Boscia: A Beauty Review

My Review of the Great Skincare Line Boscia

For a long time live been getting samples of the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser from Sephora and I just threw them into the great pile of “to be eventually tried.”

I was intrigued when I heard that Boscia is one of the world’s first preservative-free, botanically based skin care lines so I dug it out and tried it.

I went with the Detoxifying Black Cleanser just because it sounded different.

Believe me when I say that the very next day I ordered the full size. I was that impressed.


You get 1.7 fl oz for $30.00.boscoa cleanser

True, not a lot of product for the price, but boy is it worth it.

Solutions for:
– Pores
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Oiliness

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

True, not a lot of product for the price, but boy is it worth it.

Out of 1969 reviews on Sephora, it received just over 4 out of 5 stars.

You pump it out and it comes out jet black and is just so nice and warm and comforting. It feels sooo good on your skin.

Believe me, I have tried many, many of the skin care lines and this is now my favorite.

After I received this, I tested it for about a week to make sure there were no breakouts There were none and my face looked really bright.

I then bought the Sake Balm Moisturizer.

Sake Balm Bounce Moisturizer to Hydrate and Brighten

sake balm

This jar contains 1.75 oz of product and sells for $46.00.

Solutions for:
– Dryness
– Dullness and uneven texture
– Loss of firmness and elasticity

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

This received 4 stars out of 177 reviews on Sephora.

It has a rather different consistency. It’s not quite a gel, yet it goes on like one. Usually, I don’t like gels, but this goes on very smoothly.

You only need to use very little of it.

These two products together just give my face so much brightening that I don’t even want to put makeup on over it.


I really think that you will love these. There are several products to this line and I intend to try as many as I can.

Next on my list is the cult-favorite Luminizing Black Mask:

An innovative peel-off mask that helps boost skin clarity and minimize the appearance of pores. Removes dirt and impurities, absorbs excess oil and reveals a healthy, glowing complexion. “Peel to reveal pore-perfected skin with the trendsetting Black Mask!”

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in Boscia.

Happy Shopping!

Tovah – Boscia

**All products were bought with my own money and I was not compensated in any way for this review.

Kiss False Eyelashes: I Think I’ve Figured It Out

Kiss False Eyelashes – I believe I have finally figured out the Rubik’s Cube of Makeup:  putting on False Lashes.

False Eyelashes are not easy to work with. I don’t care what anyone says.

That’s why there are about a million youtubes on this very subject. After watching several of these videos, I think that I’ve figured it out for myself. Everyone will have their own way of placing these on your eyes.

I would put on these eyelashes on before any other makeup you’ll be wearing.

  1. First, put mascara on your lashes. This definitely makes it easier to find that perfect spot to put your eyelashes on. This really made a big difference for me. google image
  2. Get one of the eyelashes out of the container and put on the eyelid lightly to see how much cutting you need to do
  3. in order to fit the lash right, you will probably need to cut the ends off. These were way too long for me so I cut them on the outer side. I think you’ll find that you will want to cut a little bit off the end so they fit better. The other thing I did was to cut down the entire eyelash as they are very heavy and long.

4. Now you’re ready to put the glue on top of the false eyelash!

Very important!

Let the glue set for awhile until it gets tacky.



5.   Put on with your fingers or tweezer or implement it came with. I just used my fingers and’ smushed’ the false lashes with my lashes  together and it worked very well.

6. You can put eyeliner on to make it a very seamless look. I think, actually, now when I think about it, the look would be better with the eyeliner.

Well, here’s the final effect.


I believe I paid about $6.50 for them at Walgreens.

I really like the final look. Maybe for a really special occasion I would wear these again.

They really feel heavy on my lids, I did see that they had a feather light package of eyelashes and I think I’ll give those a try.

So, what do you think? Worth the effort? For those who wear these all the time, I gotta ask, ‘how do you do it?’

Anyway, here’s to false eyelashes!