The BioRepair-8 Anti-Aging Scalp & Hair System; My Journey is Beginning For a Cure for Alopecia and Balding

I Was Lucky Enough to be Sent the BioRepair – 8 Anti-Aging Scalp & Hair System for Balding and Alopecia.

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month.

Perfect! A whole month devoted to making those of us with thinning hair become even more depressed.


As you know, if you’ve been keeping up with my blog, I suffer from alopecia (See My alopecia), which is an autoimmune disease that mistakenly attacks the follicles of your hair, causing anything from thinning hair to complete loss of all body hair.

My hair loss is a severe loss in the crown of my head and extreme thinning all over.


However, possible help has arrived in the form of an e-mail about this new vegan hair care 3-step system that specifically targets thinning hair.

Naturally, I was all over it. (I’m on several alopecia boards and would love to let them know of a system that actually works).

I wrote back and asked if I could try out their products and keep a journal with pictures of my progress for my readers and my alopecia friends on the Boards.

Within a few days, after some very nice words from a representative of the company, I received this lovely package:SONY DSC


BioRepair_Group (3)


Jim Markham, CEO and Founder of ColorProof, developed the BioRepair-8 Anti-Aging Scalp & Hair System, a solution-based system for women with aging, thinning, and color-treated hair. This skin-care inspired, scientifically-advanced, three-step system uniquely targets the four main causes of female hair loss at the bio-cellular level to regenerate the scalp, improve strength and density, and deliver noticeably thicker, fuller hair. Using advanced ingredient technology derived from apple and grape, the products in the BioRepair-8 system deliver a cell complex that actives plant stem cells directly into the follicle to restore aging tissue. Continue reading “The BioRepair-8 Anti-Aging Scalp & Hair System; My Journey is Beginning For a Cure for Alopecia and Balding”

The Continuing saga of Losing My Hair – Alopecia

The Continuing Saga of Losing My Hair due to Alopecia

I shampooed today only to face this sight again.


Lots of hair on the sink and in my comb, which means that I’m losing it again very quickly.

As my alopecia  (hair loss due to an autoimmune condition)  continues, the bald patches are worse and, while I love my wig from, I brought out a wig I’ve had for a couple of years that I bought at a kiosk.

I have been quite ill and maybe this is the result of some very heavy antibiotics. Or maybe stress or ……

I decided to lighten my own hair (no hairdresser would do it given the state of my hair) and bought a box of COLOR OOPS, which is meant to take care of problems encountered with newly dyed hair.

coloroopsI believe I paid about $10.00.

Outside of the smell, it wasn’t that bad although my hair turned a sort of blondish and orangish shade which  I’m going to eventually have to get fixed. It’s very brassy looking. However, it looks fairly decent with an old 3/4 wig I bought a long time ago.

Just as I suspected, the bald spots aren’t quite as bad with lighter hair. It’s so hard when you see yourself one way and then try and take on a different look.

So, here’s that wig that I can still wear.  It’s just basically my bangs and the sides left out.  I thinned the wig out quite a bit as it was too  thick and I was just too uncomfortable with it.


It’s not really that bad; it’s just that I’m pretty sure that in a short time I will need a full wig.

I haven’t kept up with my vitamin cocktails, except for biotin, as given by my neurologist and dermatologist, so maybe I should have stuck with it. However, both my husband and I have been battling health issues and the hair issue has been pretty much on a back burner.

If anyone has any advice on what has worked for them, I’d love to hear it.


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