Day 6 of Quitting Smoking and Went Out to Eat to Celebrate!


So….after a day of doing nothing, we made plans to go out to P.F. Chang’s, which is one of the only good restaurants in this town.

We actually got up, showered, put on some clean clothes and went out.

At P.F. Chang’s, we shared the lettuce wraps, which I know EVERYBODY in the world eats except for the really cool people who order some esoteric food.

We moved on to my husband ordering some sweet and sour thing and me ordering a meat dish that I couldn’t read the description because I’m too vain to wear glasses. I just hoped it didn’t have cilantro because that stuff really makes me sick.

Anyhoo, we started with the lettuce wraps and my husband used the lettuce like a little bowl. I tried doing it THE RIGHT WAY but then just gave up. Same thing with the chopsticks.

pfchangs Lettuce Wraps

Then we asked the waitress how hard her job is because I was fired from a waitress job the first day. Actually, it was like the first 3 hours. So, she agreed that it was a tough job and we really liked her.

Our entrees came and I was eating in a way that, I believe, my husband found repulsive.  I gave up on the chopsticks and just ate and ate and ate. When I caught his eye, he seemed fairly disgusted because he left food on his plate. After I’d gotten my fill, I made them box my leftovers up to eat while watching Survivor tonight.  For some reason, watching that show while eating is just so much fun.

Anyway, my husband (very wisely) did not talk about the massive  amount of food I ate.


Your taste buds really do taste things differently after you quit smoking and so that is definitely a check in the PRO Section ot Not Smoking,

Once we got home, I realized that I was running out of Nicorette. Do I run to Walgreens at night or try to make my 3 pieces last? It reminded me of when I’d run out of cigarettes.

I didn’t want to go back out, so I was very careful with the 3 pieces of gum I had and the 3 pieces I found in the cabinet.  DANGER AVERTED.

So, what can I say?  Not much more has happened. However, after tomorrow, my weeklong anniversary, I will start doing some mild exercise. Perhaps walking Lulu.

In the meantime, I continue to sleep a lot and drink lots of water.




10 Overlooked Reasons to Quit Smoking by WebMD.