My Review of Blinc Eyebrow Mousse

blinc eyebrow mousse

Oh my gosh!   This Blinc Eyebrow Mousse is  freaking amazing.  It fills in the sparse parts, is very natural looking and lasts all  day.

My eyebrows before using Blinc Eyebrow Mousse:

Before Blinc_Edited

You can see that my brows are sparse in places and are generally uneven.

According to  blinc:

“Once applied, blinc Eyebrow Mousse fills in sparse areas
to create the perfect  brow line that cannot fade, run, or smudge, even if you
sweat or wear it in harsh weather conditions. Get ready for beautiful,
face-framing brow color that  lasts all day long, unlike traditional eyebrow
products that disappear half way  through your busy

Here are my brows after using blinc eyebrow mousse:


The Left eyebrow is how my eyebrow looked after I’ve wiped the wand first. The right side is how it looks if you apply it right from the tube.
Thus, before  you actually use Blinc eyebrow Mousse, wipe the applicator wand off with a tissue so there’s not so much product on the wand. Go HERE for the total list of application tips.

This works really well on sparse brows as well. It kind of just picks up the little hairs and makes for a much fuller brow.

If you find you’ve missed your mark during application, just use a q-tip to get rid of what you don’t want.

It truly is amazing and does what  it says it will do. It stays on all day, even when sweating, and just wipes off with regular makeup remover wipes.

There are 6 shades :  Light blonde, dark blonde, Auburn, Light Brunette, Dark Brunette, Black and Grey.

I ordered mine in black.

According to

In addition to the unparalleled hold of blinc eyebrow mousse, the innovative product also provides anti-aging treatment to the skin beneath your brow. Not only will you have perfectly coloured brows, but you will also be treating your skin at the same time!

This sells for $24.00 at and

This was bought with my own money and I received no compensation whatsoever for my review.