Understanding The Jewish Holidays, ROSH HASHANAH AND YOM KIPPUR!

Beginning Sundown, tonight, is the start of Rosh Hashanah. the Jewish New Year, with Yom Kippur starting at Sunset September 29th.

Rosh Hashanah

Most of the 2 days of Rosh Hashanah are spent in synagogues and Jewish people usually take off work on these Holy Days.

While the Jewish New Year is a happy time, it is also more solemn then other cultures’ New Year’s celebrations. This is a time of reflection –  on how you lived your life this year and to ask for forgiveness for your wrongs.

This is not a sad occasion, but rather a time of great happiness.

Honey and apples and round challah bread symbolize the circle of life. Honey is a symbol of the wish for a sweet new year, also appears in other holiday foods, such as tayglach—-a honey and nut pastry—-and honey cake. The challah, which is normally braided, is round, as a reminder of the never-ending cycle of life.


When the Shofar (Ram’s horn) is blown, it is a time for considering past mistakes and to find ways to make things right.

Steeped in tradition, the 10-day period of self-reflection after Rosh Hashana  leads up to Yom Kippur which begins Sundown, September 29th.

The common greeting for Rosh Hashana is shana tovah u’metukah, Hebrew for “a good and sweet new year.”

According to Chabad.org,:

“On Yom Kippur, many people wear white clothing while praying. Married Ashkenazic men traditionally wear a simple, long white garment called a kittel. The kittel is also the traditional Jewish shroud; wearing it reminds us of our mortality and urges us to repent.”

Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year for Jewish people.

The Jewish prayer, Avinu Malkeinu, recited during Jewish services  on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur is recited throughout the Ten Days of Repentance, from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur, as well as on fast days.


shana tovah u’metukah


Additional Resources:


About Religion: The High Holidays





My Top 5 Thanksgiving Hostess/Host Gifts to buy on the Fly

If you’re like me, you have waited until the Last Minute to buy your Thanksgiving Hostess/Host Gifts

Here are my Top 5 Gifts:

google images
google images

5.  Thanksgiving Flowers – Always welcome – try to make them appropriate to the season; put them in an interesting vase.

These come in a variety of prices. You’re going to want something autumnal.


4. Get a beautiful gift that holds tea or coffee. This beautiful one this from Bed Bath and Beyond::

Wedgwood® Butterfly Bloom Tea Caddy for $58.99.



3.  Bohemian bottle stoppers from Pottery Barn

pottery-barn-hostess gifts

They are at a Special  Price of $31.00

2.  Dipped Cheesecake Trio and half dozen Autumn Strawberries

These can be found in many places and looks and tastes so good.


  1.  Finally, the gift I like the best is:   A Table Top Book; Find out their favorite subject and find one in your budget:



So….if you’re like me, You wait till the last minute to go shopping, I hope these ideas will help you!


Happy Shopping!


Here are my chosen gifts last year, all under $25.00! 

House Cleaners Cleaned Me Out

I Hired a group of Maids and They Cleaned Me Out.

This past month, I haven’t really been feeling well, and I thought I’d treat myself to some extra help.

My husband found a listing for cleaning help that he thought, sounded reputable.

We tried them out for a day for $120.00. ($100 for the day and  $20 tip),

I thought they seemed really nice, while my husband found them to be lacking of any great home cleaning skills.


The maids said that they could come back the next week for $500.00 to do a thorough cleaning; cleaning the chandeliers, doing the back boards, doing the kitchen. I asked if they could do the oven also.

Oh yeah they said ‘no problem’.

The time they came back for the thorough cleaning, they brought just a simple carrying thingie that holds your cleaning items.

One of the maids immediately said that she had to take care of something first. So, she was gone.

The other 2 spent the next 4 hours doing nothing. There was so much to be done and they just completely cleaned us out of really an assortment of goods.

There was no vacuuming,; the small chandeliers were not done 

What they did do is steal from our home.

They stole:

An antique picture frame of my mother – in – Law and even took the picture with them.

A serrated knife;

My favorite picture that was in the bathroom;

Every day, I found little things that they took that made no rhyme or reason.

I can not get over how they could do that when they got nothing but respect and care from us.

I went to the store the day before they came, so they could have enough tea or soft drinks for them to drink.

They were done in about 3 hours and it looked exactly them same as when they arrived here.

We paid the $500.00.

Well…lesson learned;  however, at that time we really needed the help.

The next time I need household help, I will be all over them and watch them like a hawk.

I’m sorry that it came to this.

I feel really bad and I don’t know why. They just took things as they were going around with no thought as to what they were doing or not doing.

