The Blogger I’d Most Want to Be a Friend of Mine

I have spent so much time for the last 2 days reading the site, I WILL NOT WRAP MYSELF IN SMOCKS AND APOLOGIES by

On Daisy’s About Me page on her blog, she says that she loves music and books and she’s passionate about body confidence and size acceptance.  She’s referred to herself as ‘Nerdy, dirty, inked and curvy.’ I love that!

daisy blog

There are so many categories for you to browse through, such as: Lifestyle and Body Positivity. Family and much more.

This site really has so many great posts that you’ll get caught up in it like I did.

I love to read blogs with good writing and this is one of those.

Also, Daisy seems like she would be just a great friend.

I have not been asked to do this review. I just wanted to pass this little jewel on to all of you.

So…check it out!





Here are some of my favorite Plus Sized Websites:

woman on computer


Not in any particular order:

1.  Manolo for the Big Girl – Of course I’ve got to give it up to this site.  Since 2007, this is the place for humor, wit, fashion, beauty and great writing. This is a site that is just so much fun to visit and you can really take away some great fashion ideas and have a great time in the process.

2.  The Curvy Fashionista – The Curvy Fashionista knows and  understands its audience.  Great writing, great photos, up-to-date info on the latest fashions and issues pertaining to the plus-size woman. The creator of The Curvy Fashionista, Marie Denee, has written an e-book called, “Curvy, Confident, Chic.  An Introduction into the Beautiful World of Plus Size Fashion.”

3. – “The Life and Style Guide for the Plus-Size Professional Woman”.  For example, there is a blog on “What should I wear to my job interview?” The answer is given in specifics and with pictures from a veteran recruiter.  There’s a great section on “Tips and Tricks” where they discuss everything from “Tenets of Travel” to “Makeover Your Look Without Spending a Dime.”

4. –   This is a really great resource site for the plus-sized woman.  It has everything — the new trends, reviews on clothing and stores, where to find the hard-to-find.  Their blog is really fun and full of just great information for the plus-sized woman.

5.  Corazones Rojos – This woman gets my vote as probably the “1st person you’d ask to hang out with”. She has such a great take on life.  Her writing takes you on her journey with fashion and friends.  You will find yourself laughing out loud at some of her musings.  She’s also got really great fashion sense.  Wonderful pictures!

6.  Weesha’s World – This is another fairly new site to me.  I do love it, however, and not just because I’m enamored with everything Indian. Weesha was born and raised in Dubai.  She believes that everyone, no matter the size, has the right to feel beautiful.  Her website is a treasure trove of beautiful pictures, fashion, and her own style journal.  Spend some time on this site.  You’ll really enjoy it!

7. – This is one of those plus-sized sites that I tend to visit regularly to get fashion advice, great OOTD’s and the hottest fashions and accessories for the plus-sized woman. This site is “one of iFabbo’s 50 US Blogs to Watch and Learn from” for good reason.  Also, Goody, the editor, has the most amazing life, going from event to event and wearing  a new outfit to each, you can’t help but feel you’re on her style journey with her. This is just a really fun site to turn to.


It took me awhile to get into Twitter; however, now that I am, I can’t believe it took me so long.  Here are just 5 sites of so many that I learned about on Twitter:

Picture – Have you ever wanted an affordable way to custom design your own dress? If so, this is the place to go. Gorgeous clothing tailored to your specifications: pick your neckline, length and sleeve options. They also have one of the most comprehensive style guides:  Dress Right for Your Body Type. Twitter:  CCBCustomDress – The Editor is addressing the group she calls “the in-between girls”. This is the group of women who are too small for the plus-size fashion, yet too big for the straight -size fashion. Check the site out for their great writing, wonderful photography and beautiful outfits.Twitter:  @StyleHasNOsize – I met The Indie Chicks on Twitter and they have become one of those sites I visit every day. Great writing, funny posts, tips on how to live a bad-ass life. I guarantee you will fall in love with this great group of women. There is something for everyone and I dare you not to become addicted to this site.  Twitter:  @TheIndieChicks – This is another favorite that I started ‘following” on Twitter. The Editor has some of the most thoughtful insights into the politics of being fat and the Fat Acceptance movement. You’ll see some great OOTDs, but it’s her writing that will blow you away. Twitter:  @TheRotund – This is another site that has it all! Videos, great writing, lifestyle advice and great photos. If you want to see pictures of some of the greatest plus size outfits ever, you’re going to want to check this site out.  Twitter:  @TheCurvyStylist

So…those are my new friends on Twitter. I really think you’re going to love all 5 sites.

If you have found a great plus-sized site you’ve fallen in love with, let me know so we can showcase it.