Weight Loss Journal Day 13

My Weight Loss Journal Day 13

I have been following the advice by Frank, the trainer.

I have started to walk 15 minutes and, strangely enough, had to stop 3 times during a lousy 15 minute walk. I didn’t realize how much time it has been since I’ve exercised.

I’m trying not to drink any carbonated beverages and have been following that quite closely. I must say that not drinking any soda has worked as far as the bloating that I normally have.

The stress I’ve had (below) has made following all the suggestions a little bit difficult.

I’ve lost a total of 2.5 pounds, (now 184.0) which isn’t the best, although I could have put weight on.

Disclaimer: Prior to starting a new exercise program or diet, it is recommended that you see a doctor especially if you have any medical conditions or past injuries that could potentially be made worse by exercise. Any actions that you take as a result of reading the information on Haute Curvy Woman,you do so at your own risk.

I’ve had a lot on my mind: Our little shi-tzu, Lulu, is very sick.

lulu at homeAbout a week ago, I noticed pink near her urine. I thought that maybe she had a cut on her paw.

I saw it again a couple of days later.

We immediately took her into the vet.

The Vet said that Lulu had a urinary tract infection. After using up the anti-biotics they gave us, we took her back to the Vet and she said that Lulu still had a UTI even after all the antibiotics.

They were trying for 7 hours to get a urinary sample and she just wouldn’t give it up.

It took us the whole weekend to get a clean urine sample for her.

She still has an infection.

They want to see exactly what kind of  infection she had with yet another urine sample and we’re just waiting to hear from them.

While I said that I was getting this great reward if I lost 15 pounds by my birthday, I have given that up towards Lulu’s health. Everything is adding up very quickly.

I just hope that they find out what’s wrong.

UPDATE:  The vet called today and said that Lulu was resistant to the 1st antibiotics and now she needs new antibiotics for the next 14 days.

If Lulu doesn’t get better, she will need an ultrasound.



My Weight Loss Journal

Here is My Weight Loss Journal for Day 1 in Following Frank’s Fitness Recommendations:

woman on scale

Sunday, April 27, 2015:

The following are the first steps toward our getting in better shape As Recommended by Frank:

  • Walk for 15 minutes – Walked the dog for 15 minutes
  • Do 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups – I have RSD and can’t do push ups and just sort of forgot about the sit-ups (oops!)
  • Quit eating junk food  – I did that. Ate at home. Cauliflower and 1/2 steak for dinner.
  • Nighttime eating: WW fudgesicle; 3 halos
  • Do not drink anything carbonated or sweet tea. – I did that and it’s very, very difficult.

I feel very healthy and hopeful.

As said, if I can lose 15 pounds by June, I get a wonderful reward.

Stats:  186.5