I hate everything about lipgloss except seeing it on other women and I almost  always thinks it looks great on them. 


I have this friend (let’s call her Melanie) and she’s always dragging out this sticky stuff that she applies to her lips. Because it’s gloss, which naturally means it stays on exactly 30 seconds, she constantly applies it until it seems she just says, “aw…forget it. No more for today.”  It’s not that I don’t think it looks good on her, but man alive.

She hates my lipstick.  It’s nice and matte and I just have to swipe it on and it’s on for a long time.  I’m not dragging out that sticky stuff that always makes me feel like I just had an oil and vinegar salad and never used a napkin afterwards.

Maybe I just haven’t found the right one.  I’ve gone from luxury brands to drugstore brands and I have yet not to feel like I’ve got to take a tissue and get if off before it drives me crazy.

Plus, everything sticks to that junk.  I mean, you could be walking and a leaf falls from a tree, that leaf is now hanging off your mouth with you never the wiser. The wind will cause any hair on the side of your head to stick to the gloss.  Then you pull it out and you’ve got streaky gloss and hair with goop on it.

I would love to hear from any of you that has found a lipgloss without that gummy, disgusting slippery feeling while wearing it.

According to instyle.com, the Best 2012 lipgloss is none other than the Chanel Glossimer for a mere $27.00.

Picture Chanel Glossimer $27.00