The BioRepair-8 Anti-Aging Scalp & Hair System; My Journey is Beginning For a Cure for Alopecia and Balding

I Was Lucky Enough to be Sent the BioRepair – 8 Anti-Aging Scalp & Hair System for Balding and Alopecia.

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month.

Perfect! A whole month devoted to making those of us with thinning hair become even more depressed.


As you know, if you’ve been keeping up with my blog, I suffer from alopecia (See My alopecia), which is an autoimmune disease that mistakenly attacks the follicles of your hair, causing anything from thinning hair to complete loss of all body hair.

My hair loss is a severe loss in the crown of my head and extreme thinning all over.


However, possible help has arrived in the form of an e-mail about this new vegan hair care 3-step system that specifically targets thinning hair.

Naturally, I was all over it. (I’m on several alopecia boards and would love to let them know of a system that actually works).

I wrote back and asked if I could try out their products and keep a journal with pictures of my progress for my readers and my alopecia friends on the Boards.

Within a few days, after some very nice words from a representative of the company, I received this lovely package:SONY DSC


BioRepair_Group (3)


Jim Markham, CEO and Founder of ColorProof, developed the BioRepair-8 Anti-Aging Scalp & Hair System, a solution-based system for women with aging, thinning, and color-treated hair. This skin-care inspired, scientifically-advanced, three-step system uniquely targets the four main causes of female hair loss at the bio-cellular level to regenerate the scalp, improve strength and density, and deliver noticeably thicker, fuller hair. Using advanced ingredient technology derived from apple and grape, the products in the BioRepair-8 system deliver a cell complex that actives plant stem cells directly into the follicle to restore aging tissue. Continue reading “The BioRepair-8 Anti-Aging Scalp & Hair System; My Journey is Beginning For a Cure for Alopecia and Balding”

Alopecia: What has finally worked and it’s So Affordable

Alopecia: My 4 Month Results Using a Hair Masque

After months of unknowingly using an ointment that had Propylene Glycol (I’m allergic to it) in it, my hair had reached its worst point in the history of my living with alopecia.

I had written  at the end of 3 months( that I had watched a Youtube on Coconut Oil Hair Therapy for hair growth and hair renewal.

I was amazed how much hair had grown back and how much length I had gotten.

The Youtuber gave out this recipe:

Here’s the Recipe:

1.) Coconut oil 16 TSP
2.) Apple Cider Vinegar 4 TSP
3.) Almond Oil 8 TSP
4.) 1 Whole orange

I have used it at least 2X a week from March 3, 2016 to the present time.

Here is the state of my hair at the beginning of this, about 4 months ago:

My alopecia at its worst

I finally went for a haircut last week just because there was so much length now and I thought it was putting too much pressure on my remaining hair.

You have to understand how difficult it is for someone with alopecia to go to a salon. It’s not easy.

Thus, I didn’t take any time into consideration, just called up a place close to my home and got in to see them that day. Actually within a 1/2 hour.

Usually, I ask for someone really experienced because my hair is VERY difficult to cut as  you can imagine.

They told me that Gina would be cutting my hair. She was just so adorable with great hair, of course.

I walked in and began my litany of requirements because I know what works and what doesn’t work for me; Keep bangs long, hair must not have layers, don’t wash first (it doesn’t lay right then) my face is too fat for regular ‘bob’……and on and on and on.

She said “don’t worry,  you’re going to look great”.

I just put it in her hands and we talked and she was just soooo sweet and when she was done, it was freaking fabulous!

Never had I had a haircut like that in my life.

Here is the latest pic of my hair coming back on top at the 4 month mark”.




Here is my new haircut last week,  July 21, 2016 by Gina:

how I am treating my alopecia
My hair after 4 months of my hair masque

It’s pretty amazing!

She did such a great job and put me at ease and all I can do is hope she’ll be here forever because I know that no one could ever cut my hair like this again.

