Has Just Been Added To My Top 17 Online Plus-Size Clothing Stores

Congratulations to For Being In My Top 17 Online Plus-Size Clothing Stores!

I noticed that, for quite a while, I have been getting queries about, so I decided to check them out again and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t added them before now..

I absolutely love this site for so many reasons:

plus sized tie dye dress


  1. The sizes go up to 9X
  2. There are always plenty of sales
  3. Even clothing not on sale is affordable
  4. They have one of the best measurement  tools I’ve seen for plus size sites.
  5. They have  the super elusive plus sized petites, Regular, and Tall










They’ve got everything : From Swimming to formal to purses and shoes to tie-dye.

For the entire list of My Top 17 and more info on, please go to





Julep Has The best Beauty Box Going with an Awesome Gift!

Julep, Known for Its Great Quality, Has a Great Monthly Beauty Box and, If You Sign Up Now, You get a Free Gift!






If you’re unfamiliar with the Beauty Box, let me explain: Beauty Boxes have been around for about 2 years. They are boxes that companies put together that are an assortment of wonderful products. Each month, your personalized Beauty Box will include a variety of  product samples. You’ll get to try all different types of products, from hair care to skin care to makeup.  You know that, with Julep, you get quality. You take a quick quiz for Julep to be able to determine which beauty items you want to focus on. What a great way to try items out without spending a fortune.

I’ve tried a couple of these beauty boxes and I’m never disappointed.

Beauty At Your Doorstep

Experiment fearlessly with Julep’s monthly beauty box. Get on trend, full-size beauty or skin care products each month — curated just for you

You can: 

  • Build your own beauty box, or let us curate one for you.
  • 20% Off and Free Shipping  always, on everything. Plus, enjoy special offers and invites.
  • You Have Options
  • Skip any month you want, or send your box to a friend.
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • We are here to help. And if you don’t love it, cancel any time.


Get a free Star Spangled 8-piece gift when you join Julep Beauty Box. Includes four patriotic polishes, a hot pink lip gloss, a peony pink blush stick, a bronze eyeliner, and white chevron nail decals. A $122 value.






Use code FIREWORKS at checkout

So…just hit on one of the links below and start receiving your Julep Beauty Box for yourself!

Star Spangled 8-Piece Beauty Gift

Gift of Julep Beauty Box




**I am lucky enough to be an affiliate of Julep whereby I receive a small commission to help in the finance of this blog.

Alopecia and My 3 Month Treatment That Is Working

I would like to bring you up-to-date on what has gone on in my search for a cure for my alopecia.

Basically, my alopecia (hair loss)  had been doing all right and I was not losing much hair.

About 6 months ago, I had to see a doctor on another skin condition and he didn’t check my chart and he prescribed a prescription containing propylene glycol. I have a severe allergy to it. ( I had found out that information when I saw an endocrinologist for my alopecia in Chicago several years ago). Propylene glycol is in more that you might think: certain medications, hair products, skin creams and much more.

So, moving on…. for 2 months I had unknowingly been putting propylene glycol on my skin  2X a day for 30 days and then 1X a day for the  next month.

There was no improvement in my skin condition, in fact, the condition was getting much worse.

The doctor had given me 2 months worth of this ointment and as I was switching over to the next bottle, I saw that  Propylene Glycol was one of the main ingredients.

By then, so much of my hair had come out that I knew that I was in trouble.

This was, by far, the worst my alopecia had gotten.

Once I stopped using the medicine with propylene glycol the hairloss stopped but the damage had been done.

However, here I was where I could literally count the hair on my head.

A severe case of alopecia
Extreme bad case of alopecia

You can see that there wasn’t even enough hair that I could clip in extensions.

Luckily I still had the gorgeous wigs my sister had sent me.

I decided to go the scarf route because of how hot it is here in the Southwest.

My husband was so sweet ordering everything from the TV and Computer ads that promised to bring my (never great) hair back.  Every day there was something new that he had ordered. How sweet is that?

I was just so angry that the doctor had not read my allergy list. I guess it is my duty to double check everything I put on my body from now on.

If I could just say that I did try now, and over the years, all the different things out there for hairloss: Viviscal, Rogaine, Essential Oils….and many more. The only thing that worked was that I was losing more and more money.

