Dog Lovers Will Understand Being Held Hostage By Their Dogs

I haven’t Written in Awhile, as This has Been a Rather Sad Time, So I thought I’d Try to Get Back in the Mood by Talking about My Dog, Lulu!

I have a Shi-tzu named Lulu whom we had gotten when our Lhasa was about 18 years old. His name was Lash and we had to make the horrible decision to say ‘good-bye’ to him. His quality of life had just really gone downhill.


Lash had never been an easy dog. He wanted things when he wanted them and that was what he got.

When we lived in Chicago, a friend came from the East Coast with her dog and we left the 2 dogs together while we went out to eat. When we came back, Lash had not allowed that poor dog to get off the tiles in the kitchen and into the living room with the carpet. If I remember correctly, that dog was also blind in one eye.

We were not going to make the same mistake with Lulu. She would be a good dog; an obedient dog; a dog that possibly did tricks.

Well, Lulu came into our lives so sick with parasites, etc. that we would do anything to get her to eat, Well, it’s been 5 years and she still thinks she deserves to be treated in that same way.

After that, we decided to take her to doggie training. That was an abject failure as she wouldn’t do anything at all. All we got out of that $100.00 was her learning to give us a ‘high five’.

So, she holds us hostage…every day.


1.  Daddy gets up earlier than Mommy so she lets Daddy go about his day until Mommy gets up. Lulu then wants to be  rewarded with a ‘good girl’ simply for making it through the night. (A ‘good girl’ is some kind of treat for her. She loves Pup-peroni, but we try to limit those and go with healthier alternatives.)


2.  She finishes said pup-peroni and she then wants off the bed and fresh water WITH ice cubes. There MUST be ice cubes or she won’t drink it from her stainless steel bowl.

ice water

3.  She then returns to HER bed where there must be fresh chicken cut up into small pieces and placed on her bed (which has an old shirt of Daddy’s on it) for her to nibble on. There is a 50/50 percent chance of whether she touches it or not.

4. Then its time for her to go outside. Our condo is on the 2nd floor and we put up a netting so she couldn’t fall through any of the vats. She weighs about 9 pounds. We installed a doggie door into our patio glass door, thinking that we won’t have to help her out or in anymore. Yet, we’re still  having to hold it open with our foot because her little nose gets sore if she has to push it by herself Also, she holds us hostage for a good girl. She WILL NOT come in until we reassure her that she’ll get a GOOD GIRL.

5.  She can’t stay out long because it’s sooo hot in this climate, but she will wear us down to get a ‘good girl’.

6.  She likes some playtime then. I throw one of her 1,000 toys for her to retrieve, which she does, but never drops so I have to tug on it with her bad teeth.


1.  This is actually the best time. She usually sits outside gazing on ‘her’ property.  It’s a golf course, so whenever anyone screws up and gets too close to the house, she barks, which I’m sure they appreciate very much.

2.  She likes an afternoon massage. She will very listlessly raise a paw-paw and I know she’s ready. I will rub her shoulders, her paw-paws and her back. Then she turns over so that I have complete access to her tummy,

3.  I usually like to work on the computer in the afternoon and she ‘torments’ me by constantly sitting, looking up at me and barking until she gets some attention.  We have a thing that buys us a little extra time by threatening her with “the bathroom’.’s like, ‘Do you want to go to the bathroom? Do you WANT to go to the bathroom? She then runs under the couch to a place we can’t get to her. So the whole thing is an exercise in futility.


This is the easiest time. My husband and I eat about 5:30 and Lulu is being pretty good. She doesn’t really beg for food or even ask for it. She doesn’t like beef and she only likes a little bit of bread with some gravy on it.

7:00 p.m. – She goes on the bed where my husband now massages her into a state of oblivion. She is ready now for her dinner, which must be on the bed. I fix her good quality kibble and drizzle water over it to get it soft. (She just had oral surgery and is missing a few teeth now). and put in on a little plate on her orange towel. I then spread it out so that she can easily get to it, what with her bad teeth and all.  Some times I try to hand-feed her to get her interested, though that rarely works.

She then tries to cover it up with the towel so that we can’t see that she didn’t touch it.

Once we fall asleep, somehow she goes back to the food and eats it.

I have never in my life seen a dog so ambivalent about food, Yet, she eats those treats like it’s her crack cocaine

Then….we start all over again.

The one thing I know is that dog lovers understand this perfectly

. Non-dog lovers just think we’re crazy.




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    1. Yeah…she does love her Chanel. When S came back in the house, she wore flip-flops and Lulu had no interest at all. haha.

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