kwanzaa derives from the Swahili phrase matunda ya kwanza,
meaning first fruits of the harvest.

9.  The last day of Kwanzaa, or Imani, focuses on gift giving as a means to
honor the creative spirit and reaffirm self worth. In following this tradition,
the gifts are often homemade rather than purchased.

10. This is a beautiful celebration where ceremonies and cultural expressions

Other Resources:




Here are my favorite Plus Sized fashion Looks From the Wonderful Modcloth.com  For the Holidays of 2014-2015


2014 Holiday Gift Guide

From the Plus-Sized Collection:

1. Lady Love Song Dress in Ruby – Plus-sized

Modcloth Lady Love Song Dress in Ruby

DESCRIPTION:  Who wouldn’t want to croon a ballad when they see you in this sultry frock, found exclusively at ModCloth? Charmingly crimson, with a flexible material that caresses your curves, this dress with a crossover sweetheart neckline and gentle pleats at the bust is made to impress. Add seamed stockings, sturdy T-straps, and a pearl necklace before stepping into your favorite jazz club for a martini and dulcet serenade!

This great form-fitting dress is available in sizes 2X, 3X and 4X (runs small). I love the neckline and the ruching.

The price is:  $89.99 and gets a 4/5 star from 1269 reviews.

2.  Cafe Parfait Top in Noir – plus-sized

MODNOIRNOTE TO SELF:  Order Immediately

Description: Those who spot you sitting by the window of a popular café sporting the off-shoulder silhouette of this black shirt – found exclusively at ModCloth – sipping on a cappuccino, and reading a book of poetry would agree that little is more picturesque! Perfectly gracefully, you adjust the 3/4 sleeves of this stretch-cotton tee and nod to the waiter over the red frames of your glasses for a refill. Even a gesture such as this is a delight to the scene, and, with a tip-tap of the patent loafers shining below the cuffs of your khaki trousers, you flip the page of your chapbook, unaware of the grins you’ve caused!

This great top comes in sizes XS – 4X.

Sizes XS through XL run true to size. Sizes 1X through 4X run small- please size up. Fabric provides stretch.

Out of 244 reviews, this top gets a solid 4/5 stars throughout and costs $29.99.

3.  In the Key of Chic Dress – plus-sized

modmusicDescription:  Help your outfit harmonize beautifully with tonight’s elegant occasion by wearing this chic, sheet-music-inspired frock, found exclusively at ModCloth! Accented by a surplice neckline, a red sash, and a black-and-grey staff print, this paper-white dress plays up your artistic flair. Orchestrate a beautiful look by accessorizing with violin-brown heels, a sparkling, bead-embellished cardigan, and an ornamental hair comb. Conduct yourself stylishly in this glamorous garb!

This awesome dress comes in sizes XS to 4X.  Sizes XS-XL run large at bust. Sizes 1X-4X run true to size. Fabric does not provide stretch.

This dress sells for $124.99.

Out of 228 reviews, this comes in at 4/5 stars.

4. Flaunt Your Fancy Earrings
modearringsThese earrings are so unique and gorgeous!

Description:  You’re always proud to show off these golden peacock earrings! Bitty rhinestones create the impressive feathers of these black-eyed beauties, which look both fierce and fabulous with every wear.

80% Metal, 15% Glass

These sell for $12.99 and have gotten 5/5 of 9 reviews.

5,  Gilded Grace Dress in Noir – Plus-sized


Description:  You step down the staircase of the hotel in this gilded black dress by Chi Chi London feeling like a beauty from a bygone era! An ornate, metallic silver lace pattern swirls around the bodice, 3/4 sleeves, and hem of this black dress, while layers of tulle create an A-line silhouette skirt. When you reach the waiting arm of your sweetie in this lace dress, you’ll feel ready to dance the night away!

Comes in sizes 16-24 and sells for $139.99.

6.  Musee Matisse Skirt in Navy – Plus-sized


modskirtHow cute is this skirt?

Description:  On your trip, you want to leave an impression! In what better style to do so than a deep navy-blue A-line? In this linen-blend skirt, which touts a paneled, flared cut, a generous waistband, and a matching belt that can be tied in a variety of ways, you’ll surely stand out from the gallery crowd.

This skirt comes in sizes S-3X and costs $34.99.

7.  Finery and Dandy Earrings

modearrings2I love the look of these earrings for everyday or going out.

Description:  Say hello to a day spent feeling your best – and to these beaded earrings that are apart of your glee! This art-deco-inspired pair features two sprawling tiers of tiny gems in hues of jade, white, and crystal that dangle beneath a faceted, teardrop-shaped bauble, making these earrings as radiant as they are retro.

