Today Marks One Month Since I Quit Smoking After My Husband’s Stroke

Today Marks ONE MONTH since My Husband and I Quit Smoking After He Had a Stroke.smoking2

When my husband had a stroke last month, we took it as a sign to change our ways. Prior to this, we smoked like there was no tomorrow; we ate like food was going to be taken away from us; we never exercised. Basically, we just led a very unhealthy, sedentary  lifestyle.

We were just kidding ourselves that we would never face the consequences.

This time, though, it stuck. (At least for a month.)

My husband is 21 years older than me and I never had to face the difference in our ages until 2 years ago when my husband had a cardiac bypass. Suddenly, the fact that I could actually lose him put me into an anxiety swirl that I never suffered from before in our 20 year marriage.

I KNEW that we’d been given second chances, even though we’d taken them for granted and I feared that it was about to catch up with us.

I never thought it was possible, but we ARE NOT SMOKING AT THIS TIME!

So, here’s the Good, the Bad and the Ugly OF MONTH 1 OF QUITTING:


thumbs up

1.  I don’t have mouth sores like I did last time that only went away when I started smoking again. (Truly, this happened. I even went to the dentist and an oral surgeon who said that I was just looking for a reason to start smoking again.)

2.  I don’t stink. I can take a shower, go everywhere and not feel like I’m smelling the place up. I really hated getting too close to people where they could smell that ashtray smell. I never used fragrance because I thought I would just smell like a smoker trying to mask it with fragrance.

One time, in Chicago, I was  taking the bus to get to  a job interview and I asked the woman next to me, “May I ask you a question?” and she said ‘sure’. So I asked her if I smelled of cigarettes, since I’d taken a shower and washed my hair etc. She said “As a matter of fact, you do smell of cigarettes.” I said ‘thank you very much”.

3.  My teeth are getting whiter, however, there is a strange coating of something on them. Feels really weird, like I need to keep brushing them.

4.  I’m not so out of breath all the time.

5. Sometimes I actually forget that I was a smoker.

6. I have so much extra money I don’t feel guilty spending what I used to spend on smokes.

7.  Quitting with my husband.

8. Dentyne Ice has been the best gum for non smoking.

9. I’ve only gained 4 pounds since I quit.

10.  I’ve discovered the great website,

11.  Food tastes AMAZING!


thumbs down


1. It’s very difficult (still) to find a way to relax.

2. I still miss  the whole process of getting a cig, lighting up and having that first puff.

3. I haven’t done enough research on ‘making the quit stick.’

4. I’m quitting with my husband (It’s good and bad).

5. I’m very tired. That cigarette acted as a motivator in getting me going.

6. Shopping way  too much online and at stores.

7. I do not by any means feel safe at this time in saying that I’m a nonsmoker. I’m taking it, literally, hour by hour.



1.  I don’t understand why, but I have acne. Real acne. Where did that come from? Is it all the toxins leaving my system? My skin is both oily and dry at the same time. Hopefully, this is just a temporary problem.

2. I really feel like I’ve got something growing on my teeth

3. I can’t wait to get to my Sister in Law’s house where she smokes and I can just smell the smoke. Yes,,,I am that bad.

4. I had my blowout yesterday:  I had decided that the first month, I would only concentrate on not smoking and forgetting about my diet. Thus yesterday, I had the pizza, etc. that I crave so much.

5. I really crave Vitamin C. I will just have glass after glass of it and it’s full of sugar.


Having lots of gum around.

Ice Cold water available

Going on Quitnet, which now calculates me at:

Cigarettes not smoked:  878

Lifetime Saved:  6 days, 16 hours

Money saved:  $282.75

I wish that I could say that I’ve quit for good. I can’t say that. Everytime the phone rings, I’m searching for that cigarette pack; after every meal, I’m looking for the cigarette, and just sitting around watching tv, I want that cigarette.

So, it’s still a battle right now, but I think it will be worth it,

I bet you’re suprised, Al.









6 thoughts on “Today Marks One Month Since I Quit Smoking After My Husband’s Stroke

    1. The quitting part is not that hard. It’s just that I don’t know what to do instead. lol.

  1. Congratulations on your one month anniversary! It’s a difficult journey, but you can do it. Be careful, second hand smoke can (in close proximity) be a temptation to cave in. If I had to give up caffeine or sugar cold turkey, I’d be a lunatic. I’m close to zero sugar now but caffeine intake is holding steady at a minimum of 24 oz daily–and sometimes a latte or frappucino late afternoon. My daughter said ‘Mom, it’s addiction’. I don’t agree but I know what it’s like to go without it. So I salute you and your hubby for your wellness decision!

    1. Thank you, Robin.

      I am one of those people that really loved to smoke. I wish I’d gotten sick on it when I was younger.

      Congratulations on being almost sugar-free. That one’s going to take awhile for me to do.


    1. Thanks, Morlo.

      I haven’t wanted to bother you guys.

      I miss talking to you. Whenever you get a couple of spare minutes, call or text and let me know how everything is going!

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