12 Weeks of Quitting Smoking after My Husband’s Stroke and Taking it One Day at a Time

I’m on Week 12 of Quitting Smoking after My Husband Had His Stroke and it’s still Day by Day!

smoking2So, you’re probably wondering how it is to be a non-smoker for 3 months.

I would say that, at this point, I’m only thinking about cigarettes about 3-4 times a day which is amazing considering I was smoking well over a pack a day. OK; maybe 2 packs.

When my husband said he was quitting smoking forever when he got out of the hospital, I saw how awful it would be for him if I continued to smoke:

  1.  Trying not to smell like smoke around him;
  2.  Always looking for a place to smoke;
  3.  Running out of a restaurant to smoke;
  4.  My smoking would probably make it more difficult for him to quit;
  5.  Feeling guilty every time I lit up around him.


Believe it or not, people who have accomplished so much in their life find themselves unable to quit smoking. Cigarettes have the feeling of a “reward” when we feel happy; a  “peace’ when we’ve screwed up. It’s a ‘friend’ who is always there for us. All for the price of about $8.00 a pack.

I believe there is always that ‘Perfect’ time to quit smoking; maybe after being ill when you couldn’t smoke (although ‘hard core’ smokers like me would smoke right through it). Hopefully you’d quit when you are pregnant. Perhaps when you can’t smoke anywhere near your office anymore and you’re forced to go out to the alley.

The Right time for me was driving my husband home from the hospital after his stroke.  We decided right then that we would never smoke again.

I was the most  hardcore smoker of any of my friends.  I would light up a cigarette only to find I had one burning in the ashtray already.

The benefits of quitting smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking
The benefits of quitting smoking


The best advice I can give you right now:

1.  Read Allen Carr’s Book on How to Quit Smoking. When you actually are thinking of quitting, there is no other book that spells out how and why we continue to smoke. (I have absolutely NO affiliate with Allen Carr or his book. It is just simply a wonderful book and I got it at the library and I owe a lot of my success thus far to him.) I see that he now has a book for women also.

I NEVER read those ‘feel good’ books and this one spoke to me and to at least 535 people who have read his book and given an almost straight 5.0 stars on more than 500 reviews.

2.  Join Quitnet. This is a helpful community with a great  forum whereby people can really see their progress:

Here are my stats from quitnet:

  • Time Smoke-Free:  91 days
  • Cigarettes not smoked:  2,290
  • Lifetime Saved:  20 days, 24 hours
  • Money Saved:  $887.25

Everyday, it is still a bit of a fight within myself not to have that cigarette.


We went out with friends yesterday and they smoke and I begged them to light up afterwards outside just so I could smell the smoke and I’ve gotta tell you, it still smells good to me. Although I have to say that the smell of old cigarettes on a person smells really bad.

So, here’s the big question:  Have I gained weight? I would say maybe 1 or 2 pounds. Probably because I’ve always eaten a lot. (update: I’ve now gained about 7 pounds.

I am shopping a bit more on the internet as an incentive to ‘stay quit’ although it comes to much less than what I would have spent in smoking and it’s really a lot of fun at night when I’m up and really wanting that cigarette.

I believe that all these advantages with smoking do not occur within the 3 days that the ‘pros’ say that it takes the nicotine comes out of your body. I think it takes longer psychologically to get used to life without smoking.

In all honesty, at this point, I can’t say I see or feel any different from when I smoked.

I thought my skin would just suddenly clear up. It hasn’t yet.

I thought my teeth would really look great. Actually they still look the same.


Like I said, ‘I’m taking one Day at a Time”.

Hopefully, all those benefits will kick in one of these days.

Hoping you’re all doing well with your quitting if you are doing so.

This is for you, Al.

All my best,