So……. that brings me to March 3, 2016.

I actually decided I would try a natural approach as I’d heard so much about coconut oil and its great effects on hair.

I went on YouTube and found this YouTube of a woman with the most gorgeous hair and she had a recipe (a hair masque) that she said gave her this unbelievable hair. No, I did not expect to look like her. I just wanted some stinking formula to bring back a little bit of hair.

I had nothing to lose at this point.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a physician, dietician or anyone that is in the medical field. Be sure to check with your doctor before using any of these things on your hair.

Here’s the Recipe:

1.) Coconut oil 16 TSP
2.) Apple Cider Vinegar 4 TSP
3.) Almond Oil 8 TSP
4.) 1 Whole orange

I mixed everything up in a measuring cup and from there, poured it into a spray bottle. I then plastered my head with this concoction.

If I could just add, I have nothing to gain or lose giving this information out. I am not in any hair business nor am I affiliated in any way with the woman or her recipe. I just got very lucky.

These 3 months have been outstanding.

The length has really grown and, more importantly, my hair has been filling in like crazy.

The top is doing much better than the sides, which are still very sparse.

I do the masque 2-3 times a week.

The woman, Muni Sanchez,  says to leave it in for 4 hours, however, I’ve been leaving it on all night and shampooing it out in the morning. My hair smelled like a salad.

Maybe my hair would have come back on its own, however, I tend to believe it wouldn’t.

I felt that it was best for me to go blonde during this time so that the scalp wouldn’t show as much.

Here are some pictures of my hair during the last three months:

alopecia hair growing in
1. My hair starting to fill in on the sides

hair masque for alopecia

hair in the sun










I gave up using the safeway plastic bag over my head all night (probably not too safe) and went to Sally’s Beauty and bought those plastic shower caps that are like 6 for a couple of bucks  and that long string of cotton that I put around my head to keep the masque from falling onto me or my pillow. They work wonderfully.




Here is the URL for the Youtube:


Here is my hair almost exactly 3 months later:




I’ve been able to get back to my brunette shade.

I think the difference is astonishing.

No…it’s not beautiful hair, however, I can put in my extensions or put it up.

Tell me your thoughts.

I’m not exactly sure what happens if I stop the treatments.

I guess I’ll find out.

I hope you get some satisfaction from this as I have.

Sending all my best thoughts to makemeup89!

What a difference in 3 months!

Warm Regards,












A Review: Moxi Blu Plus Sized Bikinis Have Hit Walmart

The Gorgeous Moxi Blu Plus Sized Bikinis Have Come to Walmart and You Are Going To Love Them!

One of the newest, brightest stars in the Plus-Size swimsuit arena is Moxi Blu . They are  going to make a huge impression on those of us who never believed we would ever be able to wear a two-piece swimsuit.

Moxi Blu is a private label designer

They have a brand new collection currently available exclusively in the brick-and-mortar Walmart stores on June 1st and will not be available online.

There is also an online collection available at Go to

These swimsuits are, quite simply, the most gorgeous swimsuits I’ve seen in a long time.

This is affordable, plus-sized swimwear at it’s best and Moxi blu is so proud that plus size star, Barbara Ferreira, was one of their first Moxi Blu models.

The colors are so vibrant and, even, without a tan, look great.


These are separates that you can mix and match as you wish.

Below is just one of their swimsuit combinations and the one that I tried on:


Moxi Blu Women's Plus-Size Cropped Bikini Top $13.00
Moxi Blu Women’s Plus-Size Cropped Bikini Top $13.00
Moxi Blu Women's Plus-Size Shirred High-Waisted Swimsuit Bottom $13.00
Moxi Blu Women’s Plus-Size Shirred High-Waisted Swimsuit Bottom $13.00
Moxi Blu Women's Plus-Size Piped Retro Bikini Top $13.00
Moxi Blu Women’s Plus-Size Piped Retro Bikini Top $13.00










How did Moxi Blu come to be? 

