BreastNest Is The New ‘Must-Have” Cami for Women With Large Breasts

BreastNest May Just Become Your Breasts’ New Best Friend.

Okay, ladies, let’s be honest. If you, like me, are big breasted, you already know that we’ve been relegated to the “ugly stepsister” status of lingerie. There’s just not a lot of lingerie for us that doesn’t look matronly; We seem to be stuck in the land of “heavy-duty industrial cotton with the underwire digging into us.”  Not to mention the lengthy time  it takes in fastening 5 hooks in the back.

Well, my friends, look no further. We now have our very own beautiful, slip-on cami (or bra-alternative ) that gives you the feeling of a non-costrictive tank top: The BreastNest.

So what is BreastNest?  This may just be the best item to come out for big-breasted women since the Enell bra. It’s a wonderful camisole for that in-between time when you don’t feel like wearing a bra, yet desire a little bit of a support. If you’re large breasted, you probably know that those “comfy bras” they advertise on TV and carry at Walgreens are definitely not meant for us. They have proven to be disappointing at best.


When I was contacted by Susan, the founder and designer of BreastNest, to do a review, I was somewhat apprehensive simply because these “comfy-bras” never fit my 42DDs.  However, when she mentioned that the sizes went from Cup D to H, I was on board.

Since I work at home, I can pretty much go braless. However, I know that this laziness on my part is  not doing my breasts any favor.

According to Susan,  “BreastNest may help promote healthier circulation with our special blend of materials that are stretchy and non-constrictive, and its unique design that helps keep pressure off our breasts, allowing for better circulation.”

The Modal/Span fabric, is what makes the feel of this camisole so luxurious and soft and the design is made so that you don’t get the dreaded mono-boob. It is also moisture-wicking for these hot days.

One woman said, Wearing this is like being hugged. I have never felt such gentle support for my chest. I can breathe. No adjusting. No pinching, no poking, no scratchy bits, no slippage, no bunching…I am happy with a more casual, gentle cradle – Breast Nest defies gravity just enough to give my chest and back the relief they need. Since I am a size DDD/F, that relief is greatly needed.
Thank you so much for making this product. Wearing it makes me feel so happy and peaceful.”

When I received the BreastNest in XL, I couldn’t believe how soft it was.

So, how does it feel on? Heavenly!


The fabric cups under the breast  reduce the irritation of skin on skin.

Right now, they only have it in black; I’d love to have a white one also. Actually, I want one in every color. Am I being too greedy?

I would feel very comfortable wearing it outside the house with a shirt thrown on top of it. I don’t think I would feel comfortable with wearing this on it’s own . These camisoles will not lift your breasts as a bra would; just a feeling of comfort with a little bit of support. I could definitely see wearing it under a shirt or pashmina.

This is an “in-betweener” for when you want something between wearing a bra and wearing no bra at all.

I think for the many women that are dealing with some of the chronic pain issues, this would be wonderful. There’s no snapping that needs to be done or adjusting and  no wires digging into your breasts. You just pull it over your head, like a t-shirt. (I would go up a size in that case.)



Finally, someone has taken the time to create something just for us, the women who wear between a Size D and H.

Alot of times the things that put an item “over the top” for me is when I am dealing with the owner or customer service people and it makes alot of difference to me as almost all my clothes and lingerie are done online.

Susan, the owner, is just a doll. She asked for an honest review and set no limits on what I would write.

Extra points to BreastNest for being eco-friendly and made in the USA. Check out her website, and read some of the great testimonials.

Free Shipping in the USA.

I think this is one purchase you’re going to love!

My Grade:  A


Disclosure:  I have received a sample of this product for review purposes. There has been no money exchanged and it is known that I will give an honest, un-biased review.





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  1. I have some bras like this that I ordered from Just My Size, except they are shorter. Kind of like sport bras. They work under caftans, loose tops, and gowns/pajamas. I like the camisole look as well. Think I will order a few. Can’t beat comfort!

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