When we both worked in Chicago, we had the same cleaning woman for 15 years with no problem.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?



The Beauty of Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump Is, Quite Simply, a Gorgeous Woman

When her father, Donald Trump, decided on a political career,  Tiffany Trump, his daughter with 2nd wife, Marla Maples, was basically thrown into the spotlight.

Donald Trump and Marla Maples were married from 1993-1999.

Their daughter is a young woman who, basically, for  first time in her life, has had to give up her privacy and be commented on by just about anyone with a computer.

Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump and her mom, Marla Maples, have spent the last 15 years or so on the West Coast after the divorce.

In spite of all of these nasty comments, Tiffany Trump, stands out as extremely poised and confident. She’s an ivy league graduate and has put out a pop song.

The inevitable comparison to Ivanka Trump is happening, no matter how unfair.

Unfair? Yes.  Tiffany is only 22 years old and Ivanka is 35 years old.

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

The nasty commenters claim that Tiffany does not have the ‘class’ of an Ivanka Trump.

Again, she’s only 22 years old and you dress differently and act differently at her age than a woman in her 30’s. Ivanka was not the same person she was 15 years ago.

Also, there’s a different look to those growing up in LA and those in New York.

Anyway, Tiffany is a beauty: She has the most gorgeous hair, a great figure, big blue eyes and gorgeous lips. Perhaps its envy on the part of those people who hide behind their computers feeling the need to ‘degrade’ Tiffany.

The one thing that sticks out for me is that in so many pictures, Marla Maples is physically so close to her daughter. You can almost see Marla in all the pictures of the two of them where she looks like she’s so protective of her daughter and loves her so much, but knows that her daughter needs to be out on her own. For that, I’ve got to give it up to Marla. She seems like a wonderful mother. They both seem to adore each other.

Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump
Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump

I started this post before she gave her speech Tuesday on behalf of her father. She was wonderful!

Can you imagine a young woman, after being so maligned, getting up in front of millions and giving such a great speech?

That takes class.

So…I hope that Tiffany Trump can tune out the critics and live her life exactly as she has been. On her own terms.


Gitit Shoval Is My New Music Singing Obsession

If you haven’t heard of Singer/Songwriter Gitit Sh0val yet, prepare to fall in love.

The great thing about having my own blog is that I can go off of any tangent I like. Music is one of my great loves. I played passable piano and violin for about 10 years and began college as a music major; just long enough to realize that there were truly talented people and I wasn’t one of them. Gitit Shoval, however, is.

So…Gitit Shoval. I met her on Twitter and then listened to her on YouTube.

She began her career at age 13 at the Pre-Eurovision contest and became an overnight success.

As one of Israel’s singing sensations, she has traveled the world singing as a solo performer and with various ensembles. She also works as a voice-over for many children’s movie characters in Hebrew.

She has  6 albums to her credit.

Gitit is looking forward to promoting her current show and Album “From Gershwin to Dylan: The Genius of Jewish Songwriters.”

Here is her version of ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K43B-k46C9I

I have been listening to her music pretty much every day since I heard of her.

I’m sure you will also fall in love with her.

Here are her stats:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/gititshoval

Twitter: @gitit_shoval

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/gitit-shoval-0b765031

Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Gitit+Shoval

Happy Listening!



My Open Letter to Caitlyn Jenner: Please Stop with Trying to Help the LBTQ Community.

Dear Caitlyn:

I know that you’ve been hailed for the last year or so as being so brave with your public transition and we were all looking forward to seeing how you would promote the positive messages you’d be sending to the LBTQ (Lesbian, Bi Transgender, Questioning) Community.



You come from a place of privilege. While you have the resources to be able to get facial and body surgeries, what about those that can barely afford the clothes on their backs? How do they tell their parents that they’re transgender? Or Bisexual? Or Questioning without fearing that they will be thrown out of their home on to the street?

YOU put yourself in the position of being a role model in the way you came ‘out’. You were very public with it; even having a reality show named after you; ‘I AM CAIT’.

Maybe we put too much pressure on  you too soon?

Yet, I feel that you had more than enough time to study the issues and yet it’s not just that your comments make no sense. It’s that you seem to come up with self-absorbed answers to very important questions.

I understand that you came from that vapid family, ‘The Kardashions’, and I’m sure that affected you a lot. I think we just all saw you as ‘different’ – as a person with depth and understanding.

Would you have really voted for Ted Cruz for President? That just flies in the face of logic. Are you so delusional that you think he would have been someone accepting of gay marriage or transgender rights?

