A Sad Day for Lulu at the Groomer’s and We Don’t Understand What Went Wrong

Lulu Seemed Extremely Distressed When We Went to Pick Her up at the Groomer’s!

Lulu April Grooming_Edited

We took Lulu to be groomed last week.

When we picked her up, she was extremely angry at us and wouldn’t look us in the eye.

Usually, she’s just fine, however, something obviously bothered her. She’s seen this particular groomer for the last 2 years. I don’t know; maybe the groomer got busy and handed her off to another groomer.

There are certain things you must follow in caring for Lulu:

You cannot yell at Lulu;

You must tell her she’s ‘a good girl’

You need to treat her with kid gloves or she’ll shut you out.

She’s very proud and we know that something happened because she gets this very distant look, like she had been betrayed.

Even her “special’ treat – Pup-Peroni  didn’t liven her up.

She also started to tremble when we went to go out without her later in the week. We had to quiet her down and hold her until she stopped trembling.

So, what to do?  She’s better now, but it took days for her to trust us.

She also ate very little during this time.

When we put her on the bed, she faced away from us.

So…what happened? I don’t know. However, now I’m afraid for her to go to the  groomer.

Have any of you seen this with your dogs?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.