I have tried to tell people on alopecia boards about what had worked for me and I really wasn’t met with any interest.  I have nothing to gain by sharing what has worked for me, yet people seemed really skeptical.

What would I have to gain by writing what has worked for me? I’ve spent 1000’s of dollars on trying anything that would work only to find out that this $5.00 treatment a week brought my hair back.

Anyway, all my thanks to Gina, not just for the haircut, but for just being an absolute doll!

Gina, I hope that big boot is gone soon!




Alopecia and My 3 Month Treatment That Is Working

I would like to bring you up-to-date on what has gone on in my search for a cure for my alopecia.

Basically, my alopecia (hair loss)  had been doing all right and I was not losing much hair.

About 6 months ago, I had to see a doctor on another skin condition and he didn’t check my chart and he prescribed a prescription containing propylene glycol. I have a severe allergy to it. ( I had found out that information when I saw an endocrinologist for my alopecia in Chicago several years ago). Propylene glycol is in more that you might think: certain medications, hair products, skin creams and much more.

So, moving on…. for 2 months I had unknowingly been putting propylene glycol on my skin  2X a day for 30 days and then 1X a day for the  next month.

There was no improvement in my skin condition, in fact, the condition was getting much worse.

The doctor had given me 2 months worth of this ointment and as I was switching over to the next bottle, I saw that  Propylene Glycol was one of the main ingredients.

By then, so much of my hair had come out that I knew that I was in trouble.

This was, by far, the worst my alopecia had gotten.

Once I stopped using the medicine with propylene glycol the hairloss stopped but the damage had been done.

However, here I was where I could literally count the hair on my head.

A severe case of alopecia
Extreme bad case of alopecia

You can see that there wasn’t even enough hair that I could clip in extensions.

Luckily I still had the gorgeous wigs my sister had sent me.

I decided to go the scarf route because of how hot it is here in the Southwest.

My husband was so sweet ordering everything from the TV and Computer ads that promised to bring my (never great) hair back.  Every day there was something new that he had ordered. How sweet is that?

I was just so angry that the doctor had not read my allergy list. I guess it is my duty to double check everything I put on my body from now on.

If I could just say that I did try now, and over the years, all the different things out there for hairloss: Viviscal, Rogaine, Essential Oils….and many more. The only thing that worked was that I was losing more and more money.

So……. that brings me to March 3, 2016.

I actually decided I would try a natural approach as I’d heard so much about coconut oil and its great effects on hair.

I went on YouTube and found this YouTube of a woman with the most gorgeous hair and she had a recipe (a hair masque) that she said gave her this unbelievable hair. No, I did not expect to look like her. I just wanted some stinking formula to bring back a little bit of hair.

I had nothing to lose at this point.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a physician, dietician or anyone that is in the medical field. Be sure to check with your doctor before using any of these things on your hair.

Here’s the Recipe:

1.) Coconut oil 16 TSP
2.) Apple Cider Vinegar 4 TSP
3.) Almond Oil 8 TSP
4.) 1 Whole orange

I mixed everything up in a measuring cup and from there, poured it into a spray bottle. I then plastered my head with this concoction.

If I could just add, I have nothing to gain or lose giving this information out. I am not in any hair business nor am I affiliated in any way with the woman or her recipe. I just got very lucky.

These 3 months have been outstanding.

The length has really grown and, more importantly, my hair has been filling in like crazy.

The top is doing much better than the sides, which are still very sparse.

I do the masque 2-3 times a week.

The woman, Muni Sanchez,  says to leave it in for 4 hours, however, I’ve been leaving it on all night and shampooing it out in the morning. My hair smelled like a salad.

Maybe my hair would have come back on its own, however, I tend to believe it wouldn’t.

I felt that it was best for me to go blonde during this time so that the scalp wouldn’t show as much.

