I’m failing in my attempt to lose a good portion of weight on my goal of losing 50 pounds in 6 months


Today marks 5 weeks on my diet and I am only down 3.5 pounds from my starting weight of 187.0 pounds.

After one week, I was so pleased to be 182.5 but I just couldn’t maintain it and I was really, really trying to eat the right food.

How I screwed this up:

1)  I didn’t keep up with putting every morsel of what I ate on the Sparkpeople Diet, hence, I think I was eating more than I realized.

2)  I’m still not exercising;

3)  Not enough fruits and vegetables.

4)  More of my hair is falling out even though my friends and husband say it’s coming in.  ‘

Here is the latest picture:


5)  Evenings continue to plague me. I just plain overeat at night. I’m eating mostly diet food, I’m still eating too much of it.

So, I really am going to ramp it up and try to see how this week goes if I do all that Sparkpeople say.

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All suggestions are helpful.




  1. Well,
    #1 your hair does look like it is growing in.
    #2 Set smaller goals–like I will take a 10 minute walk today. I go to stores (with a cart) and go up and down each aisle). superstores are the best. I don’t buy much but I got some exercise. I will have one (just one!) brownie or one scoop of ice cream after dinner.
    #3 I am bad about night eating. I stay up late–frittering around, on facebook, surfing, watching movies, etc., etc.,. Then I get up late, drink coffee and usually a bagel or cereal. I snack until dinner time which is usually about seven-ish. Then I pig out the rest of the evening. Well, I stopped that. I started going to bed early (about 9 or 10). I get up earlier and start my water regimen–almost up to 1 gallon. I drink a lot of Crystal lite type drinks. I will eat some type of protein for breakfast — egg beater omelet, protein shake, peanut butter on a bagel, etc. Early afternoon I eat a light lunch–salad with boiled eggs, tuna, turkey, pb&j sandwich, etc. By dinner time I eat reasonable portions.–one serving only–I used to eat until I was stuffed-no more. I drink more water to reach my daily goal. Then in about an hour or two, I’m ready for bed.
    #4 I don’t eat diet food (except for the crystal lite) because I’m cooking for my family. In between meals I eat fruit and carrots. I still bake for the family. I have pie, cake, ice cream, cookies, but I do portion control (2-3 cookies on a napkin not straight out of the pkg;; 2 scoops of ice-cream–in a bowl not out of the carton) and not everyday. Last night, I wanted an ice cream cone, I had my daughter make it. She gave me two scoops. I said is this all? She said that’s enough. I had to agree. I ate it and was satisfied. I had to put the brakes on myself. I have some sad fat stories that I just don’t want to relive. Even my fat clothes were tight.
    #5 I don’t set weight/calendar goals. Life is a journey, not a sprint. If I learn to get through the day without bingeing, that’s an accomplishment. I ate a vegetable and a fruit today—wow, that’s a goal met. Then I’m learning to build on those small accomplishments.
    #6 I don’t follow fads, ‘do or die decision’ diets, buy excercise equipment. I would go out and buy all this fruit and veggies claiming I was becoming a vegetarian. It would spoil and end up in the trash. I tried juicing and ended up with the runs. Several times I paid for six months of Weight Watchers and would fizzle out after about three weeks. I can’t remember how many gym memberships I never followed through on, this includes home gym equipment, treadmills I bought and gave away.
    #7 Losing weight is not hard, not fast, but not hard. Getting healthy is easier. I tricked myself into believing if I lost weight I would look better and be happier about myself. I placed my self on hold all these years waiting for the magic to happen. Getting healthy is not magic. It starts with small goals. micro-managing my day but macro-managing my life, learning my triggers, identifying sabotaging behaviors, mediatating/praying daily, practicing love, forgiveness, and benevolence, enjoying the small things: a baby’s smile, watching squirrels, listening to birds in the morning, good music, dancing like a diva (when no one is watching), pedicures, a good old black and white movie, etc.

    Well, I’ve said enough, Whew! Didn’t mean to preach. If I had a blog this would have been my post for today. Sorry, didn’t mean to hog your space.

    1. Robin:

      Thank you so much for your wonderful, thoughtful reply.

      You did NOT hog my place at all.

      What do you think of making this my first guest post with credit, obviously to you.

      Really good, solid advice.

        1. May I do this Under your name?
          Do you want to send pictures or should I put them in myself?
          Thanks so much!

  2. Love everything Robin said. Each day is a new day. It’s on my brain and I just try to do something with it everyday. Good luck

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