Day 10 of Not Smoking After My Husband’s Stroke and the Going Ain’t Easy!


I was not planning on writing everyday about me and my husband’s efforts of quitting smoking.

However, I have a reader we’ll call ‘Al’ who seems to be particularly interested in my progress.

So, Al, this is for you.

Almost 3 days ago, I stopped the Nicorette gum as I realized that I only traded one form of nicotine with another. Plus, I ran into this woman at Walgreens that quit smoking but now, 10 years later, she’s really addicted to the gum. That gum ain’t cheap. Let me tell you. Also, I read that it’s pretty tough on your teeth and my teeth  are one of the things I have going for me.


I am having a lot of trouble finding a way to relax. I know…take some deep long breaths. It’s not the same. Trust me. Do yoga….Yeah…right.  Drink water….ok, now what?


I know that things will get better, but for now, it’s still one day, one hour, at a time.

The amount of money that we are saving, between the two of us, is staggering. Yet, even that isn’t much of an incentive. I always used the excuse:  “IT’S MY ONLY VICE”!

Basically, it’s been three days that I’ve truly been nicotine free and I’m pretty crazed now.

Yet, I KNOW that this has to work. Not just for my husband’s sake, but for mine. I know my lungs are probably black and my voice is really crackly, but I had a doctor’s appointment today and for once I didn’t smell like a big cigarette.  When I had to see a doctor before, I’d shower, wash my hair, not smoke until after the appointment and they could still tell that I was a smoker.

So, by tomorrow, all the nicotine should be washed out of my system and I’m just down to the ‘using a cigarette as a crutch’ routine.

My husband just seems to be fine. He’s given away all his cigars and lighters.

I asked him to show me how to relax so he said, “sit in the chair and put your feet up”. So I did that, waiting for the inspiration to come from this wise leader. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting and finally I said…wth dude? That’s all you’ve got? He said ” yeah,,,sit on the chair and put your feet up”. Thanks a lot,  I could have gotten that info from watching a Lazy Boy commercial.


So…that’s about it, Al.  Not in a great mood, but still trying!




  1. 10 days is a big accomplishment! I know that chair your husband is talking about, I say go shopping. Reward yourself.

    1. That chair has your name on it. You and B may like it since it has a garbage pail almost attached to it.

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