House Cleaners Cleaned Me Out

I Hired a group of Maids and They Cleaned Me Out.

This past month, I haven’t really been feeling well, and I thought I’d treat myself to some extra help.

My husband found a listing for cleaning help that he thought, sounded reputable.

We tried them out for a day for $120.00. ($100 for the day and  $20 tip),

I thought they seemed really nice, while my husband found them to be lacking of any great home cleaning skills.


The maids said that they could come back the next week for $500.00 to do a thorough cleaning; cleaning the chandeliers, doing the back boards, doing the kitchen. I asked if they could do the oven also.

Oh yeah they said ‘no problem’.

The time they came back for the thorough cleaning, they brought just a simple carrying thingie that holds your cleaning items.

One of the maids immediately said that she had to take care of something first. So, she was gone.

The other 2 spent the next 4 hours doing nothing. There was so much to be done and they just completely cleaned us out of really an assortment of goods.

There was no vacuuming,; the small chandeliers were not done 

What they did do is steal from our home.

They stole:

An antique picture frame of my mother – in – Law and even took the picture with them.

A serrated knife;

My favorite picture that was in the bathroom;

Every day, I found little things that they took that made no rhyme or reason.

I can not get over how they could do that when they got nothing but respect and care from us.

I went to the store the day before they came, so they could have enough tea or soft drinks for them to drink.

They were done in about 3 hours and it looked exactly them same as when they arrived here.

We paid the $500.00.

Well…lesson learned;  however, at that time we really needed the help.

The next time I need household help, I will be all over them and watch them like a hawk.

I’m sorry that it came to this.

I feel really bad and I don’t know why. They just took things as they were going around with no thought as to what they were doing or not doing.

When we both worked in Chicago, we had the same cleaning woman for 15 years with no problem.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?