The collections are designed with a huge team including design, technical and print designers. We design 2 collections a year, often inspired by our favorite muses and forecasted trends. Once we know our themes, we work on the style and prints that fit. Often, this means lots of sketches and shopping for inspiration (this year we came back from Coachella with so much cali inspo!) 

These are soooo sexy and lovely with just the right amount of skin showing and you are going to love them.

This color is:  Tropical Print

There are other colors and designs all to be found at Walmart starting today!

One of the things I love is that these are so well made. I love the cups in the tops and the lining in the bottoms which make them just that much more comfortable (the coral color is the lining.).  I’ve had many expensive swimsuits and they, also, have this kind of lining:


I would have no problem wearing the cropped top or the bikini bra with a sarong. The fit  is so good and I felt fine and secure wearing them.

These come in sizes 1X – 4X.

moxibluhomepic5This is the bikini top and the shirred high-waisted swimsuit bottom.

As soon as I put this top on, I fell in love.

It felt like a custom swimsuit top and I absolutely cannot wait to wear it out.








moxibluhomepic600This is the cropped bikini top and the  shirred high-waisted swimsuit bottom.

I would have thought that I would have liked this one the best, but, I actually liked the bikini top better.

Still…not bad for $30.00 or less.

At this time, the swimsuits are only available in the United States, however, the plan is to eventually sell them in Canada and around the World.

As far as the fit goes, I think they tend to run a little bit small and the cropped top is not as supportive as I would have liked, however, that can be fixed with wearing a sport bra or bandeau bra underneath.

I also feel that I could wear this out with different bottoms, like jeans and shorts.

All the pieces are absolutely gorgeous and I think you’re going to love them as I have!


For more information, go to:

Twitter:  @MoxiBlu



So, get out to Walmart and get your own Moxi Blu swimsuit!

Happy Shopping!


***I was provided a swimsuit in exchange for my honest review. No provisions were placed on me. I was only asked to be honest.











REVIEW: Melt Cosmetics Brings You That Absolutely Perfect Spring/Summer Lipstick

I have found the absolute perfect spring/summer lipstick from Melt Cosmetics.

My review is of the color ‘Summer’.

The colors of Melt Cosmetics are described as Ultra Matte. Bold. Radioactive. They are also in some of the most unique colors you may have ever seen.


pale coral lipstick







I’m sure you’re noticing the horrible photoshop I used on myself below. I started trying to cover my freckles and then my face got too pale and then I thought if I just did photoshop all over the face, it would even out the whole face. Anyway, long story short, it looks pretty bad and I have no more time to spend on this. My face just looks like it takes up 1/3 of my body and kinda looks like Mr. Potato Head.

However, I did nothing  with the lips. No liner or primer or photoshop was used. It is really just a beautiful peachy pink color.



You can make it as thick or thin as you like.

I love this lipstick;  however, I really like matte lipsticks, which a lot of people don’t care for.

There is a definite pull to it and you have to be very careful or it would be easy to pull the lipstick out of the container.

I used to use the color ‘Vegas’ from Cargo Cosmetics for years and I had scooped up as much as I could when I heard it was becoming discontinued. I have finally gone through all of my stash. I’d even picked some up on ebay. Alas,  It’s gone to the great lipstick in the sky.


I was on the journey for that perfect coral/pink lipstick for years.  THIS IS IT!

I really like to use it, also, as a primer when I add my brighter lipsticks.

You can definitely make it more glossy with lip balm or lip gloss.

Melt has 18 different lipstick colors and the cost is $19.00. 

Some are already sold out. (However are being restocked).

They also have a Nood Collection of 4 nude colors together for $64.00 that look sooo gorgeous!

As soon as I tried out ‘Summer’, I immediately ordered another one, as I was sure that they would run out very quickly.

These colors are going to blow you away.

Extra points to Melt Cosmetics for being cruelty free.












Review: Skechers D’Lites Walking Style Clog

The Skechers  D’Lites Walking Style clog is the most comfortable shoe in the world.

I know that sounds like an exaggeration, however, I’ve bought the Skechers D’Lites over and over.  The only place I’ve been able to find them is at Famous Footwear. They weren’t even in stock at the Skechers store.