All 5 reviewers gave these earrings 5/5 stars.

They sell for $19.99.

I know you’ll find something you love on this site.

Happy Shopping!


***I am fortunate to be affiliated with Modcloth.com and receive a small commission when an item is sold that helps provide with expenses of Hautecurvywoman.com.



A Trip to the Mall has left me with an Identity crisis

I went to the mall yesterday and it was really rough and has left me with an identity crisis.

My husband and I have had a lot of medical issues in the last 4 months and we’ve just been taking care of each other. I  am finally able to take a breather and get out for a little bit.


Yesterday, I decided I’d go to the Mall  for the first time in 6 months and buy some things I normally would have bought online.

I left the house at 10:00 and told my husband I’d be back by 4:00 p.m.

Within 3 hours I was home with a bag from Dillard’s carrying a $100 dollar blouse I didn’t even want.

So, what happened?

I was minding my own business and was just strolling through Dillards,  the closest store to parking and I walked past the Chanel and MAC counters (my favorites) and bought a couple of things.

As I went into the mall, I saw a kiosk with tragus earrings and I could not believe it because tragus earrings are hard to find in this town and I usually have to  order online.


So I was really excited. I would say the guy selling me these was maybe 19 years old.

I picked out 3 earrings and  he was wrapping them up for me and I saw this really cute crystal teddy bear. He saw me looking at it and this guy, who has to be the worst salesman ever says, “Would you like this for your granddaughter? ” Really?  I look like a grandmother? It was as though time stopped. I mean, wth?  Really? I look that old? 

Maybe it was the fact that I wasn’t wearing any makeup or extensions????? I just stared at him and went away. Far away, He really pissed me off.

I was like, listen you big douche, just give me my earrings and leave me alone. I wanted to give him some advice about sales, but I decided he didn’t deserve my sage advice.

I’m serious. I was just so hurt,  So, my husband commiserates with me and says, “Oh my gosh. That’s so harsh.”

Then I told him I had to go to the pet store on the 2nd floor look at the little puppies and that took some of the sting out of the insult but then I felt bad for the little puppies so I was back where I started from.


I then  wandered around and somehow ended up at the Food Court where I couldn’t wait to get a gyro because this Petticoat Junction town I live in now, has nothing good to eat.

The 2nd part of this day is that there were young women handing out samples from this luxury skin care store I had never seen before and, like the idiot I am, I actually entered the store. I was the only person in there. Each product had it’s own glass stand to show off the gorgeous jars of creams.

spa2It looked something like this picture above.

I must say that this was so soothing just to be in there. That’s what I really needed. It just felt really calming.

Enter #2 man in my day. He greets me and seems happy to see me even though I looked like a grandma.

HE:  Welcome to ___________.

ME:  This stuff looks really pricey.

HE:  But of course…it is (not said:  You simpleton)

ME: What are you reaching for?

HE:  We have to apply it with a brush

ME:  Don’t use a brush on me.

HE:  May I ask why?

ME:  I have OCD and that thing is just filled with bacteria.

HE:  Oh. I have OCD also. Where are you from?

ME:  Chicago

HE:  I like big cities. I have also lived in big cities.

So, clearly he has salesman skills which include his saying he likes everything I like.

.No matter what I said, he said that he had or did  it also.

Anyway, he takes this scrub that I knew I would never buy because the granules were too big and I knew it would really break me out (That and the fact it was about $200.00.)

Just for the fun of it, I asked him how much I’m looking at and he said that depending on the size bottle of  skin care I wanted we were looking at between $150,00 and $300.00 for one jar.

Anyhoo, he places this scrub on the inside of my arm and it smells sooooo good and he slowly rubbed it in and I swear to you, I would have given every penny I had on me for him to continue doing that. It was that wonderful and smelled so good, I could feel the kiosk insult fading from my brain.

Then he said:, “You know this is what you need; for your dry skin and blackheads.”

What is wrong with these people? Seriously. By now I was done. Went home. Detailed my trip and just slumped into my chair with the ugly-ass blouse I now owned.

I mean, how did the mall even let someone as hideous as myself into their inner sanctum.  Was I going to scare little kids with my old wrinkles, dry skin and blackheads?

So, when I recounted this latest incident to my husband, I could see that he was trying not to laugh because it was just such a constant barrage of insults that I had gotten in less than 3 hours.

Then he felt bad because he said:  ‘Well, maybe you should have just bought something from there and you’d feel better.”

He genuinely felt bad for me.