Here are some pictures of my hair during the last three months:

alopecia hair growing in
1. My hair starting to fill in on the sides

hair masque for alopecia

hair in the sun










I gave up using the safeway plastic bag over my head all night (probably not too safe) and went to Sally’s Beauty and bought those plastic shower caps that are like 6 for a couple of bucks  and that long string of cotton that I put around my head to keep the masque from falling onto me or my pillow. They work wonderfully.




Here is the URL for the Youtube:


Here is my hair almost exactly 3 months later:




I’ve been able to get back to my brunette shade.

I think the difference is astonishing.

No…it’s not beautiful hair, however, I can put in my extensions or put it up.

Tell me your thoughts.

I’m not exactly sure what happens if I stop the treatments.

I guess I’ll find out.

I hope you get some satisfaction from this as I have.

Sending all my best thoughts to makemeup89!

What a difference in 3 months!

Warm Regards,












ALOPECIA: Changing My Hair and Color With EasiHair

Due to my alopecia I have had to Change My Hair Color and get a new 3/4 extension with the wonderful Easihair!

You always see yourself in a certain way. I have always had dark brown hair and, while people have pestered me with the advice that I need to go lighter, I have been steadfast.

That is, until my alopecia (hair loss due to an autoimmune disease) really kicked into gear these past couple of years.

By the time I gave in and changed my hair color, I had gone quite a while with my scalp being very evident and even my husband couldn’t tell (lie) me that it wasn’t looking that bad.

This picture was taken right around when I started Very dark hair.


I know that hairdressers do not want to use color on my hair. I used the Color Oops, $9.99 at Ulta and it seemed like it gave me kind of orangish hair and then I bought what I thought would be the nearest looking  extensions: Rootbeer Float which is described as:

Light Gold Brown (12) blended with Medium Brown Red (30)

It all kind of melded well.

I bought the shorter Easivolume (Easihair) from, who are so nice and then I tried for the longer piece,

Even though I think my new hair color is ‘okay-ish’, it isn’t my dark hair. It looks orange and I just don’t see myself with this color at all. Yet I have no choice. The color of EasiHair I chose really was just a perfect color and helped my hair to look better.

I am not in any way negating the trauma children and adults with alopecia universalis  (complete loss of hair over the scalp and body) face. Believe me, I’m happy that I have the amount I have now. I really did think that it would all be gone by now. It seems to be in a static state right now so I’m being very careful with it; no blow dryer; no curling; no anything. Not even shampooing too much.

While these extensions I use are really well made and look fairly good,  I want my dark brown hair back.

This is the package that the ” extensions” came in.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe easiVolume hair extensions were voted the “best volumizing extension on the market!” They are so right!

I bought my first 10″ 3/4 human hair extension for $149.20 from below and absolutely loved it.


Then, I wanted to try and it was the exact same shade and really wonderful.I wanted the long extension in the exact same color in 14″ and it cost $207.20.


You can see that I have just enough hair to be able to clip in. I’ve never been worried about it coming off. Those clips aren’t going anywhere. I usually use them to run around, however, as soon as I get home I like to just take them out.

Actually, as I look at the picture below, I believe it is in the best shape for over a year. However, there is that big crater right in the middle of my scalp.


I got both of  the EasiHair Easivolume Human Hair Extension in the color, Rootbeerfloat

I bought the longer one from,

Exact same color just longer.

Tovah in Lane Bryant


So, which wig shop  would I choose? Both Vogue and are wonderful.

I have to give it up a little bit to only because I had a customer service question for Vogue Wigs and they were so sweet and answered so quickly to my e-mail for advice.

Both pieces are human hair and really do go on seamlessly, however, the most important thing about these pieces is that they are so light on my head. It is so much more wearable than a wig, especially out here where the weather has hit 115 degrees already.

By the way, you don’t have to have a medical condition to wear these volumizers.  They would look great on anyone.

So….For those of you have changed hair color because you had to, how did you feel?


p.s. – The blouse which I have on and love is from Lane Bryant.