Admittedly, their comfort is due to the fact that their heel is a bit higher and their memory foam works so well for those with a high arch.Skechers most comfortable shoes



DescriptionKeep a sunny disposition in the D’Lites Bright Sky Memory Foam Clog from Skechers.

Smooth leather upper in an athleisure walking clog sneaker style

  • Stitching accents and synthetic overlays
  • Contrast colored edging trim
  • Side S logo details
  • Metal stud trim
  • Slip-on entry with lowered back
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Soft fabric lining, Air Cooled Memory Foam cushioning insole
  • Lightweight shock absorbing midsole
  • Flexible rubber traction outsole, 1 and 1/4 inch built-in heel
  • Available in Wide Widths

Another reason that I love these is that they’re easy to just kick off and be barefoot. My feet are so bad that I can’t stand to have a shoe that’s got a backing to it for long.

I don’t need my orthodics because of the Skechers D’Lites’  high arch and great cushioning insole.

You can get them in Wide Sizes: Women’s D’Lites Bright Sky Memory Foam Wide Clog in sizes 5.0 X-Wide to 7.0 X-Wide and 9.0 X-Wide. They sell for $54.99.

These are also available in Medium sizes HERE. I decided to go with a Medium because last time I ordered these in a Medium, they fit perfectly even though I almost always need a Wide size.

These Skechers sell for $54.99 and I got them for $46.74.  I don’t know if I had a promo code or if they were on sale and spent $55.83 total. They are worth every penny.

Customer Rating: 23/23 give it a 5 star rating.

I really think most people would really love these!








My Open Letter to Caitlyn Jenner: Please Stop with Trying to Help the LBTQ Community.

Dear Caitlyn:

I know that you’ve been hailed for the last year or so as being so brave with your public transition and we were all looking forward to seeing how you would promote the positive messages you’d be sending to the LBTQ (Lesbian, Bi Transgender, Questioning) Community.



You come from a place of privilege. While you have the resources to be able to get facial and body surgeries, what about those that can barely afford the clothes on their backs? How do they tell their parents that they’re transgender? Or Bisexual? Or Questioning without fearing that they will be thrown out of their home on to the street?

YOU put yourself in the position of being a role model in the way you came ‘out’. You were very public with it; even having a reality show named after you; ‘I AM CAIT’.

Maybe we put too much pressure on  you too soon?

Yet, I feel that you had more than enough time to study the issues and yet it’s not just that your comments make no sense. It’s that you seem to come up with self-absorbed answers to very important questions.

I understand that you came from that vapid family, ‘The Kardashions’, and I’m sure that affected you a lot. I think we just all saw you as ‘different’ – as a person with depth and understanding.

Would you have really voted for Ted Cruz for President? That just flies in the face of logic. Are you so delusional that you think he would have been someone accepting of gay marriage or transgender rights?

Here are his feelings:

Ted Cruz continues to remind LGBT voters why his extreme edge of the Republican Party have nothing to offer them. In a conference call for conservative activsists, Cruz blamed gay people for lowering military morale, promised to end same-sex marriages, criticized President Obama for supporting transgender soldiers, and invoked a familiar religious rhetoric as justification for being such an awful human being.

On the Ellen De Generes Show, you said that you “were not for gay marriage’ although you later said that you had changed  your views

Are  you really against gay marriage?  You had your chances with marriage. Would you really deny anyone to have that wonderful ceremony and life? My wedding day was the happiest day of my life. Why isn’t everyone allowed this?

So now you choose to be nude on yet another magazine cover with a flag wrapped around you and showing your Olympic medal. (I’m not even going to say how insulting it is to use an American flag as an outfit.)

Seriously, Caitlyn, take some time and understand the issues;  learn what’s needed to help children and adults navigate through the complex world of LGBTQ.

There is just so much good you could do and need to do. 

Then,maybe, go on the big shopping trip.

I’m asking (no…begging) you to please learn the issues and help those you claimed to want to help.



Great Style for the PlusSize Junior Teen

I’ve seen so many cute PlusSize Junior fashions. Check them out below.




a plus sized maxi dress

This maxi comes in sizes 0-6 and costs $51.37.

