With Valentine’s Day Fast Approaching, ModCloth Does it Again with it’s Gifts For the Heart; See the Sweetheart Shop!

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Check out my favorites:

1.  At Your Armoire Undies

modcloth undies

I love the red with the black bow. How cute are these?

Description:   Made of soft satin that provides slight stretch, these high-waisted bottoms feature matte side panels and noir accents, with a matching bow to add sweetness to your foundation for elegant evening-wear.

These come in sizes XS – 2X and cost $14.99.

2.  Everyday in a Letter Wallet

modcloth wallet

Cutest wallet ever!


Description: … this ivory wallet – which is inspired by the love letters that passed between couples of a bygone era. Whenever you unlock the heart of this pocket book to place change in its coin pouch, you’re reminded of days at the park when you would throw pennies in the fountain…

3.  Secret Ingredient Spoon

This is so cute I think I would hang it on a wall in my kitchen!

modclothspoonDescriptionEach time you use this unique bamboo spoon from Decor Craft Inc. when concocting comfort food, its intricate, heart-shaped paddle will infuse your food with affection. Hang it by its cute, cutout hook hole to display its admirable features including its ‘Made with Love’ engraving so your family and friends know just how much you care!

This sells for $9.99.

4.Close-up to Heart Photo Frame


Perfect gift for someone you love!

Description:  They say that a picture is worth thousand words – but you only need a few symbols to express how you feel about the friends, family, or pets that are pictured in this delightful frame! It puts the focus on your fondest photograph with the graphic charm of a smoothly seriffed ‘I’ and a bright-crimson heart, resting atop the rounded black border of this stand-up frame.

This sells for $14.99.

5.  Va Va Voluminous Petticoat in White

Description:  I’ve always loved bouncy A-line skirts like those the young Lorraine McFly wears. In a crinoline-lined outfit, my twirls, skips, and kicks will be so much more fun. This classic petticoat features a comfortably elasticized waistband and two full layers of lacy white tulle that are smooth to the touch and sassy in shape. Let this crinoline’s flirty ruffles peek from beneath the hem of a short skirt, or get the whole shape of an accordion-pleated skirt when you wear this hot number underneath.

This comes in sizes 2 and 3 and there are other colors to choose (with different sizes available)  from.

These cost $59.99.


This is just a sample of the cute and sophisticated options in  ModCloth’s The Sweetheart Shop.

There is something for everyone and make really great gifts,

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