***I have not been given any product  in return for my review. These are my honest, unsolicited reviews and opinions.

The Continuing saga of Losing My Hair – Alopecia

The Continuing Saga of Losing My Hair due to Alopecia

I shampooed today only to face this sight again.


Lots of hair on the sink and in my comb, which means that I’m losing it again very quickly.

As my alopecia  (hair loss due to an autoimmune condition)  continues, the bald patches are worse and, while I love my wig from, I brought out a wig I’ve had for a couple of years that I bought at a kiosk.

I have been quite ill and maybe this is the result of some very heavy antibiotics. Or maybe stress or ……

I decided to lighten my own hair (no hairdresser would do it given the state of my hair) and bought a box of COLOR OOPS, which is meant to take care of problems encountered with newly dyed hair.

coloroopsI believe I paid about $10.00.

Outside of the smell, it wasn’t that bad although my hair turned a sort of blondish and orangish shade which  I’m going to eventually have to get fixed. It’s very brassy looking. However, it looks fairly decent with an old 3/4 wig I bought a long time ago.

Just as I suspected, the bald spots aren’t quite as bad with lighter hair. It’s so hard when you see yourself one way and then try and take on a different look.

So, here’s that wig that I can still wear.  It’s just basically my bangs and the sides left out.  I thinned the wig out quite a bit as it was too  thick and I was just too uncomfortable with it.


It’s not really that bad; it’s just that I’m pretty sure that in a short time I will need a full wig.

I haven’t kept up with my vitamin cocktails, except for biotin, as given by my neurologist and dermatologist, so maybe I should have stuck with it. However, both my husband and I have been battling health issues and the hair issue has been pretty much on a back burner.

If anyone has any advice on what has worked for them, I’d love to hear it.


Additional Resources:


Vogue Wigs.Com – A Review!

I am doing my review today on Vogue as this Is probably my 4th Order With them and they are so Wonderful!

I have always discussed how important it is for GREAT customer service as this is what makes you come back and back to a site. has that great customer service.

I have alopecia areata , which is when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles.. My form of alopecia is the kind that hair falls out for months and then will start to grow out again. I may go through several different cycles a year. There are other types of alopecia whereby you can lose all the hair from your body.

I’m at the point that I really don’t want to go out someplace special without putting in my hair.

I was diagnosed with alopecia areata more than 20 years ago, However, this time was different.

Here’s my journey with alopecia in the last 16 months.

This is my hair right before I was losing it about a year and a half ago:


Not great hair, but I could go without a wig.

One day last year, I woke up to see a lot of hair on my pillow. I thought it was a reaction to a new medication, so I stopped the medication immediately. It made no difference.

The worst it got was the picture on the left. However, after months of different vitamin cocktails, my hair started to come back. I thought. However, once again, my hair fell out when I was in the hospital about 6 months ago. I later found out that my husband was cleaning out the drain in the shower with a tweezers from all the hair that fell out when I washed it.


I could really see so much scalp that I needed to go from my brown/black shade (which I loved) to more of this copper shade  which I thought would make it a little bit easier to keep up with as far as coloring my hair. I also thought the gaping scalp wouldn’t show so much. I did it myself as I don’t think any hairdresser would take a chance on my losing even more of my hair.

This is pretty much how my hair looks now without the dye in:


I knew exactly what I wanted to cover my scalp because I had bought this extension before when my hair was darker. Of course I went to my fave:  Vogue Wigs,com and it  arrived in a few days.

The easiVolume hair extensions were voted the “best volumizing extension on the market!”



Below is the extension on the inside; you can’t see them here, however there are 4 clips.  Just because I’m lazy, I only use 2-3 clips.




For additional security, pull your hair through the honeycomb base.( I didn’t even realize it had that feature until I did this review.)

Everytime that I have used Vogue Wigs, it has been pain-free and the customer service has been exceptional.

The product gets to your door really quickly and is packed very nicely.

I went on the vogue webiste and picked the extension out in the beautiful color,’ Luscious Caramel’, and received it in a couple of days.