Knit Cross Tank Top

plus size jr . clothingDescription: A wintry knit embraces the endless summer (about time). The speckled white and mint green weave has the coziness you’d want in a knit, while the crisscrossing front and back paired with a sharkbite hem have endless summery style possibilities.

This comes in sizes 00-6 (out of size 1) and costs $29.17.

Torrid Insider Leather strappy Heels (in Wide Width)

wide width strappy shoes

Black heels don’t have to be basic; these open toe sandals prove just that. The black leather outer sports a manageable heel that can easily go all night long, while crisscrossing elastic straps along the front are sexy meets comfortable.

  • 3.5″ heel
  • Leather
  • Imported

These come in sizes 7-13 and cost $52.12.


Orange Embroidered Peasant Top

plus size teen peasant top

Description: Generously cut top has beautiful embroidery at the bust, sleeves, and notched neckline. A skinny tassel tie finishes the neckline. Slightly sheer. Back is solid.
Material: 100% cotton.
Fit Guide: Size 1x measures: 50″ bust.
Length: 29 inches.
Cleaning: Machine Wash.

This comes in sizes 1X-3X and costs $29.99.


plus sized jeans for juniors

Description: Distressed skinny jeans have a button fly closure, 5 open pockets, and belt loops at the waist. Colorful patches are on the front only. Back pockets have decorative stitching. A touch of spandex lends stretch.
Material: 59% cotton, 30% polyester, 10% rayon, 1% spandex.
Fit Guide: Size 14 measures: 36″ waist, 40 ” hips.
Inseam: 30 inches.

These jeans come in sizes 14-24 and costs $39.99.

Alex Evenings 466488 Dress

the perfect junior plus size evening dressDescription: Long, sleeveless ruched gown has encrusted straps with off the shoulder caps sleeves and fit and flare skirt. Back zipper closure. Lined.
Material: 52% polyester, 43% nylon, 4% spandex.
Length: 60 inches.
Cleaning: Hand Wash.
Origin: Made in China.

This comes in sizes 14  and 18 – 24 and costs $149.99.


Join now and get 20% off $100.00

So Field With Joy Romper in Floral


Details: The way your frolics take flight in this floral romper is enough to make anyone grin! So easy and breezy with its decorative tab sleeves, flexible waistline, and scarlet, pink, sky, and green print, this deep purple onesie – part of our ModCloth namesake label – beams with brilliance to mimic your mood.

  • 100% Rayon.
  • Fabric does not provide stretch. Elasticized waist.
  • Machine wash.
  • Front pockets. Front button closure. Decorative tab sleeve.

This comes in sizes XS – 4X and costs $59.99.


Plussize Juniors


Details: Your sunny disposition calls for an equally lively dress, and this printed A-line – part of our ModCloth namesake label – certainly catches the eye. Bold-colored strokes pop atop the flowy, white chiffon fabric of this pocketed, cap-sleeved frock, giving it a vibrancy to match your own!

  • 100% Polyester.
  • Shell fabric does not provide stretch. Lining fabric provides stretch.
  • Machine wash.
  • Side pockets. Fully lined except sleeves. Back zipper with hook and eye closure.

This dress comes in sizes XS – 4X and costs $99.99.

I have an affiliation with I have ordered from them myself and have found them to be flawless. I receive a small commission on items sold on my site.

Just click on Mother’s Day below.

Mother’s Day


Julep Has Wonderful Gifts for Mother’s Day

Julep is known for their quality Nail Polishes and Beauty Products and Now You Can Get These Great Gifts for Mother’s Day or Just for Yourself At a Great Price.

www.hautecurvywoman.comThis great set includes:

When Pencil Met Gel Long-Lasting Gel Eyeliner – Rich Brown: This easy-to-use eye pencil delivers the creamy formula & intense color payoff of a gel eyeliner.

  • Rayma (Classic with a Twist): Italian plum crème
  • Linnea (Classic with a Twist): Vintage mauve shimmer
  • Light on Your Lips Full-Coverage Crème Lipstick – Twirl: Full-coverage carnation pink crème
  • Metallic Wristlet 

This is on sale for $62.00!

Just click on the link below:

Timeless Beauty Gift




**Julep is an affiliate of mine and I receive a small commission on items sold from my site to help defray some of the costs of my blog.