Here are his feelings:

Ted Cruz continues to remind LGBT voters why his extreme edge of the Republican Party have nothing to offer them. In a conference call for conservative activsists, Cruz blamed gay people for lowering military morale, promised to end same-sex marriages, criticized President Obama for supporting transgender soldiers, and invoked a familiar religious rhetoric as justification for being such an awful human being.

On the Ellen De Generes Show, you said that you “were not for gay marriage’ although you later said that you had changed  your views

Are  you really against gay marriage?  You had your chances with marriage. Would you really deny anyone to have that wonderful ceremony and life? My wedding day was the happiest day of my life. Why isn’t everyone allowed this?

So now you choose to be nude on yet another magazine cover with a flag wrapped around you and showing your Olympic medal. (I’m not even going to say how insulting it is to use an American flag as an outfit.)

Seriously, Caitlyn, take some time and understand the issues;  learn what’s needed to help children and adults navigate through the complex world of LGBTQ.

There is just so much good you could do and need to do. 

Then,maybe, go on the big shopping trip.

I’m asking (no…begging) you to please learn the issues and help those you claimed to want to help.



Life Is a Cabaret with Joel Grey and Alan Cumming

My Love Of The Movie, ‘Cabaret’, and especially the actor, Joel Grey, who Played the Part of the Emcee has Caused Me to Watch Youtube after Youtube of he and Liza Minnelli. As I was working My Way Around the YouTubes, I had come upon the wonderful  Alan Cumming in a Later Rendition of ‘Cabaret’ on Broadway and… How had I never heard of him?

I had been unable to leave My bed for quite a while due to a serious back injury and, as I hate daytime TV, I was watching YouTubes of’ Cabaret’ for hours on end on my Smart Phone.

I had read Joel Grey had “come out” as a gay man at 80 years old and that jostled my memory of him in the role of the Emcee of the Kit Kat Klub in the 1972 movie role of ‘CABARET’.

In the movie, it was quite obvious that they had to tread lightly on the subjects of abortion, bisexuality, and politics.

What had really gotten me, even when I was young when I first watched it, was how perfect Joel Grey was in the movie as the Emcee. Every movement and smile and leer was perfection. I thought nobody could ever even come close to him in talent.

Here is a brief synopsis of Cabaret by Anthony Hughes:

It is the city of Berlin in 1930, a time when political unrest racks the country, the economy has been destroyed, and millions of unemployed roam the streets. Enter into this chaos an American cabaret dancer, working at the downtown “Kit-Kat club” where anything goes on the stage. Into this young dancer’s life come several characters such as a rich German politician, a young Jewish man struggling with his identity, an Englishman teacher from London, and of course the all-knowing, all-seeing Master of Ceremonies.

Cabaret as a musical is based on a book written by Christopher Isherwood, music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb.

Joel Grey’s performance (which earned him a well-deserved Oscar) was so perfect. Sort of a man-child that seemed to  know exactly what the people in the Kit Kat Club needed… a way to not think of their troubles. I believed that nobody could ever out do his part or that of Liza Minnelli (who also won an Oscar).

The movie was directed by Bob Fosse.

It is based on John Von Druten’s 1951 play I am a Camera., which was adapted from the short novel Goodbye to Berlin (1939) by Christopher Isherwood.

So, I wanted to share the difference in Performances, first with Joel Grey as the Emcee and then Alan Cumming.

Joel Grey:

Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming played the Emcee in the broadway revival in 1998, with Sam Mendes as the director, and won a Tony, and a Drama Desk Award and many others. There is no man on Broadway or TV that exudes that much raw sexuality. You watch it and become one with the audience of the Kit Kat Club. His debauchery is frightening, yet you  can not take your eyes off him. This is more closely in tune with the original story. You can see the bruises and needle marks which depicts the characters more realistically as part of the seedy, underbelly of Berlin they were meant to be in the book.

Alan Cumming’s character is like the bad boy in high school that you know will only lead you to trouble, yet, you cannot help but get involved with.

What a performance! 

I could not stop watching. I’ve seen so many reviews of men and women that have fallen in love with him in this performance.

I also saw YouTubes of otherCabaret Emcees and none of them could compete with Joel Grey and Alan Cumming

I do not watch The Good Wife, where he plays the part of  Eli Gold. Quite frankly, I had never heard of him before. He received a 2011 Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor on a Drama Series for his work on the TV show.

Here are the two different Sally Bowles:

Liza Minnelli

Jane Horrocks:

Sally Bowles, in the book, was supposed to be a singer that really couldn’t quite keep a tune. Of course, Liza Minnelli couldn’t sing badly if she tried. I love Jane Horrock’s depiction.