It was as pictured on the site, but it was too dark for me. (Totally my fault.) I never opened up the package  as I could tell right away that it was too dark.  I’ve had brown/black hair my whole life so I think I just went ahead and ordered my dark shade again.

I spoke to someone in Customer Service to see how to return the extension and if she had any suggestions on what I should order.  She made the recommendation that I might like the color ‘Root Beer Float’ which was sent right out to me and it came within about 3 days.

It was perfect! The color just really matched my new hair color. Here it is practically just out of the box and I loved it! My husband thought it was gorgeous! It just meshes in with my hair perfectly.


The way I usually wear my hair is fairly smoothed down as shown here:

voguewig45You can see that it’s just this beautiful sort of a copper color with blondish highlights. The official descrtiption:  Light Gold Brown (12) blended with Medium Brown Red. 

I wasn’t able to capture how really full and gorgeous the hairpiece is (I am the worst photographer),  however, there is a lot of hair and highlights and it’s just gorgeous.

Most important, it is soooo light. You forget you even have it on.

As usual, Vogue did not disappoint.

This is the 10″ easiVolume Human Hair Extension by easihair  a 1-piece extension applied in minutes with attached clips without causing damage to your own .  This extension also comes in longer hair. I put it in so that it goes about up to the start of my bangs and clipped it in.

You do need enough hair for the clips to adhere to, The clips go all around and I feel very secure wearing this. I’ve never had one of these fall off or slip.  You just clip it into your hair, brush it for about a minute and go. More convenient than your own hair and you never have a ‘bad hair day’. If you’re looking for more coverage, such as a wig, there are some great choices there, also.

The price is $149.20 and check out the entire site. There are some pretty nice promos to get even more money off. They also have a wonderful Clearance section.,

The easiVolume hair extensions were voted the “best volumizing extension on the market!”

Vogue  has a ‘chat with Us’  button where you can talk to a geat Customer Service agent.

This hairpiece is 100 times better than the one I paid $1,000,00 for.

Check out the site and I’m sure you’ll find something you like whether for a medical reason or just to have a new look. There is a huge selection of  wigs, hairpieces, costume pieces, and much more in both real and synthetic hair.

*** Ihave no affiliation nor am I compensated in any way for my review of Vogue

Happy Shopping!






September is Alopecia Awareness Month

September is Alopecia Awareness Month and My Hair is Again Falling Out!


Really, I don’t even know how I feel about this anymore.  I’m pretty much at the point where I’m just going with the flow.

Definition of Alopecia by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases:

What Is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia areata is considered an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system, which is designed to protect the body from foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria, mistakenly attacks the hair follicles, the structures from which hairs grow. This can lead to hair loss on the scalp and elsewhere.

In most cases, hair falls out in small, round patches about the size of a quarter. In many cases, the disease does not extend beyond a few bare patches. In some people, hair loss is more extensive. Although uncommon, the disease can progress to cause total loss of hair on the scalp (referred to as alopecia areata totalis) or complete loss of hair on the scalp, face, and body (alopecia areata universalis).

I really felt like I was making good progress. This is my hair before getting sick (I was in the hospital for a possible stroke, high blood pressure and speech problems.)


You can see that the top was filling in pretty well and the hair by the sides looks like it’s coming back. Something in my hair ‘cocktail’ was bothering my stomach, however. I don’t know if it was the viviscal or the Rogaine. I stopped everything and am slowly incorporating them back into my life.

This is a picture after I brushed my (sparse) hair yesterday. I always hate to see that sight because I know that it’s just beginning again. Also, there’s probably a ton of hair in the shower.



The sides of my hair are becoming sparse again which leaves me few styling options.

As I was writing this, I realized that we are into Fall and every time this year, my hair tends to really shed. Maybe I actually have a fighting chance if I get through this season? Or will I lose so much that I have to go with a wig? (Thanks, M)

Honestly, I can handle this.

