Beautiful Asian Wedding Hairdos

Here are some gorgeous Asian wedding hairdos.

Picture Asian bride half updo Picture Asian Wedding Side Updo with hair clip Picture Asian bridal updo with big rose hairclip Picture Asian wedding hair Picture long tiara Asian hairstyle Photo by: Design Visage Vendor: Design Visage Picture Short wedding hairstyles

Asian brides have beautiful and unique hair.  As I’m sure most Asian women have found is that when finding a stylist, make certain that the hairdresser is familiar with working with Asian hair.

One of the differences between Caucasian and Asian hair is that Caucasian hair has 5 cuticle layers, while Asian hair has 10.

According to Asian hairdresser, Seon-Ha Kim:

“Asian hair is usually so straight and heavy that every mistake will show, so you  must be extra careful when cutting it. The strands are rounder … thicker and  … coarse[r]…[than] the hair of Caucasian[s].” Kim said that this hair is  hard to dye or highlight at home because of its dark, rich ebony color. Even  though Asian hair is straight, its thicker strands keep it from lying flat against the scalp.

Here is a youtube of Asian Bridal Hairdos – Bridal Bun from

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