I watched many videos with Alan Cumming and he, despite a horrific childhood, seems like the most gracious and funny man in interviews.

So…I’d like to thank both he and Joel Grey for giving me so many hours of enjoyment.

If you want to watch the whole Cumming redition of the play, it’s in 12 parts beginning HERE. I was unable to find the whole movie, however.

I really think you will enjoy watching Joel Grey again and Alan Cumming.

Life is a Cabaret!

Additional Resources:

 Both Joel Grey and Alan Cumming have written books:
Joel Grey:

Master of Ceremonies by Joel Grey








Alan Cumming:

Not My Father’s Son: A Memoir

Not my father's son a memoir by Alan Cummings









Anchor+Bell For Amazing Alt Folk Duo Music

Anchor+Bell Knocked Me Over with their Alt Folk Duo Music

The talented, singer/songwriting duo of  Anchor&Bell,  blends the unique melodies of Noah Needelman and Emily Herndon.

I came upon these musicians just on chance and fell in love.  It’s just pure beautiful music.

As taken from neon entertainment:

After meeting in Los Angeles, Noah + Emily wrote and recorded a spacious and textural acoustic EP which TheEvenGround.com called “mesmerizing…as pure as the air around.”

I cannot tell you how much I love Anchor&Bell’s wonderful blend of haunting and spiritual voices.  I’ve been pretty much listening to it for the last 2 days, since I heard of them.

They’ve been described as ‘folky alternative’ and I have to agree.

I’m reluctant to compare their voices to anyone else’s, as they are so unique and harmonize so unbelievably well.

Anchor + Bell  have released their debut self titled EP through Noisetrade and you can listen to it on the site HERE!

This is one of their covers: Just Shut up and Dance:

I just want to download every song for you because they will just amaze you.

According to Noisetrade: This music will particularly resonate for fans of:

The Civil Wars

Mumfor & Sons

Iron & Wine

James Bay

Vance Joy

Watch for the next couple of weeks when they will be releasing some new videos with country artist Brett Young.

You can buy their music at:


Google Play Store



Here are the stats:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AnchorandBell/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/anchorandbell

Website: http://www.anchorandbell.com/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/anchorandbell/

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkRJevAjJxAic28UI6kpWug


OK, I admit that I love the show , Hoarders, on A&E for several reasons:
Why I love the show 'hoarders'
1)  My house suddenly looks immaculate to me . It’s not.
2)  I have finally gotten rid of 20-year-old Tupperware.
3)  I always cry at the end when they have one clean room and the rest of the house still looks the same. But they actually have a table to eat on, but it’s always order-in because they don’t want to mess up the kitchen again.
4)  I’m glad I never sold Avon, because these people always have huge boxes that say AVON on them.
5)  It forces me to find at least 1 thing to throw out right after the show.
SO….without trying to offend anyone with this hoarding disease (and I do recognize it as a disease), here is the typical conversation between therapist and hoarder that  I have found comes up again and again on this show:
THERAPIST: OK, as you look at this piece of string, do you think you would be willing to let it go?
HOARDER: (turning it over and over and gazing lovingly at it). Well, I’d like to say ‘yes’, but this was given to me on my half birthday by my brother’s girlfriend’s father’s uncle and it really means alot to me.
THERAPIST:  OK…let’s move onto this TUPPERWARE!
HOARDER:  Now you’re just being ridiculous!  Don’t you know how many uses there are for tupperware? They hold things, they can be used to house a multitude of crafts, they can feed starving children.
THERAPIST:  But…ummm..not sure if you’ve noticed this, but there’s rat feces in here.
HOARDER:  Put a little water in it and it cleans right up.
THERAPIST:  But none of your sinks work…..
HOARDER:  So? I just go down to the gas station and wash what I need.
THERAPIST:  Do you realize that you have to sleep on top of 6 feet of clothing on your bed?
HOARDER:  Since when has a little exercise ever hurt anyone?  Boy!  What kind of therapist are you?
THERAPIST:  OK… look….. not trying to rush you but it’s the end of the day and we’ve only cleared out one shoeboxbox. You’re about to be evicted and your children  removed from the house.
HOARDER:  Fine, take it all!, Take everything! I don’t need any of my own things.  It’s all about the children isn’t it?  What about me? What about my things?  Everything in here has a value.
THERAPIST: Well, is there anything, anything at all that you could donate to charity?
HOARDER:  They can have that flat basketball there.
THERAPIST:  Good Progress!
Really, I’m not making fun because hoarding is a disease, however, there are such obvious similarities in each episode, that you would think the therapists could come up some new strategies. Give me some of your favorite Hoarding lines!