Once you’re old enough to realize it’s not the end of the world and you have a supportive partner, you just give into it. I do know that my husband will still love me no matter how much hair I lose.  I mean, it wasn’t like he married a woman with a gorgeous head of hair. However, I don’t think that he ever envisioned it getting this bad.

If it is that difficult for a grown woman, you can imagine how difficult it is for a child or teenager.  Right at that time in your life when your hair is so important. There are so many more resources for them now than I ever had and they and their parents need to be proactive. Don’t just give into it and wait to see how it plays out.

As soon as the child or teen begins to start losing hair female and male), get them to a specialist in alopecia, not just to a dermatologist. They don’t have enough experience with alopecia however, they may be good for giving a good referral.

Don’t ever give up. The researches are ‘this close’ to finding a cure.

What to never say to someone with Alopecia? “It’s Just Hair”.

I found myself looking at some really great scarves and I think that will be my next step. The wigs are just too uncomfortable for me.

So, go on Twitter or Alopecia World or one of the other great sites that speak to those of us with alopecia. There are so many great forums and products that can make things much better or at the very least, make you realize you’re not alone.

Love to the wonderful girls and women who cut their hair and donate it to Locks of Love. There is a certain way to do this so please go to Locks of Love to get all the information.

Additional Resources:

National Alopecia Areata Foundation

Locks of Love

For a more comprehensive listing, go HERE.










My Alopecia  (Hair Loss) Update Is, Again, Not Good After I Was Finally Feeling Some Progress

I haven’t been writing lately as my husband and I have been really dealing with a lot of medical issues.

1) My husband had a knee replacement surgery and, after a couple of weeks during rehab, he  needed his gallbladder removed. Thus, we got started late on his physical Therapy. He was in so much pain, needed to be on very strong antibiotics and, so far, he’s been making good headway and is getting around fairly well, albeit slowly.

About my Alopecia:

Here’s a picture of my hair about 5 months ago, when the alopecia had been at its worst:

My alopecia on March 20, 2014
My alopecia on March 20, 2014

I really felt like it was coming around.  This was my hair about a month ago:

Tovah's hair with substantial regrowth
Tovah’s hair with substantial regrowth

This is my hair after getting sick and ending up in the hospital, I took this picture last night:

Hairloss getting worse again
Hairloss getting worse again


2) I got quite ill  in the last couple of months and I went to the ER twice,  I had the usual (for me now)  jumbled words and difficulty walking.  The last time they put me in the hospital for 3 days. My husband and I were, for a few days talking to each other by those big phones while he was in rehab and I was in the hospital.

Most importantly, my blood sugar was extremely elevated (I have graduated from pre-diabetic to full Type 2 diabetes) and I had very high blood pressure

In the hospital I woke up the 3rd day to find a fairly large amount of strands of hair on my pillow and I knew what that meant. It was just getting started.

I have had a great amount of stress lately, so I don’t know if that’s what happened or because I was getting sick from my hair ‘cocktail’.  I have since given up all hair loss products and am slowly incorporating them back into my hair and trying to find out what caused so many problems.

My husband, in the meantime, signed me up for Keranique, which was such a nice gesture, although I’m not sure I want to try another product.  All I know is that at least 1 of the products has propylene glycol in it and I am extremely allergic to that.  Then, yesterday, I came home to find another box of this stuff. I asked my husband why another box came and he said that I get a box a month. Crap. If I washed my hair 3 times a day, I would still never use this stuff up in a month. Now I’ve gotta find their number and try to stop this which you know takes forever for them to stop. (I saw a number of reviews stating how difficult it is to get these products stopped.)  I will say, however, the shampoo was really nice and my hair looked fairly decent…for me…which isn’t saying much.

I had used the Viviscal  for six months and had no real results from that. It’s pretty expensive and I just don’t feel that it did much for me.

So, at this point, I’ve got my extensions, wigs and hats to choose from before I go out of the house.

I really am so close to just shaving it all off and saving myself from the next disappointment.



An Update on My Alopecia Progress Over the Year

I Can’t Believe that It’s Been A Year Since I started my Alopecia Blog.

I’m not sure if you’ve followed my story, however, it began when I realized after taking a certain medication that my already-thin hair was not only thinning, but falling out in clumps.

My husband was getting all my hair out of the shower with tweezers.

I first just cut it myself because I was sick of seeing hair all over the place.

I wanted Michelle Obama’s hairstyle so I started off like this:

myalopecia1Within a few months my hair continued to fall out and, eventually, it got to this:


I then had to cut even more off until it was as short as a buy’s hair.

The alopecia seemed to taper off at this point:


This is a picture I took today:

Tovahhairgain_EditedSo…what do you think? I definitely see some growth and the hair is not falling out. (I don’t think.)

Here is my regimen:

***Remember! I am not a physician and I am not responsible for your reactions to these items I’m using. Especially if you are a woman who is planning to get pregnant, is pregnant or is nursing, some of these pills are not to be used.

After that disclaimer, here is what I’ve been using:

1)  Viviscal 2 pills a day am and pm

2)  Biotin – 2X a day

3)  Rogaine foam 2X a day

4)  Multivitamin

5)  Vitamin D

I’ve been on this regimen for about 4 months. I’ve just taken ideas from other sites and incorporated them into my own.

Have my fellow alopecians found something great that has worked for them?



Additional Resources:

National Alopecia Areata Foundation



Dermatologists and All Their Ignorance with Alopecia Leaves Me Stunned

A Bad Couple of Days as More of My Alopecia Progresses and No Good News or Insights from the Dermatologist

Well, this was fun!

A few days ago, I noticed even more hair gone and I couldn’t do the Trump comb-over any more because the area was just too far gone.

I just started crying because I knew this was pretty much the end for my hair.

My husband got on the computer and just started looking up alopecia experts and said that, in the meantime, I should call the dermatologist, who I’d seen a couple of weeks ago, and let her know that my hair’s really falling out now and has taken a turn for the worse.

alopoecia120813This is my latest picture.

Yes, I feel really pretty.

I knew not to go to a dermatologist, as by now I know more than they do about alopecia. I knew that they would never be able to help me:  I was more looking for a referral to a specialist.

So I, put in a call, told the receptionist that my hair is really, really bad and she said that she’ll have someone call me “tomorrow”.

So, I waited for “tomorrow” and a nurse called me back and I’m trying to listen to her and my husband at the same time.

She’s saying the only thing they would suggest is a biopsy for alopecia. Gee thanks!

Also, they had nothing more to advise me about this.

Meanwhile, my husband is yelling at the same time, do they have any more suggestions, somewhere else I could go and nurse nice said, “There’s nothing more” so, I just said to both my husband and nurse…”there is nothing more. I’m screwed.”

The nurse didn’t say another word to me and hung up.

This, my friends, is why I tell other people with alopecia (men and women) to go to the dermatologist only to get a referral to a specialist and to have them rule out any other disease that is causing your alopecia. They know very little about alopecia and throw the whole same vitamin regimen booklet at you.

I took a picture (very badly) of my wearing extensions yesterday, so I can still get those in, thank goodness.

tovahextensionsSo, this is it. It’s not too bad.

Sorry for the extremely shiny forehead. I’m waiting for my new camera and I never learned how to take a picture from my phone.

Anyway, so this is where I’m at. I don’t go anywhere anymore without my hair on and as soon as I get into the house, I take them out.

What I’m wearing there is just one long, clip in extension. Takes about 1 minute to get in.

So, that’s where I’m at.

Yes! I know that people are suffering with much worse problems.

Yes! I know it’s “just hair”.

Yes! I know there’s so many “comfortable” wigs now.

However, I dare any man or woman who has, in a very short time, lost most of their hair, not to cry just a little bit.


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